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Best Paranormal Romance Books: Fated, Eternity and a Day, The Werewolf Society

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Fated (Dark Protectors) by Rebecca Zanetti


+ Favorite Quotes:
Good God, she’d kissed him like the truth to the universe existed in his tonsils.

There was no way she’d give herself over to an arrogant, dominating alpha male she just met. A vampire, no less. A tiny voice reminded her he had hunted for her, he had killed for her. His actions had consequences she might not be able to put into words, but she felt them to her bones. Without even touching her, he had made her his.

“Yeah,” Cara retorted with a snort, “like a lion plays with a gazelle. Before he eats her.” A slow, lazy smile crossed his face and she gulped, realizing what she’d said. Her blood started to thrum with the thrill of the chase, with the thrill of what he’d do to her if he caught her.

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Part of a Series—Dark Protectors

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Dark Protectors Series Reading Order

[one_half]1. Fated: Amazon

2. Claimed: Amazon

2.5. Tempted: Amazon

3. Hunted: Amazon [/one_half][one_half_last]4. Consumed: Amazon

5. Provoked: Amazon

5.5. Twisted: Amazon

6. Shadowed: Amazon [/one_half_last]

Marissa Says:
This book has a hot, ALPHA, vampire. Why capitalize the word? Because Talen takes no prisoners in his seduction of Cara, his mate, and ensuring she remains safe and protected at his side. He tells her how it’s going to be, and then proceeds to show her in exquisite detail. The world building and secondary characters (which most of the subsequent books are about) are finely created, you are sucked into this book from the get-go. I like how the author will move the scenes from the main characters to a few side characters so you see the whole picture and world they live in. The action rarely lets up, and when it does, it’s time for some hot sexing and great dialogue.[/box_light]


Eternity and a Day (Desires of the Otherworld) by Aline Hunter


+ Favorite Quotes:
A shudder of raw sexual need coursed through him desire, want and lust coming full circle. For weeks, he’d envisioned her beneath him – her body open to his touch, her luminous skin glistening with shimmering, diamondlike beads of sweat as he tormented her in all the ways she’d tortured him in his dreams.

The pleasure consumed and engulfed her in a raging inferno that pulsed through her blood, creating something powerful. She groaned and ground against him, wanting to experience what was waiting for her. Something she had always wanted, yet feared she never would.

She could try and deny their connection, but her response proved what they already knew. She was his. He wasn’t going to allow her to deny him simply because she wanted to alter the course of the future. If the rest of their time together was anything like this, it was worth sacrificing an eternity.

Heat Rating: Nuclear
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Part of a Series—Desires of the Otherworld

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Desires of the Otherworld Series Reading Order

  1. Eternity and a Day
  2. Dark Hunger On a Killing Moon—Re-releases on 12/09/2013.

Marissa Says:
This book has a little of everything: magic, fae, dragons, demons, witches, and 2 lovers fated to be together. The book is basically split into 2 story arcs, but they converge for the grand finale. The first story is about Eric and Runa, falling in love despite crazy circumstances. This alpha male actually makes several mistakes with his chosen mate, so we get to see how he grovels for forgiveness. The second story arc involves several side characters related to the heroine, and they are all trying to save her or each other. The world building, characterizations, dialogue are all fantastic, plus the sex and times leading up to it are hot. The author is a wonderful writer, I’ve read the majority of her books and not been disappointed yet.[/box_light]


The Werewolf Society Box Set by Lisa Renee Jones


+ Favorite Quotes:
From Book 1: “This isn’t talking,” she panted, telling herself to push him away, but melting into him instead. “Foreplay to conversation,” he said, closing his mouth over hers.

From Book 2: She settled beneath his cock and wrapped her hand around the base. Dampness pooled on the tip. “Lick it off,” he ordered.

From Book 3: “I choose you,” she whispered, too emotional to find her voice fully. And when he was buried deep inside her, filling her as he had her life, kissing her with so much passion that he stole her breath and gave her the next breath she took at the same time, she knew she’d found her forever.

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Standalone

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There is a vampire trilogy within the same world, if you want to read about 3 hot brothers who were turned into vamps: The Vampire Wardens—The Collection

Marissa Says:
3 stories about hot werewolves and magic and mayhem, all for 99 pennies. Each story has characters that intertwine, and a slight continuation of each story throughout. In a lot of werewolf and mate books, the male usually takes over, mates the woman, and there’s a HEA. In these ones, the guy actually considers his future mate’s feelings, doesn’t push her to complete the claiming until she’s sure. Don’t get me wrong, they still have hot sex before fully committing to each other, and throw in some magic, life-saving exploits, and you have 3 great novellas.[/box_light]

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  • Bite Me (Bitten) by C.C. Wood ☆☆☆☆½
  • Fated (The Vampire Destiny Series Book #1) by Alexandra Anthony ☆☆☆☆
  • Sweet Disgrace by Cherrie Lynn ☆☆☆☆

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