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Not Your Mama’s Book Recommendations: The Art of D/s Trilogy

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The Art of D/s Trilogy by Ella Dominguez


+ Favorite Quotes
From The Art of Submission:
“Isabel is proving to be a very fascinating woman. I’ve been doing vanilla for so long now, I wonder if I still have it in me to be a Dom. I like to think it’s like riding a bike… I guess we’ll find out. She has quite a defiant side to her, and for now, I’ll let her get away with it since she doesn’t know the rules of being a submissive, but that will change. I just need to be patient with her.”

From The Art of Domination:
“You’re going to experience the Dom I used to be; the real Dom. The Dom that likes things dirty and depraved. The Dom that now owns you completely. There are no safe words tonight, Isabel. You’ll have to trust me to know what you can and cannot handle. I won’t hurt you, but I’ll push your limits beyond what you’ve experienced before.”

From The Art of Control:
“I’ll never get enough of this woman- my wife. I want to please her. I want to own her completely: Mind, body and soul. I want her to be my physical property. She is my physical property. When her eyes meet mine, I know without a doubt that I would do anything for her- anything.”

Heat Rating: Nuclear
Kink Level: Intense = Hardcore sadomasochism
Genre: Modern Romance, BDSM, Erotica
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—The Art of D/s Trilogy

  • The Art of Submission, The Art of Domination, and The Art of Control all available on ONE book: Amazon
  • Becoming Sir is a standalone companion to the D/s Trilogy: Amazon

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Kyleigh Jane Says:
The Art of D/s Trilogy is… combustible.
Dylan and Isabel are a firecracker in a closed fist.

Isabel is our shy and quiet artist with dark fantasies. Dylan is our mysterious businessman and art collector.

Superficially, this is the tale of two flawed individuals, fighting their own demons, and their whirlwind romance.

Upon reading, you find an incredible erotic story of self discovery, and release.

Intense, dark, passionate, empowering, seductive, and completely consuming.[/box_light]


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Kyleigh Jane I suppose I was introduced to romance at an early age. When I was around 10 years old, I happened upon a highlighted and dog eared copy of “The Joy Of Sex” on my mother’s bookshelf. I was shocked. I was fascinated. Maybe it was the 1970s power muffs, maybe it was the mustaches, maybe it was phrases such as “tongue bath”, who knows. A couple of years later it was V.C. Andrews “Flowers In The Attic,” which upon discovery, my mom took away from me. From there I chugged along reading Danielle Steel novels, until one day, a little book called “Fifty Shades Of Grey” came along. It was a sirens call. It was everything I never knew I wanted. I was hooked. My love of reading romance blossomed into a new love for erotica, and I haven’t stopped reading since. I have a love for stories with grit, and substance, and meat on their bones. The dark stories, the format breakers, the unusual. I’m always searching for that next great read.

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