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We are always accepting ARCs and review copies of books from authors and publicists. They’re like little surprise presents from Oprah, sitting under my chair, just waiting for me to jump up and down in excitement. Some of my favorite, most-liked, bestselling books are ones that ended up in my inbox and somehow made it to the top of my (never-ending) Reading List.

When we accept ARCs and review copies, understand that we will be 100% honest in our recommendations. We cannot guarantee that we will get to read all books sent to us, but if we do read your book, we will review it honestly and post it to Goodreads. We don’t read in a first come, first read order; we read them in order of interest based on the book summary, other reader’s recommendations, and ratings received on other websites. Only books that we rate a minimum of 4 stars will be posted to

There’s nothing we’d love more than to be able to read every single book that’s sent to us, review it, and recommend it to all of our readers. However, we have only so many eyeballs, brains, lots of kids, and 24 hours in a day; therefore we want to offer you the opportunity to have your book read by my trusted contributors. Each has a specialty, but they don’t just read in their respected genre; they also read any and all romance and erotica genre and will occasionally recommend books outside their specialty. Click on their names below to see all of their posted recommendations.

By submitting an ARC or review copy of your book, you are giving me permission to share it with my trusted columnists so they can read the book and post their own personal reviews on Goodreads or on their column. They are trustworthy and know the trust you place in us when you send your book. Like me, they would never share the book with anyone and will review the book honestly. If you prefer that your book is not shared with my contributors, please note that in your submission.

Book reviews will be posted to Goodreads and Amazon, and if we rate it between a 4- or 5-star read, we will post a full recommendation to Shameless Book Club and promote the book across all social media channels as one we recommend to read.

For more information on how we can help you promote your book(s), check out the Work page for our Media Kit and to sign up for updates.

We good? To send us a copy of your book, upload it directly using the form below or click here to email it to me (angie AT shamelessbookclub DOT com) in Kindle (.mobi) format or PDF.

Questions or problems? Email me! ~Angie

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