Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

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Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

“Only thing you don’t know about me that means anything is the way my cock feels buried inside you and only thing I don’t know about you is how sweet you’ll feel, closed tight around me.”

I was wrong. The fireplace was okay for setting a romantic mood. But the best romance in the world was standing with your man’s hands on you in the curve of a spiral staircase talking about microwaving naan bread.

“I’ll give you a foreplay blowjob our second go,” I offered, aiming myself at that goodness.

“Foreplay for me with you essentially involves you lookin’ at me, so that’s unnecessary, but I’m not gonna say no.”


Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series.

Chaos Series Reading Order


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My dad had been a biker. He was a nomad when it came to that kind of thing (or, really, any kind of thing). He accepted being tied down by his woman and his daughter only, not anything else. Not a job. Not a mortgage. Not a membership to a club. He hung with a lot of them, including Chaos (in fact, Hammer, sadly now deceased, but one of the founding members of Chaos, had been my father’s best friend).

But he’d never hung with Bounty.

“Don’t like the feel of them,” I’d heard him mutter years ago. “If you’re an outlaw, own the outlaw. If you’re not, own that. You can’t wanna be a Gypsy Joker. You either are or you aren’t. They wanna be. But they aren’t. That shit just ain’t right and it could get dangerous.”

He’d been right.

It got dangerous.

I should have known.

I should have followed my dad.

Mom and me had done it all our lives, job to job, house to house, city to city.

Why I stopped…


I knew why I’d stopped.

I’d wanted Shy; Shy, who reminded me of Dad.

And when I couldn’t have him, I’d gone looking.

I’d wanted what my mom had.

I’d wanted that sweetness. That love.

That devotion.

I’d wanted the stability that just seeped down deep into your bones from all that no matter the job changing, the scenery changing, the amount of times you boxed up a house.

Stability had nothing to do with income and locale.

Stability was all in the heart.

Prince Roman by CD Reiss

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Prince Roman by CD Reiss

“You-” I pointed to her without looking at her. “You’re going to get the fucking of your life tonight. I’m going to fuck your mouth. Your pussy from the front, then the back. I’m going to eat you alive then fuck you again.”


Too Close to Call (1001 Dark Nights) by Tessa Bailey

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Too Close to Call (1001 Dark Nights) by Tessa Bailey

Favorite Quotes

“Me, Bree? All due respect, I want to be the kind of friend who takes your panties home in his pocket. The kind of friend who sucks your lower lip until your fingers start fumbling with his zipper. You need a friend like that?” His labored breath matched hers. “Because trust me when I say I’ll be your best fucking friend.”
“No, I’m going to make this last. I want this to go on forever. You sitting there, full of my inches, thighs dancing around like you can barely handle them.”
“Where in this barn can I fill up the pussy I was born to satisfy? Give me an answer, supergirl. Going to take off my jeans and wear you instead.”

Romancing the Clarksons Series Reading Order (can be read standalone)

  1. Too Hot to Handle
  2. Too Wild to Tame
  3. Too Hard to Forget
    3.5. Too Close to Call
    (1001 Dark Nights)
  4. Too Beautiful to Break (September 2017)

Sweet Rivalry (1001 Dark Nights) by K. Bromberg

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Sweet Rivalry (1001 Dark Nights) by K. Bromberg

Favorite Quotes

I got off thinking about you last night.  How can a sane man know this, hear those words from her mouth, and not picture the cherry red fingernails currently tapping on her keyboard sliding between the lips of her pussy, slipping inside of her then back out slick and wet, and not want to stare at her some more?
His shoulders squeak, his eyes intense, his smile suggestive, and everything about him screams he’s about to take what he wants, no holds barred.

Thank God.


Work first. Reward sex next.

That’ll give me something to look forward to during the next few days. The ones I can’t wait to dive headfirst into that will be an ever-changing combination of stress, exhaustion, strategy, and manipulation. An unscripted dance amongst us bidders while we size each other up, calculate our numbers, and explain to the developer why we’re the most valuable candidate for the job.

It’s the game I love. The competition I thrive on. My return to the job that I’ve been desperate to make.

And there’d be no better way to make a statement that Harper Denton is back than to leave this building with the multimillion dollar contract for Meteor Development tucked securely under my arm.

And just like that, as a reward for my positive thinking, when I look up, there he is, in full view.

I take in the expensive briefcase, the venti Starbucks, and the expensive watch peeking out from beneath the cuff of his shirt. And just my luck that while I’m afforded a full view of his body, the one thing I’m the most curious about is obscured by his hand holding his cell phone up to his ear: his face.

So instead I drink him in. He really is magnificent. I note his posture and the way he carries his body when he moves forward a few steps. There’s an air about him that says he’s no-nonsense and in control, powerful, and at the same time he doesn’t seem uptight. He has that Southern

California professional vibe. I can’t put my finger on it but he reminds me of someone I can’t quite place. Regardless, a man who can pull off being in control and playful has definite merits.

Like “spank me until my body aches in want, and then make a game of hitting each erogenous zone with his tongue before he’ll satisfy that ache he created and let me come” type of merits.

The mind-blowing-sex reward just became even more appealing.

Falling Under You by Laurelin Paige

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Falling Under You by Laurelin Paige

Favorite Quotes

“Do you trust me? Do you trust me to give you what you need?”

Fixed Series Reading Order

1-3. Fixed Trilogy
4. Hudson
4.5 Falling Under You (standalone)

Easy for Keeps by Kristen Proby

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Easy for Keeps by Kristen Proby

Favorite Quotes

I moan in happiness when I taste my baby back ribs. “These are amazing.” “Keep making noises like that,” he says as if he’s talking about the weather, “and I’ll take you home right now and give you a reason to make them.”

The Boudreaux Series Reading Order

Easy Love (The Boudreaux Series Book 1)
Easy Charm (The Boudreaux Series Book 2)
Easy Melody (The Boudreaux Series Book 3)
Easy For Keeps (The Boudreaux Series Book 3.5)
Easy Kisses (The Boudreaux Series Book 4)

SBC16 Event: Shameless Sparkler With 1001 Dark Nights!

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SBC16 Event: Shameless Sparkler With 1001 Dark Nights!

We’ve added a fun FREE event to the lineup during Shameless Book Con 2016! Together with her group of fantastic contributing authors, Liz Berry of 1001 Dark Nights is hosting Shameless Sparkler on Saturday October 22 from 6-7pm.

Join the stars from 1001 Dark Nights as they sparkle at this interactive fan event. Mix and mingle with the brightest lights in the contemporary and paranormal genres while you learn their secrets and receive fabulous swag!

Who are the #SBC16 signing Author stars expected to be at the Sparkler? I’m glad you asked.

Lara Adrian
Jennifer L Armentrout
Tessa Bailey
Shayla Black
Lexi Blake
Lauren Blakely
Mari Carr
KL Grayson
Larissa Ione
Alexandra Ivy
Lorelei James
Skye Jordan/Joan Swan
Laura Kaye
J Kenner
Angel Payne
CD Reiss
Christopher Rice
Carrie Ann Ryan
Rebecca Zanetti
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If you’ve already purchased your #SBC16 tickets, no worries! Just go back into your Eventbrite account and add the Sparkler to your tickets.

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, INSERT WARY EYES HERE. Go get your tickets! Sheesh!

You will need a ticket to attend the event because the space can only hold so many people. If you think you might be going to hang out with the 1001DN crew and get their awesome swag, get your ticket!

See some of the 1001 Dark Nights books we’ve loved here:

Shameless Sparkler SBC16

Master of Freedom (1001 Dark Nights) by Cherise Sinclair

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Master of Freedom (1001 Dark Nights) by Cherise Sinclair

Roped In (1001 Dark Nights) by Lorelei James

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Roped In (1001 Dark Nights) by Lorelei James

Favorite Quotes

“You still got your little black book of rodeo circuit bad boys?”
“Yep. It’s even color coded by cock size, which circuit they’re on, and their ability to last longer than eight seconds.”
“I like the way you say my name. Classy and dignified, with a hint of sexiness. Makes me wonder how it’d feel to have your mouth on me when you moan it.”
“Mmm. Sweet thang, I’m gonna have so much fun telling you every dirty little thing I plan to do to you.” He made a half growl against the side of her throat. “Then doing it.” He sank his teeth into her skin and growled again. “At least twice.”

Blacktop Cowboys Series Reading Order

  1. Corralled
  2. Saddled and Spurred
  3. Wrangled and Tangled
  4. One Night Rodeo
  5. Turn and Burn
  6. Hillbilly Rockstar
    6.5 Roped In (1001 Dark Nights)

Show Me, Baby by Cherise Sinclair (1001 Dark Nights)

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Show Me, Baby by Cherise Sinclair (1001 Dark Nights)

Favorite Quotes

“Do not look so worried. I will not punish her—much—for breaking a rule I hadn’t mentioned. She will know better in the future.”
“Tonight, you’re mine for as long as I want to use you.”
“I can do whatever I want to you. And I will.”
“Good,” he murmured in his smoky smooth voice. “We agree. Tying you down is an excellent idea.” Her mouth dropped open. “We? I didn’t say anything.”
“Not verbally. But you have a very talkative body, sweetling.”

Masters of the Shadowlands series name Series Reading Order

  1. Club Shadowlands – FREE
  2. Dark Citadel
  3. Breaking Free
  4. Lean on Me
  5. Make Me, Sir
  6. To Command and Collar
  7. This Is Who I Am
  8. If Only
  9. Show Me, Baby

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