Shameless Book Con: The Smut Gala Costume Contest Categories

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Shameless Book Con: The Smut Gala Costume Contest Categories

Want some direction on where to take your fantabulous costume for The Smut Gala: Paradiso vs Inferno?

These 5 categories are what you’re aiming to best!

Most Creative Interpretation of Paradiso
Sexiest Paradiso
Most Creative Interpretation of Inferno
Sexiest Inferno
Best Overall

Our sponsor, Meredith Wild, along with 3 of the Shameless Smut Fairies will be Judgey McJudgersons and pick our favorites to win prizes and bragging rights!

What prizes? Welp, I can tell you that last year, we gave out cash money, luxury vibrators, and awesome gift cards.


Need some costume ideas? Check out this helpful list we shared.

Good luck to everyone!

Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut Gala

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Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut Gala

Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut GalaDo you know the The Met Gala? It’s an annual event that takes place in NYC at Metropolitan Museum of Art. The gala celebrates something unique and striking in the fashion world. It’s over-the-top; it’s high fashion; it’s creativity; it’s art at its finest.

Here are a few examples of how designers (broadly) interpreted last year’s theme:

Some of us Smut Fairies had the pleasure of seeing the Manus x Machina exhibit last year, and the creativity and artistry brought tears to our eyes. We walked out and looked at the steps that the celebrities walk up to be photographed, and that’s when it hit us: THE SMUT GALA at Shameless Book Con!

We screamed liked schoolgirls and jumped up and down and immediately started plotting this year’s theme for Shameless Book Con 2017’s after party. We’ll change the theme each year just like The Met Gala, but ours will always be THE SMUT GALA.

So this year… behold…

Paradiso vs. Inferno

Now you’re asking yourself… WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

It’s simple, but not really. We’re going to ask attendees to dress according to what you feel is your best, most creative interpretation of the theme. Pick one or both of those words, and make it come to life.

There are no rules. No limits.*

Do you want to be creative and outrageous? Go for it.

Do you want to be inspiring and elegant? Go for it.

Do you want to skip dressing up? You can do that too.

We can’t wait to see how you interpret those words!

Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Meredith Wild, we’ll have excellent prizes for the most creative, evil, beautiful, imaginative, etc. And we give good prizes. (see: adult toys, money, gift cards)

You decide what you want to wear. You define the theme.

Just get ready for an epic party that will blow your panties off!

*Buzzkill: Unfortunately, nudity, fire, and glitter are not allowed into the event hall.

Get your tickets to Shameless Book Con 2017 now!

Shameless Book Con: Costume Accessories To Make It Look Like You Put Effort Into Your Party Costume

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Shameless Book Con: Costume Accessories To Make It Look Like You Put Effort Into Your Party Costume

Hey, I get it. I’m one of those girls.
SBC16 Costume After Party Accessories

I don’t normally get all dressed up in pretty things and exotic outfits. My most recent costumes have been Octomom (stuff 8 tiny baby dolls into a big shirt; slap on a black wig), one of Justin Timberlake’s ladies from Dick in a Box (put on an $8 silky robe; slut up my hair and make-up), and when I was 12 I drew a yellow circle on some poster board and called myself a fried egg.

I get it, friends. Dressing up for a costume party isn’t for everyone.

But we lazies don’t want to catch a case of the FOMOs!

Shameless after party 728x92 (1)

Get yourself a new LBD — or grab your already-favorite — and a sweet accessory! I don’t want you to miss out on the Costume Ball After Party sponsored by Meredith Wild we have planned at Shameless Book Con 2016!

Here are some ideas to szhuszh (totally a word) yourself up for the party!

Venetian Rhinestone Mask

Available at Charming Charlie

Stand out at the next soiree in a sparkling mask that features an intricate, rhinestone… [More]

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Stretch Velvet Long Cape

Available at

A voyage of a thousand years could not keep her from his arms. Whether you’re traveling through the woods… [More]

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plus size halloween costumes

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Kitten ears headband modcloth

It’s Kitten Time Headband

Available at ModCloth

What a relief it is to be done with responsibilities for the day and rock this golden headband! With rhinestone-embellished… [More]

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Venetian Face Mask Venetian Face Mask

Available at

Your masquerade awaits. Our metal Venetian Face Mask has an intricate cut-out scroll design accented with rhinestones… [More]

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plus size halloween costumes
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Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears

Available on ThinkGeek

The unfortunate part of cosplaying an animal is that you can’t easily replicate the twitching of a tail or the perking up of ears. This is true for a kitty Halloween costume or for furry fandom felines… [More]

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Raw Edge Striped Thigh High Stockings

Available at

Also available in purple/black and red/white

This is not Alice’s Wonderland. Our Raw Edge Striped Thigh High Stockings open the door on a whole new kind of fantasy. They’ll dress up your ensemble… [More]

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plus size halloween costumes

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Steampunk Victorian Mini Top Hat

Available from

Top off your Victorian look with this beautifully embellished mini costume top hat…[More]

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MaleficentMaleficent Movie Costume Wings

Available on

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See you in October!

Shameless Book Con: Costume After-Party Prizes!

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Shameless Book Con: Costume After-Party Prizes!

Our theme has been announced, our DJ has been booked, and now we’re releasing the prizes for our Be You. Be Shameless. Costume After-Party at Shameless Book Con 2016!

SBC16 Costume After Party Red Mask

We’ve giving away over $400 in cash prizes to the best costumes at the after-party. Here’s a list of the categories we’ll be looking to hand out prizes to, and we’ll be adding a few more before October!

Best Overall – $200

The prettiest, the sexiest, the most creative – our favorite costume overall!

Best Shamelessly Book Inspired – $50

Dress up as your favorite book character, book cover, book author – just make it clear who (or what) you are!

Best Shamelessly Sexy – $25

Let your inner sex kitten out – she’s been clawing at this chance!

Best Shamelessly Kinky – $25

Go all out in your best fetish-wear – where “all out” keeps your bits covered and legal!

Best Shameless Spirit Animal – $25

Kitties, puppies, furries – whatever animal kingdom you’re representing, we want to see!

Best Shamelessly Evil – $25

Are you a villain in disguise? Release her for us!

Best Shameless Fantasy – $25

Vampires, werewolves, and fairies are just some of the ideas you can show off!

Best Shameless Rock Star – $25

Were you born with a mic in one hand and a guitar in the other? Show off your rocker self!

If you have ideas on more costume categories, let us know in the comments below!

Shopping for costumes?

Check out these sites we’re working with:

Costumes on Amazon

Halloween Costumes For Less
Adult Costumes

ThinkGeek – Costumes and Cosplay

Get up to 75% Off Select Halloween Costumes and Accessories at!

Hips & Curves Plus Size Halloween Costumes
plus size halloween costumes

Get your tickets to Shameless Book Con 2016 now!

Note: VIP tickets include the Costume After-Party.

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