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Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield

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While that meant she’d dated more than her share of stoners, losers, and the chronically unemployed, at least she and Jules rarely found the same men hot. Except for Liam Hemsworth, but come on, everyone wanted to fuck that guy. Even Zach wanted to fuck that guy.
Fuck! Oh fuck, I’m a moron. You remember how I said I say dumb things?
This is that. This is exactly that. Your pussy is so nice, it feels amazing. Plase don’t be mad at me.
Red, my twat isn’t a vegan gelato truck, I don’t give out infinite samples because I sell a dubious product no one likes.
“Uh…” Dean had heard Max talk about Julia liking romance novels, mostly in the context of ‘they get her so fucking wet, I want to PayPal Tessa Bailey a hundred bucks to say thank you’ sort of thing.


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