Bad Habit (Bad Love Book 1) by Charleigh Rose

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Bad Habit (Bad Love Book 1) by Charleigh Rose

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I want to wrap that golden hair around my fist and smash my lips into hers. Make her pay for what she did as I fuck her punishingly from behind.  
“How do you want to come then?”

“The only way I’ve ever wanted to. With you inside me.”

I feel a delicate hand rub my thigh, and though I know her attempt is to calm me down, she’s doing the opposite. She’s making my dick hard, and all I want is to fuck her, right here and now, to prove that she belongs to me. Only me.
“You’re so fucking beautiful like this.” We’re sweating and panting, completely animalistic. “Look at them, Briar. Look at them when you come on my cock. Anyone could look up at any moment.” I place my arms on top of hers, my hands covering hers that grip the rail, and I nip at her spine. “They’d act appalled, but they’d go home and jerk themselves off to this image. I promise you that.” 

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