Flirting With The Law by Madison Faye

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Flirting With The Law by Madison Faye

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The blond cop was built — big, broad shoulders, thick arms under the short, rolled-up sleeves of his tan uniform that stretched tight across his muscled chest. He looked clean cut, but in that slightly ruffled surfer way that only a southern California cop could pull off. Smirking a little, he looked down at me through the glass “cop” shades that he must have slipped on after he’d caught me checking him out.
My head spun, but at the same time, the desire I couldn’t even begin to ignore spiked through me like a shot, making my toes curl and my core tighten. I could feel the pulsing heat between my legs, my heart pumping faster as one hunky cop slid his hands up my thighs while his partner held me firmly against the car.

And I was so wet. 

“I think someone’s resisting,” Dustin’s voice growled in my ear.

“I think someone’s begging for some excessive force,” Blake’s equally gruff voice rumbled into my other ear, making me moan as the tingle teased through my body.

“Yes,” I whispered out, panting as I felt both cops gripping my ass firmly. 


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Their Virgin PA by S.C. Daiko

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Their Virgin PA by S.C. Daiko

 They’re my Mr Wrongs, but they make me feel absolutely right. 
I close my eyes and imagine Sara’s luscious lips wrapped around it. I’d pound deep into her throat, and then flip her over and take her doggy-style. Groaning, I work my length, and the image morphs into something different. This time, its Declan’s hot ass I’m fucking, my fingers squeezing his jaw while I bite down hard on the back of his neck, so hard I leave teeth marks. 

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