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Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken

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Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken

His grin was always so easy, so sexual, so predatory and yet exciting that I wasn’t sure if I should look away or kiss him again.
“Love doesn’t need a justification for its actions. It’s a free pass. And I would have taken that free pass and run – back toward you.”
“I’m going to make sure you forget everything but my name.”
“I want to suck you until you’re spent, worship you until you’re so exhausted you can’t think straight, and then I want to do it all over again.

Too Hard to Forget by Tessa Bailey

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Too Hard to Forget by Tessa Bailey

Favorite Quotes

“Jesus Christ. This is what sin feels like,” he rasped. “Wrong and right, at the same time. Life and death. Blond, long-legged, and tight.”
“You look at me like a dieter ogling chocolate cake. But you should know something.”
“What’s that?” She moseyed a step closer.
“Even the most dedicated dieter eventually takes a bite.”
“Can’t stop thinking about how hard I used to fuck you. How hard you used to let me. Just driving you up the bed until you were bent in half, that blond hair tangling around your ankles.”

Romancing the Clarksons Series Reading Order (can be read standalone)

  1. Too Hot to Handle
  2. Too Wild to Tame
  3. Too Hard to Forget
    3.5. Too Close to Call
    (1001 Dark Nights)
  4. Too Beautiful to Break (September 2017)

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