Smoke and Lyrics by Holly Hall

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Smoke and Lyrics by Holly Hall

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“An outstretched hand isn’t always a helping one. Sometimes it’s there to drag you under.”

“I won’t drag you under. But I’ll damn sure follow you down.”

Sometimes you rush headlong into things, and you crash and burn. You hurt, you make changes, you adapt. But perhaps the worst possible thing you can do is go about life without living, without loving, and wonder what happened if you had.
They say the people you meet leave a mark; the ones you love, an imprint. Lindsey Farrar left a fucking chasm in her wake. A gaping hole I have no hope filling, not even with Tennessee whiskey.

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Relentless by Skye Jordan

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Relentless by Skye Jordan

Favorite Quotes

“The way I need to fuck you is not nice. It’s not slow or sweet. I need to fuck you hard and dirty. I need to hear you scream and beg. I need to fuck you by my rules, cuffed and tied. I need to hear the sound of leather smack your bare ass, need to see red welts rise on your tits.”
“Because you love the heat between us. You love the way we read each other, the way we give each other exactly what we need. You love the way I push you and test you. So, you’re going to open to me. You’re going to let me taste you the sweet way I should have tasted you for the first time again in seven years. Not the nasty way I did at the club.”
“Let me make this crystal-fucking-clear, Ellie. If you don’t leave this room—and I mean right now—I’m going to fuck you as long as you let me fuck you. I’ll call in sick tomorrow. I’ll get fired. I’ll die of starvation before I stop fucking you.”

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