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The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The forbidden is too irresistible. It has a dangerous allure and a compelling magnetism. And it’s certainly going to inflict pain and anguish.

Karma isn’t just a bitch. She’s a barbaric psychopath.


“Thank you for your help,” I say quietly, studying him, definitely detecting that he’s deep in thought. Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask. I need to get back into my apartment without engaging with him, which could prove tricky when he’s blocking the doorway and looking like he has no intention of shifting to let me in.

“Annie,” he breathes. “I’m struggling so badly.”

“I’m not doing this.” I swallow, pushing my way past him. He grabs me by the top of my arm and holds me in place. “Let me go, Jack.”

“I’ve already told you I can’t do that. Annie, I’m drowning here. I’m going out of my mind, and the more time I spend with you the fucking worse it’s getting. Listening to you, talking to you, sharing a passion with you that goes way beyond the amazing time we had in bed together.”

“You have to forget!” I yell, knowing anger is the only way forward. Be angry with him. Let it dominate me and rule me, because the alternative scares me to fucking death.

He pushes me into the hall and slams the door behind us, forcing me to back up. “No,” he says, straight and even. “No,” he repeats, moving one more step forward, except this time I don’t retreat. Because I can’t. Because he has me locked in place with those grey eyes, and now they’re back to their full glory. Sparkling, even if it’s with anger. He reaches for his shirt and starts unbuttoning it before shrugging it off and throwing it to the floor, revealing the chest that’s haunting me.

I quickly look down at the pile of material, my mind reeling. His chest. His perfect damn chest. “What are you doing?”

“I have no fucking idea.” He reaches for me and slides a hand around my neck, pulling me to him. Our chests meet, and my determination to repel him vanishes under our connection. Wrongs turn into rights. Conflict turns into craving.

“I can’t get you out of my head, Annie.” His forehead meets mine, his palm massaging away the tightness in my neck muscles, softening me up until I relax in his hold. “I want you all over again, and I can’t even find the will to worry about how much more that’ll make me want you.” He breathes down on me. “I’ve played that night on repeat. I’ve dreamed of holding you in my arms again. I’ve craved the sound of your voice, the feel of your touch, the softness of your lips on mine. I know I shouldn’t want you. But I do. Nothing has ever made me feel this insane with need. Nothing has taken up so much space in my head. I can’t fucking help it, Annie.” His grey gaze sinks into me, my heart steadying to an even thrum. His head starts to shake mildly, his splayed hand moving up to the back of my head and fisting my hair. “I don’t want to help it,” he growls. “I want you. I don’t care how wrong it is.” His clenched fist tightens, gripping my hair harshly. “I know I’ve been on your mind since I fucked you every which way in that hotel room. Stop denying it. Don’t insult me and tell me you don’t crave that amazing feeling all over again. I can see it in your eyes every damn time I look into them. You. Want. Me.”

It’s me who moves in first. All me. I lunge forward and smash my lips to his, the magnetic force winning. His words winning. Jack winning. My heart winning. I coax his mouth open with hard, hungry kisses. I’ve lost my mind to a craving too powerful to fight off. And, like Jack, I don’t care how wrong it is.


Yet as he walks me backward until my back slams into the wall, I feel found again.

I cry out, and Jack moans. We’re clumsy and desperate. He’s pushing me up the wall with the force of his kiss, then he’s rolling away, taking me with him until it’s his back slamming into the wall. It’s the elevator all over again. The atmosphere is sizzling. I’m on fire. He scoops me up, pinning me to him, and carries me into my bedroom. I focus on him. Only him and the return of feelings that I’ve fantasized about since that unforgettable night. All the guilt is abandoning me, and I let it, unprepared to let anything stop me from taking the forbidden.


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Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

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Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

Favorite Quotes

Being innocently oblivious to silent reprimands was a skill he’d cultivated as a curious bear cub with three older sisters whose stuff he’d liked to nose about in.
“You have a lot of gray suits.” Valentin got up, began to fit in the second part of the new lock. “Light gray, dark gray, blackish gray, gray-gray, gray with fine pinstripes, gray so pale it’s nearly white …” A shake of his head, his hair all tumbled black strands. “I never knew there were so many types of gray before you.”

Psy-Changeling Trinity Series Reading Order

  • Silver Silence
  • SILVER SILENCE by Nalini Singh

    Laughing at the cubs’ antics, Valentin jogged down the slight incline and waded into what had to be ice-cold water after kicking off his boots and socks. He splashed the cubs, laughed when they splashed him back. Running so they could chase him, he turned abruptly and chased them back, to their unhidden joy.

    Silver took a seat on the grass. When the female bear looked her way, she inclined her head in a silent greeting. The bear did the same, then they both watched an alpha bear play with two energetic cubs, his hands holding rough care for their small bodies.

    By the time Valentin made his way back to her, he was drenched and his eyes weren’t human in any way. When he spoke, his already deep voice was so low it felt like thunder against her skin. “Couldn’t resist,” he said, pushing back his wet hair with one big hand. “If you weren’t in recovery and if I wasn’t in terror of Nova’s wrath, I’d have invited you. The small monsters wanted to play with you.”

    Silver didn’t get to her feet. “Can we stay here a little longer?” It was patent that Valentin had an extremely high tolerance for the cold, but he might want to dry off.

    “Sure,” he said, and, moving away several feet, shook off the wet.

    Fine droplets settled on the skin of her cheek, but she didn’t flinch at the unintentional tactile contact. She also controlled her urge to reach up and touch the water where it lay against her skin. There was no reason to do that, and Silver was alive because she only did things that were rational.

    Settling beside her, Valentin waved at the cubs as their guardian led their tired forms toward a path in the trees that was at the same level as the stream. “Gentler climb,” Valentin told her.

    “They seem too exhausted to make it to Denhome.”

    “It’s all an act—they’re hoping for a ride on their aunt’s back.” His tone held the same fond affection she’d heard when he spoke of Dima. “It’d take more than a few minutes’ play in the water to wipe out those two.”

    The cubs had played with Valentin for almost a half hour. “They’re hyperactive?”
    “They’re baby bears.”

    Silver watched as those baby bears turned toward her and rose up on their back paws, as if in challenge. A stern sound from their caretaker, and they dropped down and scrambled to catch up with her. Their bodies disappeared into the trees as dusk began to turn from orange to shadowy gray.

    Beside her, Valentin sprawled out, bracing himself on his elbows. His drenched T-shirt clung to the ridged muscles of his abdomen, pulled tight across his pectoral muscles, shaped itself over his shoulders. His jeans weren’t much better, outlining the raw muscle of his thighs.
    Valentin Nikolaev was a man of violent physical strength even in human form. Yet he clearly had iron control over it; when he’d played with the children, they’d displayed zero fear of their alpha.

    “You thought about where you’re going to live when you escape the bears who’ve kidnapped you?”
    When she raised an eyebrow at him, he grinned. “Fringe netter with his own Internet channel sent out a breaking report last night. Pasha—who obviously needs more work duties—made up a fake account and posted a comment swearing to have seen you being pulled into a black van by six burly bears in bear form.”

    “You don’t seem too concerned.” Amber eyes and deep voice, he remained very much a bear in human form.

    “Well, according to this ‘eyewitness,’ the getaway driver was in bear form, too. Must’ve been tough for him to steer with one paw since he was drinking a beer at the same time.”
    “Bears,” Silver said, making Valentin throw his head back and laugh that huge laugh that wrapped around her.

    Posted by arrangement with Berkley, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © Nalini Singh, 2017.

    Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet Book 1) by Aly Martinez

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    Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet Book 1) by Aly Martinez

    Favorite Quotes

    ” I’d lived twenty-six years of life before that night.

    But suddenly, I was alive for the very first time.

    I knew absolutely nothing about that man.

    But I knew he was mine.

    And I was meant to be his. “

    “I battled the urge to kiss her. To claim her. To take back the woman who had always been mine.”
    “This is not one night.  You will not shut down on me.  I get you’re scared.  We’ll figure that part out later.  After I make you come, fast and hard against my mouth.  After I shower.  After I drink a beer.  After my burger.  But before I fuck you.”




    “Where’d you get beer?” Elisabeth asked as she scrambled from the couch.

    “Seth,” I replied, hanging my head and rubbing my eyes.

    Jesus, I’d wanted to kiss her. She was being a bitch, spouting shit she didn’t mean just because she was too scared to let me in.

    But, even through it, those plump lips were calling to me.

    I’d never been able to resist that woman. Despite that we’d fallen apart, it hadn’t changed. The hum for her was still in my veins. It never went away, but for two years, it had been dormant. I’d packed it down so tightly that I’d hoped it had died. But, with one look, my body began thrumming like a live wire.

    “Seth?” she asked as she bent over to straighten her tight, black pencil skirt.

    It was a rare occasion to catch Elisabeth in something other than a perfectly pressed skirt and a pair of heels. But she’d been sleeping all day. It was wrinkled all to hell and back. The only thing her efforts succeeded in was drawing my attention down to her legs.

    Legs that had spent many nights wrapped around my hips as she came while crying my name.

    Shit. I should go.

    But, after the way she’d latched on to me that morning, I wasn’t going anywhere.

    “My assistant,” I answered. “I had him pick you up a bottle of wine, too.”

    She blinked. “You have an assistant? Who delivers you beer? And your ex-wife wine?”

    “No, I have an assistant who does whatever the fuck I need him to do. And, luckily for us, beer and wine happen to fall into the whatever-the-fuck-I-need-him-to-do category tonight.” She fought back a smile as I finished, “So do gyros.”

    “Damn. I need to get one of those,” she mumbled to herself.

    I smirked. “Cash my checks and you could afford one.”

    It was a dick move, bringing up the money right then. But, despite her expert hand in decorating, that little starter house we’d bought with rose-colored glasses now needed a shit-ton of work.

    Her back shot ramrod straight, fury crinkling the corners of her eyes as she snarled, “I’m not cashing your checks.”

    I shrugged. “Guess you’ll have to figure out how to get your own wine and dinner after tonight.”

    “I think I can manage,” she fired back.

    “Suit yourself.” I pushed off the couch and meandered to the kitchen.

    I went to the fridge and leaned in, searching for anything I could snack on. With the exception of at least a dozen Tupperware containers, she didn’t have much in the way of a quick bite.

    Snagging a handful of grapes from the drawer, I made a mental note to send Seth to the grocery store after he’d delivered dinner.

    Popping the grapes in my mouth one by one, I felt her watching me in what could only be defined as silent awe. I decided my best move would be to ignore it. “You know, I should have invented Tupperware. You alone could keep me in business,” I told her, retrieving a beer and then shutting the door.

    She scoffed then muttered, “At least then I would have benefitted from you abandoning our marriage.”

    Lava fresh off the volcanoes in Hell boiled in my veins.

    I cocked my head to the side and questioned, “I’m sorry. Come again?”

    “You should go,” she snapped.

    Think a-fucking-gain.

    “Nah, I’m good. Got any movies?”

    I tipped the bottle to my lips, doing my best to calm the storm brewing within me, all while still fighting the desire to take her to the floor, plant myself between her legs, and remind her how that fucking attitude affected me.

    Clearly, she had forgotten.

    My cock had not.

    “Roman, it’s been a crazy day. Please don’t do this tonight.”

    “Do what?” I asked, leaning back against the huge, granite island.

    She threw her hands out to the sides in frustration. “What you always do.”

    “What do I always do, Lissy?”

    “This!” she yelled.

    I frowned and took another pull from my beer. “Haven’t been in our kitchen, drinking beer, in a long time. I hardly think it’s fair to say I always do it.”

    Her eyes nearly bulged from her head. “My kitchen, Roman. This is my kitchen. Not ours. And you know good and damn well that is not what I’m talking about.”

    My lips twitched as I pointed the neck of my bottle at her. “No. What I know good and damn well is that I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Or why you’re slinging unnecessary and, might I add, undeserved attitude at me like a short-order cook at the bitch house.”

    “He did not say that to me,” she whispered to herself.

    When I lifted a shoulder in a half shrug, she swung a pointed finger toward the door and yelled, “Get out!”

    I grinned, crossing my legs at the ankle. “You always were cranky when you were hungry.”

    And that was the exact moment her head exploded. Retrieval by Aly Martinez


    Other Stories by Aly Martinez


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    Aly Martinez

     Aly Martinez

    I’m a wife and stay at home mom to four wild kids under the age of six. My life is pretty much crazy at all times.

    I’m a proud wino. Reader. Author. Ice cream hater. Olive lover. Southern girl. Did I mention wino already?


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    Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington

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    Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington

    Teaser 5


    Sucking in a breath, I took him in. Rhett was good-looking in the completely opposite way of Ben. Ben had been handsome in a clean-cut, manicured way. Then there was Rhett…who looked like he could have been a construction worker or a firefighter…or maybe a male stripper dressed up as a construction worker or a firefighter. He was lean, muscular, tan, rugged, and the very sight of him, even from a distance, brought heat to my cheeks.
    Not to mention, the man was like catnip. The bar area was packed with hungry felines on the prowl. He moved fast, making drinks, smiling at the women he served, and embodying every frat-boy (minus the frat) image I could conjure in my mind. The memory of him from when I was sixteen wasn’t something easily forgotten, and a tingle touched my lips as my mind replayed the kiss we’d once shared.
    Still…he wasn’t Ben.
    Sadness washed over me like a bucket of ice water. I shook off the feeling. Rhett had made me feel better once before, and I had no reason to doubt the same thing couldn’t work for me a second time. The only difference now was, I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to give up my virginity to him…tonight. No point in saving myself for someone who wasn’t alive anymore.
    “Holy shit,” I said aloud. Breaking my eyes away from Rhett, I brought my attention back to the table and to my drink. Feeling like I was buried ten feet deep in teenage hormones, grief, and God knows what else, I removed the straw, as it was only slowing me down, and I finished the remainder of my drink in a giant swallow. The alcohol burned going down, and I grimaced. “That man is not for the faint of heart,” I mumbled to myself as I set down a now empty glass. “And neither is my plan for him tonight.”
    Kimberly sighed. “The teacher in me probably should warn you that this is a bad idea,” she said, shaking her head. “But the girlfriend in me is going to do the opposite.” She leaned closer and her face turned very sincere. “You deserve this—to be young and stupid and go for something you want. All we have is the present moment. The past is gone, and the future isn’t guaranteed. So have a little fun. Knock that boy off his feet.”
    For the first time in a long time, I laughed. “He’s not going to remember me.”
    She shrugged. “So what. Make a new memory.”
    Convinced, though I’d made up my mind hours before coming here tonight, I stood up ready to go talk to Rhett, ready for whatever to happen.
    Kimberly’s eyes went wide. “Yes,” she whispered. “You can do this.”
    “I need to know something,” I said, lingering by the table. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I kind of got the impression that you might have liked Rhett when you went to high school with him. I could find someone else—”
    “No. Rhett is perfect for this. Sure, I had a crush on him like everyone else in high school, but that was ages ago. I’m with Cody now. I love Cody. I don’t need a man-child like Rhett, that’s for damn certain.” She smirked at me. “But you go get your man-child, honey. He should be fun for one night.”
    “Fine.” Laughing, I left Kimberly. I’d lied to her a second ago. If she’d said no about Rhett than I wouldn’t be attempting this with someone random. Only Rhett would do.
    Feeling surprisingly confident, I approached the bar. I wore a short beach dress that buttoned in the front and showed off my long legs. My platinum hair was curled in big waves, beauty pageant worthy, and it fell just past my shoulders. I’d even broken out the high heels for this. No matter who I was on the inside, outwardly I wasn’t the nerdy girl with glasses anymore.
    There was exactly one open seat. Setting my purse on top of the bar, I sat down. I unbuttoned one more button on my cotton dress and waited to be noticed. Rhett’s back was to me so he wasn’t noticing anything.
    Five minutes passed and nothing happened. I unbuttoned another button, but changed my mind and redid it when the older man sitting beside me started staring at my chest and winking at me between sips of his whiskey.
    Oh God. My confidence began to falter.
    The bar was chaos, with only two bartenders working, and they both struggled to keep up with their demand. Rhett moved more quickly than the girl working, but he worked the opposite end from where I sat and had yet to even glance in my direction. I realized I was crazy-pants for thinking I could just walk over here and he’d suddenly see me, remember me, and we’d have some magical repeat moment of the one we had shared years ago.
    Yeah, not happening.
    Another woman already had Rhett’s undivided attention. Brunette. Older than me. Ruby red lips with a leopard print bikini on under a sheer cover up. She was, without a doubt, a sure thing. Between every drink he poured, he’d return to her for a brief moment of flirting. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the chemistry between them was enough to let me know that I had a better chance at winning the lottery tonight than ending up in his bed.
    “What can I get ya, babe? Piña Coladas are on special tonight—three dollars.”
    It took me a moment to realize someone was speaking to me. I had Rhett blinders on and had completely missed the woman bartender who waited impatiently for me to acknowledge her. My eyes focused on her name tag—Luce. When I finally realized how incredibly rude I was being, she had already started walking away from me, shaking her head and huffing under her breath.
    “Rhett,” she hollered, as she motioned towards me. “Your customer.”
    Oh shit!
    At her words, Rhett glanced over his shoulder in my direction. He looked right through me as he called out, “One moment,” before returning to his brunette.
    I wanted to run from the bar. My stomach felt queasy, and that vodka tonic threatened to come back up. “This was a stupid idea,” I murmured to myself.
    Rhett took his sweet-ass time finishing his conversation with the brunette before making his way toward me. It took him so damn long that by the time he came for my drink order, I no longer felt quite so nervous.
    “Hello there, princess. What can I get for you?” he asked, smiling and cocking an eyebrow at me, charm oozing out of him. “Piña Coladas are on special tonight,” he told me, rubbing a hand over his closely shaved head and speaking fast. It was clear, even if he did it with a smile on his face, he was trying to hurry me into making a decision. “You look like a Piña Colada kind of girl. How ‘bout I get you one of those?”
    He had a very nice smile, which he clearly used to his advantage. He did, after all, work for tips. But whether his charm and that smile were real or fake, they pissed me off. I was too much of a cynic, something I knew I’d picked up by being raised by my very straight-forward, realist of a brother, to put up with his bullshit.
    “What the hell?” I snapped, my frustrations pouring out of me. “Do you all have a giant premade batch of Piña Colada that you need to sell before the end of the night? Because I happen to hate coconut.” I didn’t actually hate coconut. “Fifty percent of people hate coconut.” I made up that statistic. “If you’re going to offer something that half the population hates, you should at least have a second drink option on special as an alternative, otherwise you’re discriminating. Besides, do I look twenty-one? I’m eighteen—learn how to card.”
    “Shit. You’re a cop.”
    “No, I’m not a cop. I don’t even want a drink.” I started rummaging around in my purse for nothing in particular because I needed something to do with my hands. I was beyond annoyed and, frankly, a little hurt. “Can we pretend this conversation never happened? I would much rather keep my glorified memories intact. And—”
    I stopped talking and digging when his fingers gently touched the underside of my chin. Swallowing, I looked up from my bag. Why the hell was he touching me?
    “I know you,” he whispered, the color draining from his face.
    “No you don’t,” I said pulling away from his touch and standing from my seat.
    “Yes, I do. You’ve changed, but those green eyes I haven’t forgotten.”
    Everything slowed down. I stood there with my bag slung over my shoulder and my feet frozen to the floor. The noise of the chaotic bar faded into the background. He stared at me, and I stared at him. He recognized me, and with that recognition his whole demeanor changed. Sincerity, I suppose, was the difference I suddenly saw in him.
    “You came back,” he said after a moment, smiling.

    This smile, I could tell, was genuine.

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    Kill Devil Hills
    Changing Tides (Kill Devil Hills Book 2)
    Pulled Under (Kill Devil Hills Book 3)

    Henry’s End by Julie A Richman

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    Henry’s End by Julie A Richman

    Favorite Quotes

    “Ah, a southern gentleman.”  It was hard to speak with a long, hard cock rubbing slowly against his own. “An officer and a gentleman?” Henry questioned.
    Throwing his head back with laughter, “Don’t ever expect me to be a gentle man with you.”
    “We love who we love. It may not make sense to anyone else.  It doesn’t need to.  It may not even make sense to you.  It doesn’t have to.”
    “I think you are the single best thing that has ever happened in my life.  Seriously.  And I want to know what it feels like to have you buried in me.”


    Henry was deeply ensconced in his own head, making resolutions about moving on, not paying attention to his surroundings, or seeing the man, as he approached his car. He was leaning against the hood, his thick muscled arms folded across his chest. Calm, cool, collected, in charge and so damn freaking handsome.

    “Your place?” was all he said.

    Henry felt the sharp stab in his heart as his adrenal glands shot a release of hormones into his blood stream. Shaking his head no, he was shocked at how cool and calm his voice sounded, when he was anything but, “No. I don’t think so. You haven’t even bought me a drink yet.”

    Walking around the big Marine to the driver’s side, Henry hit the remote, unlocking the door.

    With a palm to the solar plexus to stop him, “Where are you going?” the Marine asked.

    “Home,” Henry was very matter-of-fact.

    “I thought you wanted me to buy you a drink?”

    Stepping around the Marine, Henry opened the door to his black BMW and got in. “I do…” and he closed the door and started the engine.

    Rolling down the window, he added with a smile, “… on Sunday.” Gunning the Beamer’s engine, he left the Marine in the dusty parking lot with a smile on his handsome face.

    Well played, Henry congratulated himself. Let him ache for me as much as I’ve been aching for him.


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    Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway: Confess by Colleen Hoover

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    Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway: Confess by Colleen Hoover

    We’re big Colleen Hoover fans around here. We’ve proved it by naming her one of our Elite Authors because of books like Ugly Love, Hopeless, and Slammed.

    Now, we’re adding Confess to the list of CoHo books we highly recommend!

    Lucky for us — and you — we have an exclusive excerpt from Confess along with a giveaway of the paperback down below!

    Shameless Book Club Exclusive Excerpt

    “You made your girlfriend an employee? That’s never a good idea.”

    “I made my employee a girlfriend. An even worse idea.” He pauses at the top of the stairs and turns around, looking down at me. “What’s your name?”


    “What’s the rest of your name, Auburn?”

    “Mason Reed.”

    Owen slowly tilts his head in the direction of the ceiling as he blows out a breath of air. I follow his gaze and look at the ceiling with him, but nothing is up there other than white ceiling tiles. He takes his right hand and touches his forehead, then his chest, and then continues the movements from shoulder to shoulder, until he’s just made the sign of the cross over himself.

    What the hell is he doing? Praying?

    He looks back down at me, smiling now. “Is Mason really your middle name?”

    I nod. As far as I know, Mason isn’t a strange middle name so I have no idea why he’s performing religious rituals.

    “We have the same middle name,” he says.

    I regard him silently, allowing myself to take in the probability of his response. “Are you serious?”

    He nods casually and reaches into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. He descends the stairs once more and hands me his license. I look it over, and sure enough, his middle name is Mason.

    I press my lips together and hand him back his driver’s license.


    I try to contain the laughter, but it’s hard, so I cover my mouth, hoping I’m being inconspicuous about it.

    He slides his walled back into his pocket. His eyebrow raises and he shoots me a look of suspicion. “Are you that quick?”

    My shoulders are shaking from the suppressed laughter now. I feel so bad. So, so bad for him.

    He rolls his eyes and looks slightly embarrassed in the way he attempts to hide his own smile. He heads back up the stairs much less confidently than before. “This is wh I never tell anyone my middle name,” he mutters.

    I feel guilty for finding this so funny, but his humility finally gives me the courage to climb the rest of the stairs. Your initials are really OMG? I bite the inside of my cheek, forcing back the smile I don’t want him to see.

    I reach the top of the stairs and he ignores me, heading straight for a dresser. He opens a drawer and begins rummaging through it, so I take the opportunity to look around the massive room. There’s a large bed, probably a king, in the far corner. In the opposite corner is a full kitchen flanked by two doors, leading to other rooms.

    I’m in his apartment.

    He turns around and tosses me something black. I catch it and unfold it, revealing a skirt. “That should fit. You and the traitor look about the same size.” He walks to the closet and removes a white shirt from a hanger. “See if this works. The shoes you have on are fine.”

    I take the shirt from him and glance toward the two doors. “Bathroom?”

    He points to the door on the left.

    “What if they don’t fit?” I ask, worried he won’t be able to use my help if I’m not dressed professionally. Two hundred dollars isn’t easy to come by.

    “If they don’t fit, we’ll burn them along with everything else she left behind.”

    I laugh and make my way to the bathroom. Once I’m inside, I pay no attention to the actual bathroom itself as I begin to change into the clothes he gave me. Luckily, they fit perfectly. I look at myself in the full-length mirror and cringe at the disaster that is my hair. I should be embarrassed to call myself a cosmetologist. I haven’t touched it since I left the apartment this morning, so I do a quick fix and use one of Owen’s combs to pull it up into a bun. I fold the clothes I just removed and set them on the countertop.

    When I exit the bathroom, Owen is in the kitchen, pouring two glasses of wine. I contemplate whether or not I should tell him I’m a few weeks shy of being old enough to drink, but my nerves are screaming for a glass of wine right now.

    “Fits,” I say, walking toward him.

    He lifts his eyes and stares at my shirt for much longer than it takes to acknowledge whether or not a shirt fits. He clears his throat and looks back down at the wine he’s pouring. “Looks better on you,” he says.

    I slide onto the stool, fighting to hide my smile. It’s been a while since I’ve been complimented and I forgot how good it feels. “You don’t mean that. You’re just bitter over your breakup.”

    He pushes a glass of wine across the bar. “I’m not better, I’m relieved. And I absolutely mean it.” He raises his glass of wine, so I raise mine. “To ex-girlfriends and new employees.”

    I laugh as our glasses clink together. “Better than ex-employees and new girlfriends.”


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    Day 8 – 3/2: Me, My Shelf & I

    Day 9 – 3/3: Schmexy Girl Book Blog

    Day 10 – 3/4: Shameless Book Club

    Pre-Order Now

    Amazon: Buy Now

    Audible: Buy Now

    Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1ByXO2t

    Blio: http://bit.ly/1poLcFa 

    Books-a-Million: http://bit.ly/1v1oPJu

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    iBooks: http://apple.co/1BFk92w

    IndieBound: http://bit.ly/ZoQqes



    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, a new novel about risking everything for love—and finding your heart somewhere between the truth and lies.

    Auburn Reed has her entire life mapped out. Her goals are in sight and there’s no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.

    For once, Auburn takes a risk and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is keeping some major secrets from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.

    The last thing Owen wants is to lose Auburn, but he can’t seem to convince her that truth is sometimes as subjective as art. All he would have to do to save their relationship is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin…

    CONFESS by Colleen Hoover

    Atria Books | Paperback

    On-Sale: 03/10/15

    Paperback ISBN: 9781476791456, $16.00

    eBook ISBN: 9781476791463, $7.99

    320 pages

    About the Author:

    Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Maybe Someday, Finding Cinderella, and Ugly Love. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys. Please visit ColleenHoover.com.

    Find Colleen Online:

    Website: www.ColleenHoover.com

    Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ColleenHoover

    Twitter: @ColleenHoover

    Instagram: @ColleenHoover

    Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway Confess by Colleen Hoover Pin


    Enter to win a paperback copy of Confess!
    Open to US & Canada addresses

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Exclusive Excerpt: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

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    Exclusive Excerpt: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

    We like feeling special. Because, duh.

    When we get exclusive first-looks at new hot books, we feel extra special.

    I have it on very good authority that this book, The Deal, is one of the hottest books with a majorly swoon-worthy hero, Garrett.

    I mean, look at the cover and #1ClickThatBitch.

    Shameless Book Club’s Exclusive Excerpt from The Deal by Elle Kennedy

    Somehow I’ve traveled back in time to my third-grade playground days. Unless there’s another explanation for why Garrett is goading me into kissing him.

    “I don’t have to prove a damn thing,” I inform him. “I happen to be a fantastic kisser. Sadly, you will never get to find out.”

    “Never say never,” he answers in a singsong voice.

    “Thanks for that, Justin Bieber. But yeah, not going to happen, dude.”

    He sighs. “I get it. You’re intimidated by my potent masculinity. Chin up, it happens all the time.”

    ​Oh brother. I can still remember the days—all of a week ago—when Garrett Graham wasn’t a fixture in my life. When I didn’t have to listen to his cocky remarks or see his rogue grins or get drawn into a flirt battle I have no interest in.

    ​Except Garrett happens to be very, very good at one particular thing: throwing down the gauntlet.

    “Fear is a fact of life,” he says solemnly. “Don’t let it get you down, Wellsy. Everyone experiences it.” He leans back on his elbows like a bigshot. “Tell you what, I’ll give you a free pass. If you’re too scared to kiss me, I won’t make you.”

    “Scared?” I rumble. “I’m not scared, dumbass. I just don’t want to.”

    Another sigh rolls out of his chest. “Then I guess we’re back to self-confidence issues. Don’t worry, there are a lot of bad kissers in this world, sweetheart. I’m sure with practice and perseverance, you’ll one day be able to—”

    “Fine,” I interrupt. “Let’s do it.”

    His mouth slams shut, eyes widening in surprise. Ha. So he didn’t expect me to call his bluff.

    Our gazes lock in a stare-down for the ages. He’s waiting for me to back down, but I’m confident I can wait him out. Maybe it’s childish of me, but Garrett has already gotten his way about this tutoring thing. This time I want to win.

    But I’ve underestimated him yet again. His gray eyes darken to smoky metallic silver, and suddenly there’s heat in his gaze. Heat, and a gleam of self-assurance, as if he’s certain I won’t go through with it.

    I hear that certainty in the dismissive tone he uses when he finally speaks. “All right, show me what you’ve got then.”

    I falter.

    Fucking hell. He can’t be serious.

    And I can’t actually be considering meeting this inane challenge. I’m not attracted to Garrett, and I don’t want to kiss him. End of story.

    Except…well, it doesn’t feel like the end of anything. My body is engulfed with flames, and my hands are trembling not from nerves, but anticipation. When I picture his mouth pressed against mine, my heart races faster than a drum-and-bass track.

    What the hell is the matter with me?

    Garrett inches closer. Our thighs are touching now, and either I’m hallucinating it, or I can actually see his pulse throbbing in the center of his throat.

    He can’t possibly want this…can he?

    My palms grow damp, but I resist wiping them on the front of my leggings because I don’t want him to know how unnerved I am. I’m wholly aware of the heat radiating from his jean-clad thigh, the faint scent of his woodsy aftershave, the slight curve of his mouth as he awaits my next move…

    “Come on,” he mocks. “We don’t have all night, baby.”

    Now I’m bristling. Screw it. It’s just a kiss, right? I don’t even have to like it. Shutting that smart mouth of his will be reward enough.

    Arching a brow, I reach up and touch his cheek.

    His breath hitches.

    I sweep my thumb over his jaw, stalling, waiting to see if he’ll stop me, and when he doesn’t, I slowly bring my mouth to his.

    Yes, please, and GIVE ME MORE!

    Click here to pre-order The Deal, releasing on 2/24!

    Elect by Rachel Van Dyken

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    Elect by Rachel Van Dyken


    “Let’s make a pact.” Chase put his hand on my shoulder.

    “A pact?” I sniffled and turned to him. “What kind of pact?”

    “One that’s forever. One that protects people rather than hurts them.”

    “How do we do that?” I was suddenly interested. What if I could make all the hurt go away? What if I could save everyone!

    “We do this.” Chase pulled out his pocketknife and cut open his hand, then nodded to me to do the same thing. Without pausing I cut open my hand and handed back the knife. “Blood brothers. We’re never gonna hurt each other and we’re gonna save those like your ma, Nixon. Ones who can’t save themselves. We’re going to protect them.”

    “How?” I watched as the blood dripped from my open palm.

    “Rules.” Chase shrugged. “They keep people safe, right? At least that’s what my mom says.” He smiled. “We make rules and we start our own club. That way, we don’t have to listen to anyone but us.”

    I liked it. I chewed on my lower lip. “What do we call ourselves?”

    “The chosen?” Chase offered.

    “No, that sounds lame. We have to sound… more powerful than that.”

    My eyes flickered to the road, and a sign poked into the ground. It said election. “Elect.” I pointed. “Let’s call ourselves The Elect.” It made sense; after all, the president was elected, wasn’t he? We weren’t exactly chosen, but we were making the choice, we were electing ourselves protectors. That’s what we were.

    “Who else can join?” Chase asked.

    “Tex and Phoenix. They’ll want to.” A weight suddenly felt like it was being lifted off my twelve-year-old shoulders. “Should we shake on it?”

    “Yeah.” Chase smashed his hand against mine as our blood mixed. “No going back, Nixon.”

    “No.” I shook my head. “No going back.”

    I pressed my fingers to my temples and watched, replaying that moment over and over again in my head as the outline of Chase and Tracey flickered in the moonlight. Would he really do this to me? After all the shit we’d been through?

    I gauged her reaction, hoping that I would be wrong. Praying to God that Trace would just this once listen to me. Her eyes flickered with interest for a few brief seconds before she looked down at the ground.

    “Shit.” I waited in the shadows. A part of me knew this would happen. The part that told me to damn my feelings to hell and ignore all the warning signs that I’d been seeing. But now it seemed like it was too late. I stayed, planted where I was, watching, waiting.

    “Chase, you can’t…” Trace shook her head. “You can’t be like this. We can’t do this!”

    “We aren’t doing anything,” Chase said in low tones, reaching for Trace’s hand. “Don’t you?” He looked directly at me, although all he saw was a shadow. I knew I was well hidden. “Don’t you feel the same way?”

    Trace jerked her hand away from Chase’s. “It doesn’t matter what I feel. It’s not about me, Chase.”

    “But it is.” Chase reached for her again. This time her hand grasped his in such an intimate embrace I thought I was going to vomit all over the ground. The outside air was cold as hell as little pieces of ice tried to find their way into my wool coat.

    “It isn’t.” Trace sighed. “It never was.”

    Chase jerked her toward him. She fell against his chest and looked up into his eyes. “What are you doing?”

    Chase sighed. “What I should have done a long time ago.” He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips touched.

    I had to look away.

    The only sound in the night was that of my soft footsteps as I walked away… leaving my heart in broken pieces where I’d last stood. She was lost to me; it wasn’t even the Sicilians that had taken her, but my best friend.

    A gunshot rang out loud and clear in the night air. I turned back around just in time to see Trace collapse into Chase’s arms.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Work of Art Three-Way

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    Work of Art Three-Way

    Sometimes, you just gotta give in and go for a three-way.

    Which is exactly what I did when Neda from The SubClub Books asked us to participate in a ménage a blog for a book she’s fallen in love with: Work of Art ~ The Inspiration by Ruth Clampett.

    Lucky for you, the excerpt I have to share with you is so friggin’ hot, I’m surprised there’s not a burn mark on the screen.

    There’s not, is there?

    I don’t want to be held liable for that shit.

    The other two excerpts — found at Vilma’s and SubClub — are just as hot, so maybe those ladies will go in with me on the lawsuits from the scorched screens left behind from what you’re about to read.

    Excerpt #1: Vilma’s Book Blog

    Excerpt #2: The SubClub Books

    Excerpt #3

    There’s only one way to know for sure if this is a dream. I take a deep breath, take a step to the side, straighten my shirt and slowly turn to face him.

    Dozens of emotions cross his face—everything from vulnerability to command, with passion the most pronounced. He hesitates and

    then extends his hand.


    “I’m scared,” I whisper, my heart still wildly pounding. Admitting my fear leaves me raw and vulnerable, and I pray he treads carefully.

    He gazes at me tenderly. “I’m scared too,” he whispers as he moves his hands slowly up my arms. “Ava, you don’t know how dark things are in my mind. What I am inside…what I can be like. I wanted to protect you from all of that.”

    “You’ve been protecting me?” My mind can’t make sense of the very thought of it.

    He nods, his jaw twitching as he watches me intently.

    Needing some space, I take several steps back until I’m under the arch to the hallway. I put my hands up to my face and back up until I’m against the wall. The coolness of the stucco is startling against my burning body.

    I’m confused and under his spell. In the shadow of the hallway, the darkness becomes the sheerest veil between us, and I’ve lost all sense of what I should do.

    Across the open space between us, my body and my heart call out to him. Max watches me for several counts before he approaches, and I realize he doesn’t have it in him to stop either.

    I close my eyes and wait until I can feel his presence in front of me.

    When I open my eyes, he has an arm positioned on either side of me, jammed against the wall and caging me. He lowers his head and presses his forehead against mine.

    “Ava, I can’t fight this anymore,” he whispers, his stormy blue eyes a swirl of want. “I’ve got to have you.” His moan is raw with desire.

    I didn’t know time could move that slowly…that I could live my entire life between the single frames that flash as his head tilts and his lips part. He moves lower and lower until there’s just a sliver of light between us.

    When our lips meet, seeming to spark as they press together, my world opens and time speeds up so fast that I have to hold on to him to keep from being pulled into the upper atmosphere.

    If he had been too rough or too rigid, I would’ve had it in me to slow down. But he’s perfect in every way. I swoon from the way he cradles me in his arms and the way his mouth presses against mine with gentle soft fullness, sucking and lightly biting as his fingertips slide down my neck…his touch silky smooth and reverent.

    He gives way to the building fire—flames licking my mouth, teeth scraping my chin, hands sliding into my jeans to cup my ass and pull me firmly against all that I desire.

    “Ava, I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” He bends his knees and thrusts his hardness right into me.

    Fire and wetness mingle dangerously between my legs.

    We’re a wall of passion, and all the longing and unfulfilled desire now burns brightly between us. It’s overwhelming and stronger than I could’ve imagined.

    Pretty Divider

    Think that’s hot? Click to get Work of Art ~ The Inspiration by Ruth Clampett now!

    Excerpt #1: Vilma’s Book BlogExcerpt #2: The SubClub Books

    EXCLUSIVE Excerpt: Nights With Him by Lauren Blakely

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    EXCLUSIVE Excerpt: Nights With Him by Lauren Blakely

    Lauren Blakely is about to destroy us with Jack Sullivan.

    Check out the HOLY CRAP RITZ CARLTON giveaway and our Smut Book Club-Exclusive excerpt below!

    Nights With Him Teaser

    About Nights With Him

    Jack Sullivan is a Sex Toy Mogul.

    An extremely eligible bachelor in New York, he’s the full package, right down to his full package. Hell, this man could be the model for one of the toys his company, Joy Delivered, peddles. Instead, he’s the powerful and successful CEO and he’s got commitment issues a mile-long after the tragic way his relationship with his fiancée ended.

    He’s looking for a way to erase the pain and that arrives in the form of Michelle Milo. From her pencil skirts to her high heels, she’s his perfect fantasy, especially since she has no idea who he is the night they meet at a hotel bar. He doesn’t have a clue either that she’s the brilliant psychologist his sister has arranged for him to see to help him get over his past. She’s simply the stunning woman he takes to bed that night and delivers many Os of joy too.

    His touch helps her forget that other man.

    When he shows up at her office door the next day, there’s no way in hell she’s going to treat him after they’ve slept together. Jack isn’t willing to let go of the first woman he’s felt anything for in years so he proposes a deal – share her nights with him for thirty days. At the end of one month of exquisite pleasure, they walk away, having helped each other move on from their haunted pasts.

    But soon, all those nights threaten to turn into days as the lines between lust and matters of the heart start to blur. Can two people so terribly afraid of love truly fall head over heels?

    Nights with Him is a standalone full-length novel in the bestselling Seductive Nights series following the love affair of a new couple.


    Amazon: Nights With Him: Seductive Nights — Michelle and Jack
    iTunes: Nights with Him
    Kobo: http://bitly.com/ZOr4pI
    Goodreads: http://bitly.com/1rtVyE1

    Pretty Divider

    One Night With Her — FREE Prequel Novella (Seductive Nights: Michelle and Jack) — on Amazon

    Barnes & Noble: http://bitly.com/1oGHmwN
    iTunes: http://bitly.com/ZOsGzy
    Google Play: http://bitly.com/1wy2GWa
    Goodreads: http://bitly.com/1sm408t

    First names only for one night of pleasure…

    He’s only at the hotel to close a business deal. Then he sees her, and his agenda for the evening shifts—woo her, win her, and make sure she never forgets who gave her the most exquisite pleasure she’s ever had. Jack Sullivan, a billionaire, and one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors, is captivated by the brilliant and beautiful Michelle Milo. From her witty mouth to her sinful body, she’s his perfect fantasy. But there’s more than the undeniable chemistry; they both might be exactly what the other needs. As soon as he has her, he knows one night with her will never be enough. The trouble is, he’s about to run into her tomorrow…in the last place he expects.

    Pretty Divider

    Nights With Him Tour Giveaway

    Lauren Blakely does it again and brings readers more smoldering, sexy nights in her Seductive Nights Series with her newest novel, NIGHTS WITH HIM.

    In Lauren Blakely’s newest Seductive Nights novel, Jack Sullivan convinces Michelle Milo that he can “show her worlds of pleasure.” And judging from the number of Os he gives her, the man delivers on that promise! Lauren wants to deliver with worlds of pleasure for her readers too — so she’s offering several extra special giveaways with this novel, and we’re thrilled to help announce them!

    First, ANYONE who preorders NIGHTS WITH HIM will receive a Julia and Clay short story! That means EVERYONE who preorders is a winner! Readers will be thrilled to know that Julia and Clay, the hero and heroine from the first 3 Seductive Nights novels, have some more story left in them. Lauren has written an exclusive short story that takes place after ONE MORE NIGHT, and you are not going to want to miss what happens next! Anyone who preorders and ENTERS HERE will be emailed the short story. Already pre-ordered? That’s great! You can still enter by filling out the form and entering your order number! NIGHTS WITH HIM is available for preorder on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play. Barnes & Noble users who buy NIGHTS WITH HIM on release day, and fill out THIS FORM on release day, can receive the short story during release week as well.

    Second, have you ever wanted to spend the night at a Ritz Carlton Hotel? Then you’ll want to take the Be Seduced quiz to enter to win a night at a Ritz Carlton and discover worlds of pleasure on your own! To celebrate the launch of the book, Lauren is giving away a $500 gift card for a stay at the Ritz nearest you!* Readers can access the quiz in the eBook version of NIGHTS WITH HIM, and will have until November 15th to enter the quiz. To be clear, the back of the NIGHTS WITH HIM eBook is the ONLY location with the link to the quiz. The grand prize winner will also receive a $100 gift card for Lelo, makers of premium sex toys, just like the one Jack uses on Michelle in this scene.

    Lastly, NIGHTS WITH HIM is a full-length, standalone erotic romance novel that follows the love affair of a new couple, Jack and Michelle, and does not have a cliffhanger. It’s ONLY $3.99 during the preorder period, but this price will go up to $4.99 during release week.

    So pre-order your copy of Lauren Blakely’s NIGHTS WITH HIM today. Don’t miss this hot and sexy new novel or these amazing opportunities to enter to win! Then, delve into this amazing first excerpt from NIGHTS WITH HIM and enter to win your own paperback copy!

    * If there is no Ritz Carlton near the winner, the winner may opt to receive a $500 gift card to any Marriott property, or Marriott-owned hotel. *

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    Nights With Him Exclusive Excerpt

    Smut Book Club-Exclusive Excerpt

    He smiled and fingered a strand of her hair. “Do you have any idea how
    nice it is to be involved with a shrink? You don’t overreact to

    She laughed. “I still have emotions, Jack. Being a psychologist
    doesn’t mean I’m devoid of them, or that I can manage them properly
    all the time. Sometimes, I can misbehave horribly.”

    Just then the lights flashed, and the orchestra took the stage, the
    virtuoso musicians settling into their chairs, ready to launch into
    Brahms Fourth Symphony.

    “I can misbehave too,” he said, mischief skipping across his blue eyes.

    She drew a sharp breath, expecting him to brandish his remote and send
    pleasure shooting straight into her core.

    But he didn’t. Instead, he took her hand, and turned his attention to
    the stage to watch, and listen. She enjoyed the music too, feeling it
    wrap its way around her, slink into her mind and body as the sound of
    the flutes soared through the cavernous hall. But she was waiting,
    too, tense, hoping to feel that pleasure again.

    As the violinists picked up their bows, her eyes widened, and she
    gripped the arm of her chair. He’d turned it back on, and he’d turned
    it to high. She held her breath as she let herself adjust to the
    intensity of the vibrations between her legs, but soon he lowered the
    pressure, letting it buzz against her at the lowest level, a faint but
    still-present sensation, as if he were gently rubbing his fingertip
    against her clit. Like they were lying on her couch, watching a movie,
    and he’d decided to dip a hand inside her panties and absently stroke
    her while staring at the screen.

    That was how it felt. Enough pleasure to send her body into a
    heightened awareness, a craving for more. But not enough to satiate
    her. Not enough at all. She wanted more, and as the bassoons joined in
    she was about to beg for it, to tap him on the shoulder and ask him to
    turn it up and get her all the way off. But this man could read her
    perfectly. He glanced over, and she was sure he was taking in her
    expression as she tried valiantly to not show the world that she
    wanted him to make her come in her panties at Avery Fisher Hall.

    Tour Giveaway

    Signed Paperback of Nights with Him

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal: Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan + Giveaway

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    EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal: Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan + Giveaway

    I’m having a hard time getting over the beauty of this cover.

    Eden Cover

    RIGHT? She’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. EVERY! ONE! IS! GORGEOUS!

    And after seeing both Becoming Calder’s cover and now Finding Eden’s, we’re seriously champing at the bit to get our grabby hands on this story in October when the books are released together.

    Calder Eden Covers 600 Exclusive

    Excerpt — Becoming Calder

    I released a breath and let my fingers continue their journey, over one pectoral and down to one of his nipples where I used my pointer finger to trace around it gently. I’d wanted to touch him for so long. I could hardly believe this was real.

    “Eden,” Calder choked out. “You’re killing me. I’m dying.”

    I smiled, my eyes still watching my fingers as they trailed even further down his stomach. “No. You’re living. We’re living. Right here, together. It’s been suggested that dying would separate us forever, and I refuse to let you go.” My eyes met his then and something seemed to spark between us right before he leaned forward and took my mouth again, his tongue thrusting slowly and leisurely as I came up on my knees and moved even closer so that I could feel his bare skin against my own.

    Calder Teaser 600

    Archer’s Voice

    Mia has also written Archer’s Voice, a huge favorite of ours. If you don’t know Mia’s sweet, silent boy (and the dirty things he does), get busy 1-clicking now.


    Mia Sheridan is generously offering $100 in Amazon Gift Cards (1 $50, 2 $25) to her favorite people: YOU! open to international winners

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

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    Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

    Favorite Quotes

    The deep command of his voice heated me instantly, rendering me completely enslaved to his unrelenting dominance when it came to this part of us. Ethan’s control of our sex. His control over me.

    It made me hotter than hell.

    Every part of you will be claimed and touched by me tonight. Every part. Taken. Everywhere your body can have me. I want to be there…filling you up.”
    “Don’t look away. I still want your eyes on me after I’ve made you come,” he ground out. “I want to see your eyes flashing fire and your legs shaking when I’m inside you, making you scream my name.”
    Total fucking perfect beauty.

    After a second orgasm brought her shuddering underneath my tongue, she pressed a hand to the top of my head. I knew what that meant. She was ready for some cock.

    [box_light]4th in The Blackstone Affair Series
    1: Naked ★★★★
    2: All In ★★★★
    3: Eyes Wide Open ★★★★★
    4: Rare and Precious Things

    Cherry Girl — A Companion Novel; Can be read standalone

    The Passion of Darius — An Historical Prequel



    I watched Brynne putting on her makeup and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I hoped she didn’t notice me staring because I didn’t want her feeling self-conscious. I knew she was a little because her body had changed so much. She was more beautiful to me now than ever though. Our little blueberry had grown right along with my girl.

    “You’d better start getting ready or we’ll be late. Hannah and her plans wait for no man…” she trailed off, never taking her concentration away from the mirror where she was applying some kind of dark smudge around her eyes. She had on a short black lace getup that made me hard just looking, but she was only halfway dressed. Best to stick with the plan or we’d never make it to my Dad’s birthday dinner on time. I tried to force in some non-arousing thoughts about work.

    “I’d much rather look at you though, Mrs. Blackstone,” I told her.

    She made a soft sound. “Well my ass is getting bigger by the second, in direct competition with my belly. I hope my ass doesn’t win. At the end of this gig, I just want the baby, not the extra ass.” She looked up into the mirror at me, her expression giving away little of what was on her mind. Still so mysterious, my girl was. I loved that aspect of her though. Made me even more determined to get as close to her as I possibly could so I could touch and taste and absorb every available molecule. My need for Brynne was still as strong as ever. I had no doubts that would ever change either.

    “Your arse is perfection and you’ll never hear me complaining ‘bout a bit more of you to grab hold of.” I gave her a slow wink and a lecherous grin. “From back here, you don’t even look pregnant.” I came up behind her and plastered myself against her body, my hands sliding forward to rest on her bump. “I have to do this to really know you’ve got anything here.” I splayed my palms over the firm rounded swell of our baby growing safe inside her.

    She leaned back and rested her weight against me. “Oh something’s there all right,” she said, “that you put there.”

    I grinned behind her. “I really enjoyed doing that by the way.”

    “I seem to remember that you did,” she said dryly.

    “Oh you enjoyed it too, Mrs. Blackstone.” I slid my hands around back to her grip her bum. “Mmmmm…you feel perfect to me,” I mumbled.

    “Did I ever tell you how much I love when you call me Mrs. Blackstone?”

    “You have not, but I’m delighted you love your new name.” I spoke toward her image in the mirror. “I know I love the sound of it. I know I love that my name is now your name. I love a lot of things…that I didn’t have before.”

    She reached her hand up to hold my cheek, still looking at me in the mirror. “You’re getting a new name too. We have someone coming to us soon who will know you only by one name, and it’s not Ethan.”


    “Yep. You are somebody’s dad now.” She smiled softly, a mixture of happiness and maybe a little sadness at the thought of her own father. “You’ll be the best ever…” she whispered.

    Brynne always amazed me in her generosity—her ability to be so lovingly giving even in the face of her grief and loss. Brave. Strong. Magnificent. I kissed her on the back of the neck and rested my chin on her shoulder, both of us staring into the vanity mirror at each other. “I love the sound of it—Dad. I’m a dad and you’re a mum.”

    “We are indeed.”

    I returned my hands to her belly. “I love our little grapefruit in here.” I turned her around and held her face in my two hands. “And I love you, Mrs. Blackstone.”

    “I love you more,” she said.


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    Excerpt: Spin—Songs of Corruption by CD Reiss + Giveaway

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    Excerpt: Spin—Songs of Corruption by CD Reiss + Giveaway

    One of my—and many of your—favorite surprise reads of 2013 was Songs of Submission by CD Reiss. It’s a collection of 7 novellas and shorts, telling the D/s story of Jonathan and Monica and introduces many other characters.

    It’s incredibly well-written, compelling, and nethers-warming. Jonathan was chosen as Favorite Dominant in the Smut Book Awards 2013, and I have anointed Songs of Submission as a Top 10 of 2013 and a Smut Book Club Certified Favorite.

    Basically, I’m telling you that Songs of Submission is a series you must read.

    Buy from Amazon | BN.comiTunes | Kobo

    CD has announced the follow-up series, Songs of Corruption, will feature Theresa Drazen, one of Jonathan’s 7 sisters. Nicknamed “Spin,” the hero of her story promises to be over-the-top hot and dangerous. Being the consummate professional indie writer that she is, CD sent out a teaser chapter of the first full-length novel, Spin, to us as an apology for the delay in publishing Spin.

    She is also offering a giveaway to win a $10 Amazon.com gift card. Enter below!

    Here’s what CD has to say about Spin and Songs of Corruption:

    Songs of Corruption is Theresa Drazen’s story. She’s a nice girl. Polished and refined. Somewhere around chapters two, three, four, her life is shattered, and she meets a super hot mob lawyer named Antonio Spinelli.

    From there, all bets are off, and we find out what this woman of grace is really made of.

    So, why am I sending you this hunk of story?

    Because it’s coming slowly. I’d like to blame the renovations and the kids getting sick and everything else, but the fact is, I forgot how long it takes me to build a new world. I should have known better and set the release date for March.

    Now I MIGHT make my 2/24/14 release date, but though hope springs eternal, words sometimes fail. So I’m sending you pieces of this as part apology, and as a way to let you know it will all be worth it.

    Lucky us!

    Attached is the first chapter of Spin for your reading pleasure.


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    RELEASE DAY + GIVEAWAY: The Edge of Always by J. A. Redmerski

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    RELEASE DAY + GIVEAWAY: The Edge of Always by J. A. Redmerski

    The Edge of Never was one of my favorite books of all time.

    Seriously. Of all time.

    I’m currently reading The Edge of Always, and today happens to be its released today.

    Hooray for new books!

    While this post isn’t my final recommendation for The Edge of Always, I can say that it’s well worth your time and money to read.

    Also, Andrew Parrish may be the most perfect 25-year-old tattooed singer/songwriter ever.


    End of.


    Buy Now From Amazon Buy from Amazon Canada Buy from Amazon UK

    About The Edge of Always

    Camryn Bennett has never been happier. Five months after meeting on a Greyhound bus, she and her soul mate Andrew Parrish are engaged—and a wedding isn’t the only special event in their future. Nervous but excited, Camryn can’t wait to begin the rest of her life with Andrew, a man she knows in her heart will love her always. They have so much to look forward to—until tragedy blindsides them.

    Andrew doesn’t understand how this could happen to them. He’s trying to move on, and thought Camryn was doing the same. But when Andrew discovers Camryn is secretly harboring a mountain of pain and attempting to numb it in damaging ways, there is nothing he won’t do to bring her back to life. Determined to prove that their love can survive anything, Andrew decides to take Camryn on a new journey filled with hope and passion. If only he can convince her to come along for the ride…

    Author Bio

    J.A. Redmerski, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas with her three children, two cats and a Maltese. She is a lover of television and books that push boundaries and is a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

    The Edge of Always Tour graphic


    I hear the water from the shower shut off, and seconds later a loud bang vibrates through the wall. I jump up from the chair, letting the remote control hit the floor as I rush toward the bathroom. The edge of the coffee table clips the shit outta my shin as I pass.

    I swing open the bathroom door. “What happened?”

    Camryn shakes her head at me and smiles as she leans over to pick the hair dryer up from the floor beside the toilet.

    I breathe a sigh of relief.

    “You’re more paranoid than I am,” she laughs.

    She glances down at my leg as I rub it with my fingertips. She sets the hair dryer back on the counter, comes up to me, and kisses the side of my mouth. “Looks like I’m not the one of us who needs to worry about being accident-prone.” She smiles.

    My hands cup her shoulders and I pull her closer, letting one hand fall down to touch her little rounded belly. I can barely tell she’s pregnant. At four months I thought she’d at least be emulating a baby hippo, but what do I know about this stuff?

    “Maybe so,” I say, trying to hide the red in my face. “You probably did that on purpose just to see how fast I could get in here.”

    She kisses the other side of my mouth and then goes in for the kill, kissing me fully and deeply while pressing her wet, naked body against mine. I moan against her mouth, wrapping my arms around her.

    But then I pull away before I fall into her devious trap. “Dammit, woman, you’ve gotta stop that.”

    She grins back at me. “You really want me to stop?” she asks with that up-to-no-good smile of hers.

    It scares the shit out of me when she does that. Once after a conversation laced with that smile, she stopped having sex with me for three whole days. Worst three days of my life.


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    Two Wrongs, One Right by Katee Robert

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    Two Wrongs, One Right by Katee Robert

    Favorite Quotes

    “It’s okay, baby. You don’t have to beg. I’m more than willing to kiss every single fucking inch of you.”
    “Get your rest. Because you’re going to wake up to my tongue on you, and the first word out of your mouth is going to be my name as you come.”
    “I want you like this, with your hands on me, while I ride you until we both come.”

    No-Spoiler Extended Excerpt

    The hostess waited until they were seated and turned yet another smile Nathan’s way. “Your server will be with you shortly. Let me know if there’s anything you need in the meantime.” She shut the sliding doors, keeping strong eye contact the entire time. Subtle.

    Chelsea gave a distinctly unfeminine snort. “Classy.”

    There was that jealous streak again. He liked it. “Not interested.”

    “Don’t miss an opportunity on my account.” The smile she gave him was faker than the French manicure on her nails. “I’m sure there’s a storage closet or handicap stall or somewhere equally private for you to peel her out of that Spandex skirt.”

    He moved seats so he sat kitty-corner to her instead of across the table. Then he leaned forward. “Want to know a secret?”

    “By all means.”

    He waited until she was within touching distance to say, “The only person I have any intention of peeling out of her clothes tonight is you.”

    Her eyes went wide, and she straightened so fast he was a little worried she’d get whiplash. “That’s not funny.”

    “Neither is you thinking I’d actually consider another woman when you’re in the room.” Or at any other time. It was Chelsea for him. It always had been. No one else would do.

    “If it’d make you rest easier, I can wait in the car.”

    Christ, she wasn’t going to let this go, was she? The anger he’d never quite gotten a handle on shot back to the surface. “Do you know what I want to do to you before the weekend is out? Hell, what I want to do to you right now?”

    She went pale, and then red. “Stop it.”

    He kept his voice low because the server could appear at any time but made sure she heard every single word. “I want to go down on my knees in front of you—I’m dying to see what’s under that dress—and then I want to drag your panties down your legs, slowly, prolonging it, teasing you the way you like it.”

    “Nathan, please.” She pressed a hand to her chest, which only served to draw attention to the fact her breathing had increased. As if he needed more indication than the flush of desire spreading over her skin.

    “I want to spread your legs, looping your knees over the arms of your chair, leaving you wide open. Then I want to just look at you.” His cock was so hard it was damn near painful. He could picture exactly what he’d described. They’d never done anything exactly like this before, but he knew Chelsea’s body nearly as well as his own. He knew her desires, knew she liked it when he took charge, though they’d been so inexperienced when they first made love, they hadn’t explored it in any detail.

    Eight years of fantasies had given him plenty of material and ideas for expanding their experiences. Now he just had to wait until she begged him for it.

    He waited a few seconds to see if she’d protest again, but she watched him with wide amber eyes filled with apprehension and need. Nathan slipped his hand under hers and played over her knuckles with his thumb. The touch was on the far side of innocent, but she made a faint sound that was an awful lot like a moan.

    “After I look my fill, making you wait for me, I want to touch you like this, starting at each ankle and working my way slowly up your legs. You’d be shaking by then, needing me the same way I need you right now. Ready to die if I don’t touch you where you’re so fucking wet for me.”

    The door slid open and Chelsea pulled her hand out of his. Nathan wanted to curse at the server for making an appearance, but then he looked at Chelsea again. She was frazzled, her hand shaking as she reached for her water. He ordered for both of them, needing the fucking server gone. From the look of relief on her face, she thought this was the end of it.

    She was so goddamn wrong.

    [box_light]Books in the Come Undone series
    Book 1: Wrong Bed, Right Guy
    Book 2: Chasing Mrs. Right
    Book 3: Two Wrongs, One Right


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