Five Card Studs by Madison Faye

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Five Card Studs by Madison Faye

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Slowly, we stand, holding her tight and sandwiching her tight between us. I kiss her slowly, letting her taste her own sweetness on my lips and groaning as she kisses me harder for it. “Okay, what was that?” She gasps, a huge smile on her face as she buries it in my broad chest. “That, beautiful, was just us getting started.
I needed to mark you,” he growls, grinning at me as he slowly kisses me deeply. “The five us do share, but for now —for this moment —you’re mine.” I melt into him, and I’m opening my lips to kiss him when suddenly, I freeze. “I’m sorry, did you just say five?” Vince grins, his brows arching wickedly. “Me, Gaige, Dane, Noah, and Luke. The five us are closer than brothers, and also the co-owners of Lume.” There are five of them. My pulse skips a naughty, dirty beat as his eyes burn right into mine. “There are five us that own this place, Tess. And we all share everything.

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