The Do-Over by Julie Richman

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The Do-Over by Julie Richman

This was a man who knew how to use his cock, for his pleasure and for mine, and at that moment, the only thing I cared about was coming and coming hard.




Henry’s End by Julie A Richman

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Henry’s End by Julie A Richman

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“Ah, a southern gentleman.”  It was hard to speak with a long, hard cock rubbing slowly against his own. “An officer and a gentleman?” Henry questioned.
Throwing his head back with laughter, “Don’t ever expect me to be a gentle man with you.”
“We love who we love. It may not make sense to anyone else.  It doesn’t need to.  It may not even make sense to you.  It doesn’t have to.”
“I think you are the single best thing that has ever happened in my life.  Seriously.  And I want to know what it feels like to have you buried in me.”


Henry was deeply ensconced in his own head, making resolutions about moving on, not paying attention to his surroundings, or seeing the man, as he approached his car. He was leaning against the hood, his thick muscled arms folded across his chest. Calm, cool, collected, in charge and so damn freaking handsome.

“Your place?” was all he said.

Henry felt the sharp stab in his heart as his adrenal glands shot a release of hormones into his blood stream. Shaking his head no, he was shocked at how cool and calm his voice sounded, when he was anything but, “No. I don’t think so. You haven’t even bought me a drink yet.”

Walking around the big Marine to the driver’s side, Henry hit the remote, unlocking the door.

With a palm to the solar plexus to stop him, “Where are you going?” the Marine asked.

“Home,” Henry was very matter-of-fact.

“I thought you wanted me to buy you a drink?”

Stepping around the Marine, Henry opened the door to his black BMW and got in. “I do…” and he closed the door and started the engine.

Rolling down the window, he added with a smile, “… on Sunday.” Gunning the Beamer’s engine, he left the Marine in the dusty parking lot with a smile on his handsome face.

Well played, Henry congratulated himself. Let him ache for me as much as I’ve been aching for him.


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Moore Than Forever by Julie Richman

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Moore Than Forever by Julie Richman

Favorite Quote

“Now get on all fours, woman, like you promised, so that I can fuck the living shit out of you.”


[box_light]3rd in the Needing More Series
1: Searching for Moore ★★★★★
2: Moore to Lose ★★★★★
3: Moore Than Forever

Searching for Moore Certified Favorite Moore to Lose Certified Favorite[/box_light]


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Moore to Lose by Julie Richman

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Moore to Lose by Julie Richman

Favorite Quotes

“I think you should kiss me,” she whispered back.
With his lips against hers, “I think I should ravage you.”
“Yeah, that too.”
“I have wanted to fuck you for so long,” he growled into her ear, “by the time the sun comes up there will be no doubt in your mind who you belong to.”
[box_light]2nd in the Needing Moore Trilogy
1: Searching for Moore
2: Moore to Lose
3: Untitled—early 2014 release date

Searching for Moore[/box_light]

Searching for Moore by Julie Richman

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Searching for Moore by Julie Richman

Favorite Quotes

“I love getting you hard,” she smiled at him.
“You have quite the knack for it,” he was gasping.
She tightened as hard as she could with each of his deep thrusts. “Pussy hug,” she said, with a devil grin.

Searching for Moore Quote

[box_light]1st in the Needing Moore series
1: Searching for Moore
2: Moore to Lose ★★★★★
3: Untitled—Unknown Release
(These are not standalone books; they are meant to be read as a series.)

Moore to Lose[/box_light]

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