Bottoms Up by Holly Renee

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Bottoms Up by Holly Renee

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“What’s your idea of a perfect guy?” She practically sighed as she said it.

“Well he has to be hot, preferably a six pack, sweeps me off my feet, is alpha enough to piss me off just a little bit, and then he will fuck me like a champion and make it all better again.”

“You just described one of your book boyfriends.” 

“How could I not see him?” I plopped on the bed and a few pillows fell to the floor. “He is so hot. He looks like dirty sex.”


I leaned up on my elbows to look at her.

“You know what I mean. He looks like he would just be straight up dirty sex. He would be the one to tie you up and make you beg for him to spank your ass.” She pointed her finger at me. “And I promise you, we would beg.”

It’s taking everything inside me not to throw you up against the wall and fuck you. I want to trace every fucking inch of your skin with my tongue.
He wrapped his hand in my hair, pulling my head back, forcing my back to arch almost to the point of pain. His other hand dug into my hip. His fingers pressed into my skin, branding me. My legs shook as he pounded into me. My breath ragged. My heart raced. 


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