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Sophie’s Voice by Helen Hardt

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Sophie’s Voice by Helen Hardt

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God help her, she had become a slave to her own lust . . . and she was enjoying it.
Yes, this man had power over her. But she had the same power over him. She drew in a breath, embracing the power.
His palm came down on her arse again, and then again. As the sting metamorphosed into pleasure, she shattered again, all the time his fingers pumping in and out of her wet channel.

The Sex and the Season Series Reading Order

  1. Lily and the Duke
  2. Rose In Bloom
  3. Lady Alexandra’s Lover
  4. Sophie’s Voice

The Professional by Kresley Cole

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The Professional by Kresley Cole

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The Professional Quote

“When a woman singles me out”—he leaned down to murmur at my ear—“it’s because she wants to get fucked. She looks at the scars and tattoos and knows she’ll get fucked hard.”
 “Why do you insist on calling me pet?”

“Maybe because you make a man want to collar and keep you.”

“It made you happy, to be used by me?”

Perhaps not so promising. I raised my brows with amusement. “I orgasmed three times; you did once. Who’s using whom, Siberian?”

“How the hell do you call Russia from Greece? It’s like trying to figure out rela-fucking-tivity. And still, I gave it several shots. Of Ouzo. Seriously, you have no idea how much your situation is affecting me. I’ve been stress-eating my way across Greece.”

I frowned. “You don’t stress-eat—”

“Cock, Natalie. I was stress-eating cock. There, you made me say it, happy now?”


The Game Maker Series Reading Order

  1. The Professional
  2. The Master

Radiance (Wraith Kings Book 1) by Grace Draven

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Radiance (Wraith Kings Book 1) by Grace Draven

Favorite Quotes

“I will not shame you with my fear, Brishen,” she whispered against his neck.  He sighed into her hair.  “But I might shame you with mine, wife.”
“I will conquer kingdoms for you if you but ask it of me, Ildiko.”  She pulled away enough to meet his smiling gaze, her own mouth turning up.  “Just defeat the pie without either of us getting stung, husband.  I’ll be satisfied.”
“I am no poet possessing honeyed words,” he said.  “But you have always known me to be forthright with you… I want you, Ildiko.  Want to sink so deep into you that neither of us will know where one ends and the other begins.”

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The Light Within: A Winter’s Tale
Entreat Me



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Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

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Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

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“Oh, God,” I groaned.  “I fucking hate you.”  Why couldn’t he wait?  I wanted to feel his skin. “As long as you fucking fuck me, I don’t care.”
He kept tapping at my shell like I was an egg he needed to crack.  And while I constantly felt like goo that would spill everywhere if not protected by my hard outer armor, he made me feel like I didn’t need it.  Like he was going to take care of everything. 
“Tonight you will be on your knees,” he whispered, kissing me, “and I’m going to like the sound of you shutting up.  Now, get out there and make me jealous.”

Other Stories by Penelope Douglas

Bully: The Fall Away Series

R-Rated Excerpt


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Penelope Douglas is the author of the New York Times bestselling Fall Away series. She has her Masters of Science in Education from Loyola University in New Orleans and she currently lives in Las Vegas with her family.

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Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

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Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

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“I’m still not fuckin’ you on your couch.  Not now.  Now the first time.” He grinned at me. “Maybe the third.”
He started moving, suspended over me, slow and steady but with his leverage, deep.
Oh, yes.  “More,” I begged.
“Wrap your legs around my thighs,” he ordered.  I did as told.  “Now just take me.”
“Don’t start playin’ new games when you’re already winning the one you’re in.”
“Keep bein’ sweet you’re gonna get fucked, not slow and gentle, hard.  You’re tired, you wanna go to sleep, you gotta shut up.”

Chaos Reading Order

  1. Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel  ←Sale 99¢
  2. Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel
  3. Ride Steady (Chaos)
  4. Walk Through Fire (Chaos)


Kristen Ashley

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The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert

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The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert

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He pushed into her in one smooth move, bringing them as close as two people could possibly be, stealing her breath and her heart along with it.
“You consume me, angel.  It’s the most welcome kind of distraction, but I can’t get through an hour without thinking about you.  Thinking about this.”  He dragged his tongue over her center, circling her clit.
“Marry me, angel.  Today.  Right now.”  He took her hand. “Say yes and I’ll spend the rest of my days doing my damnedest to protect you from harm and make you happy.”



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In Bed with Mr. Wrong (Entangled Brazen) (Out of Uniform Book 1)
Meeting His Match (Entangled Lovestruck) (Match Me Series)
Mistaken by Fate (Entangled Brazen) (Serve)
The High Priestess (Entangled Select) (Sanctify) ←99¢

Katee Robert

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Asa by Jay Crownover

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Asa by Jay Crownover

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He might have been a criminal in the past, but now I was the one that wanted to steal something from him and keep it for my own . . . he was going to put up a fight once he realized I was after his heart.  After all, it was my job to capture the bad guy . . . only this one I wasn’t planning on letting go.
“I like that you obviously want for me to be better than I am but you’re willing to settle for what’s right in front of you.  And I really, really like that even though we both know you deserve so much better, I’m the one you want.”

Marked Men Series Reading Order

  1. Rule
  2. Jet
  3. Rome
  4. Nash
  5. Rowdy
  6. Asa


Built: Saints of Denver: Sayer & Zeb

Soaring by Kristen Ashley

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Soaring by Kristen Ashley

Favorite Quotes

I caught his eyes and when I did, he muttered, “She’s cute, a smartass, makes great brownies and swallows.”  “Is this a stamp of approval?” I asked.  “Like you don’t know a man gets off on a woman who takes all of him in her mouth.”
“All my life,” I whispered, “I was the girl who everyone thought had everything or could get it.  But the only thing I ever wanted was a man like you.  You’re the best man I’ve ever met, Mickey Donovan. . . . And you’re mine.”
“Why is it when you’re a smartass I wanna fuck you more than I normally wanna fuck you?”
“And in return, I’ll try to be more understanding.” He smiled back but his was different.  His was sexy.  “You could.  Or you could get pissed, stick up for yourself, get in my face, be a smartass and earn yourself a couple of orgasms.”

Magdalene Series Reading Order

The Will (The Magdalene Series Book 1)
Soaring (The Magdalene Series Book 2)

Kristen Ashley

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Deep by Kylie Scott

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Deep by Kylie Scott

Favorite Quotes

One of those big hands ran over his short hair and I swear my sex wept in gratitude at the sight. I was out of control. If he fondled his beard I might faint.
He ground his face into me, eating me, going wild, and it felt fucking amazing. Mind-blowing, breath-stealing. Everything. I got it now. Beards were the best. His tongue was like a lick of heat, his lips silken smooth and so damn strong. That beard, however. Holy shit. Too many sensations, too much, and all I could do was take it.
His chest was so pretty. So hard and big and stuff, it made my IQ drop to my shoe size. Everything about him did. The bearded sex machine turned me into a stuttering fool. Sad but true.
“You got my dick on a leash. Might as well have the rest of me.”
“No touching yourself,” he ordered in a low, gruff voice. “Getting you off is my job now. You need me, call. Get to you as soon as I can, okay?”

Stage Dive Series Reading Order

  1. Lick
  2. Play
  3. Lead
  4. Deep

Taken by a Dragon by Felicity Heaton

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Taken by a Dragon by Felicity Heaton

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Fire burned through her, as if he breathed it into her with each sweep of his lips across hers.
She moaned and arched into him, and he groaned as she welcomed his dominance and surrendered to him.  The knowledge that she enjoyed being at his mercy only increased the ferocity of his need to master her and show her that she was his now.
Dragons fiercely guarded that which they owned.  Anais had done the impossible and had taken a dragon’s most precious possession.

She had stolen his heart. 

Eternal Mates Reading Order

  1. Kissed by a Dark Prince   ←4 Stars Sale: 99¢ 
  2. Claimed by a Demon King  ←4 Stars
  3. Tempted by a Rogue Prince
  4. Hunted by a Jaguar
  5. Craved by an Alpha
  6. Bitten by a Hellcat


Anais kept her eyes closed, feigning sleep and struggling with her thoughts. She had to do this. It didn?t matter that she was beginning to feel she really was safe here, in this cave with Loke. It didn?t matter that she felt as if she was growing closer to her dragon companion, or that they had opened up to each other to a degree. All that mattered was returning to her world.

She didn?t belong here.

She needed to get back to Sable and the others and find out what had happened to them.

She needed to know they were all okay.

Even though the thought of leaving Loke made a recess of her heart ache.

She listened to Loke moving around the cave. He had already started the fire again. That had roused her from sleep. She mentally cursed herself for falling asleep when she had meant to just pretend. She had a faint sensation that she had been pretending, and that Loke had come to her, and then she had been dreaming.

Maybe she had dreamed it all.

The light touch of his fingers on her face. The way they gently stroked her cheek. The soft words he had murmured in his unfamiliar tongue.

It had all been a dream.

She felt sure of it.

He moved away and she cracked an eye open, watching him heading into the tunnels with his wooden torch. When the light from it disappeared, she made her move.

Anais sprang to her bare feet and ran to the mouth of the cave, flinching every time she trod on a pebble. She had taken her boots off last night to aid her in her recon mission. She had to move silently to avoid rousing Loke. Every non-human species she had met had heightened senses. Hearing being the most sensitive. She couldn?t have moved quietly enough in her boots. She was having enough trouble moving quietly with bare feet. Another pebble bit into the sole of her left one and she grimaced and hopped a few steps, giving it time to recover.

The ledge came into view and her heart rocketed, thundering against her chest. She was just going to have a look. That was all. There was no need to get nervous. Her palms sweated and she rubbed them on her black t-shirt. Just a glimpse and then she would go back to the fire. She just wanted to see what was out there.

She glanced back into the cave, afraid of Loke finding her gone. She didn?t want him to see what she was doing. She didn?t want him to be upset with her and she knew he would be. He would feel as if she had betrayed him by breaking her vow, and that didn?t sit right with her. Not anymore.

She slowed to a halt at the edge of the ledge and stared down at the dizzying drop to the sweeping cragged side of the black mountain below. It was at least three hundred feet. She swung her gaze left, studying the mountains that formed a wall around the valley.

Harsh black rock as far as her eyes could see.

Bleak against the dark grey sky of Hell

It was incredible. Formidable.

There was no way she was going to be able to climb up the mountain. It rose sharply from the cave?s ledge, rising up into a jagged peak. Other obsidian peaks met it further down, blending into the most dangerous set of mountains she had ever seen. Not even the world?s best climbers could scale them. She would have to go down into the valley.

Even that looked as if it was going to be easier said than done. Around a thousand feet down the mountain, the dark green trees began. They were strange and gnarled, with only a bare covering of leaves. Anais couldn?t help thinking that they looked like something right out of a movie, liable to come alive and capture her with their branches. Those branches were tangled together, forming a thick canopy. She couldn?t tell how tall the trees were from this height, or what the ground looked like.

Or whether there was ground down there and not a swamp filled with dangerous creatures just waiting to eat an unsuspecting mortal like her.

The trees seemed endless too. They covered the valley floor, from the furthest point she could see off to her left, to the end of her vision off to her right.

Anais realised something as she looked at the trees.

The valley had no open ends.

The black mountains rose to block it on all sides.

If she was going to leave, she was going to have to ascend one of the peaks and hope that she chose the right one. If she chose wrong, she could be faced with another valley, or worse.

Anais let thoughts of escape drift away.

There was no way to escape.

No need either.

She knew Loke better now and she felt sure that he would keep his promise. He would take her back to the Third Realm. If he didn?t, she would try her luck with the mountains and the forest that looked as if it might try to eat her. Until then, she would trust that he was going to fulfil his vow to her.

She stepped back from the ledge, determined to return to the fire before Loke found her gone.

A sudden rush of air swept down the mountainside, pushing her forwards. She grabbed her hair as it covered her face, wrestling the tangled golden ribbons back so she could see where she was going and wouldn?t fall off the ledge. Another blast of wind came.

Something clamped around her waist.

Anais gasped and tried to turn, sure that it was Loke behind her.

The black ground dropped away and she looked down instead, her eyes widening and a bolt of fear piercing her heart. Huge red scaly talons held her around her waist and legs, each thicker than her body. Glossy black claws pressed dangerously close to her skin and she did the only thing she could think of as her mind shut down and she realised with horror that it wasn?t Loke who had her.

She screamed.

The dragon bellowed in response to her shriek and shook her, rattling her right down to her bones and making her ache all over. She bit her tongue to stop herself from crying out and tried to prise the beast?s claws off her as her survival instincts kicked in. She would take a long drop to a swift death over being stolen by another dragon.

Anais attacked as best she could, alternating between punching the dragon?s talons and trying to get her fingers under its scales. She was going to yank the damned things off and make it hurt. The dragon kept flying, enormous dark red leathery wings beating the air, carrying them higher above the mountains.

The world beyond them came into view and Anais?s heart plummeted.

Nothing but more mountains and valleys for hundreds of miles.

If she had run away from Loke, she would have died out there. She never would have reached Sable and the others.

She wasn?t going to reach them now either.

She looked up at the huge red dragon that held her. The great beast kept its large golden eyes on the distance but opened its crocodilian jaw, revealing rows of deadly long white fangs as it roared again.

An answering roar came this time.


Anais looked back towards the cave but saw only the barbed tip of the red dragon?s tail. The valley was so far away already, too distant for her to make anything out, but not far enough for her not to realise with disappointment that Loke wasn?t coming after her.

There was no blue dragon chasing them.

Anais ignored how her heart stung and went back to hitting the dragon?s paw, using both of her fists this time. She didn?t let up until the dragon dropped lower in the air as they swept over another mountain range.

Her hands fell to resting on the dragon?s talon as she stared down at the clearing below. Round stone huts filled most of the space, with what looked like an arena carved into the mountain beyond them and a large flat tract of land left open at the end of the village closest to her. Anais realised it was the dragon equivalent of a landing strip when the red beast holding her touched down there.

The second it set her down and released her, she turned on it, launching punches against anything she could reach. Two bare-chested men rushed forwards from a broad path between the thatched black stone huts and grabbed hold of her, pulling her away from the dragon. She fought them too, wrestling against their hold, even when she knew it was futile. They were far too strong for her.

The one to her left, a man with silver hair, muttered something in their language and his companion, a green-haired younger male, responded, a grin curving his lips and revealing sharp white teeth.

She stared at the dragon as it began to transform, waiting for it to turn into a red-haired man.

It was a woman.

A very beautiful woman with flame red hair.

Mahogany leather trousers formed over her legs and she twirled her hair up, tying it in a knot at the back of her head. Anais waited for another garment to appear over her ample breasts but nothing happened.

A golden dragon circled lazily above them, bright against the dark sky, and snorted. The woman looked up at the beast, her expression souring, and motioned for the men to follow her.

The men grunted and marched Anais into the village.

The moment they were clear of the landing strip, the golden dragon touched down.

She looked back at it and it stared right at her, its elliptical pupils stretching thin as it eyed her. It wasn?t as beautiful as Loke had been.

Her captor stormed ahead of her and her guards, still topless. When they entered the main area of the village, Anais realised that it wasn?t just her captor who was flashing her upper body. Every female she could see wore only trousers.

Every male she could see on the broad streets between the rows of huts stared at her, eyeing her in a way that made her skin crawl. She didn?t like how they looked at her. Fascinated. Awestruck. Hungry. When Loke looked at her that way, she found it appealing, but with these men, she only felt a deep need to flee.

To escape.

She had the feeling she had made a grave mistake by disobeying Loke and she was going to pay for it.

The men halted, jerking her to a stop with them, and she looked ahead of her, towards a larger round building that stood on a high solid black stone platform at the other end of an open square.

A golden-haired male lounged on an obsidian throne in front of the thatched hut, cragged mountains his grim backdrop. His large hands rested over the ornate ends of the arms of the throne and his deep bronze leathers stretched tight over long powerful legs that were spread, giving him a relaxed and easy-going appearance that his sharp golden gaze contradicted.

This man knew everything that was happening around him without even needing to look to confirm it.

Was he the dragon equivalent of a king?

About Felicity Heaton

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

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Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

Favorite Quotes

“You don’t need another dad.  You don’t need brothers.  But honey, everyone needs a family.  You let us in and we can be that family.  Not the same as the old one – never be the same as the old one – but a family all the same.”
I just want him to fuck me until there’s no more of the past.  I want him to take it away and replace it with something new and beautiful.
I slid down and closed my lips around him.  I’m sucking like he’s the last lollipop on earth and I’m a starved candy addict.

Check out more of Bella’s work:

SL Teaser 5

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Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

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Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Favorite Quotes

If you tell me you don’t want me, I’m going to demand you give me your panties to prove they’re not damp.
“I want to crowd you,” he said, leaning back in his chair but maintaining the intimacy of the eye contact. “I want to pin you under me and fuck you hard, then I want to slam you up against pretty much every wall in this place. After which I want to bend you over my desk, my bed, this table. For starters.”
Tasting her lips, he licked his tongue over hers before kissing a path down her lusciously sensitive throat.  “You taste like my woman,” he said as she moaned.
“As long as I can throw you on the bed like a caveman and pummel you to orgasm with my love-club, I’m good.”  Her shoulders shook, a little snort escaping her as she said, “I am not laughing.”

Series Reading Order

1. Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss Book 1)  ← 5 Stars
1.5 Rock Courtship: A Rock Kiss Novella  ←4.5 Stars


nalini bio

1. Which of your characters do you love most? Or maybe which character resonates with you the most. Why?
This is such a hard question for me to answer. I truly don’t have favorites – or if I do, it tends to be the protagonists of the book which I’m currently writing. They get all my focus, which I think is as it should be – it’s their turn to shine in the spotlight.
2. Which of your heroines (or heroes) would you like to be for a day? What would you do?
I think it would be a blast to be Elena for a day – to clarify, this would be a calm, sunny day when no one is trying to kill Elena. I’d just fly around New York, sweep past the skyscrapers and above the Hudson, and maybe play a game of angel baseball with the others!
3. Is there one type of genre you’d love to write but feel daunted trying it out? (Sci-fi, Fantasy, NA, BDSM, etc)
I LOVE reading historicals, but the idea of doing all that research is slightly terrifying. Still, you never know! Maybe one day, I’ll face the fear and give it a go.
4. How did you come up with the idea of calling Gabriel, “T-Rex?”
It just happened as I was writing. I was in Charlotte’s head – some of her thoughts are just hilarious. She might be a mouse on the surface, but she’s got this bright, sharp mind. And at some point, she just muttered how Gabriel was a T-Rex rampaging through the company and boom, that was it.
5. Do you have any authors that are go-to for you, you’ll 1-Click no matter what?
Oh, absolutely!! JD Robb, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Laura Florand are just three of my auto-buy authors who I’ve read recently. I have so many more – I’m a total lifelong bookworm.
6. You started writing contemporary and then branched into PnR. What do you like about writing one genre over the other?
I enjoy them both and have actually always written both, even if one was in the background. Overall, it depends more on the idea than the genre – for example, when I got the idea for what became my first paranormal series (Psy-Changeling), it was so powerful that it consumed me in the best way. The same with the Guild Hunter series, and now with the Rock Kiss series. When I sit down to write, I think about the stories that are compelling me – and then I just go with it.

7. Have you had any crazy/funny/bizarre typos when writing a sex scene?  I.e. Forgot where limbs were in previous paragraph, environment changed mid-scene, etc.

Hmm… *goes into memory vault* I can’t actually remember any really bad ones, but you know, that could be because I’ve erased them from the memory banks! The only one I can recall is a clothing mishap where I skipped the hero/heroine taking off certain important items of clothing. That was in an early draft though, so I caught it fairly early on (phew!).


Charlotte arrived at work at seven-thirty the next morning to find Gabriel Bishop’s office door open, but no carnivorous predator inside. A fresh suit was hanging on the back of his door, however, which meant he’d been in already.

Deciding to catch up on e-mails that had come in overnight from international suppliers as well as stores involved in a stock take, she was typing a reply when a sweaty Gabriel arrived fifteen minutes later. He was dressed in black running shorts and a faded University of Auckland T-shirt that was currently sticking to his body.

She’d known he was in shape, but now she realized none of it was an illusion created by his well-cut suits. Okay, she’d already known that, but seeing his muscled body in the flesh was a whole different ball game. He was built like a tank, hard and powerful.

Each of his thighs was thicker than both of hers put together, his biceps toned, his shoulders appearing even wider than usual. Everything about him was big. Civilized clothing didn’t make him look better, she realized—it toned down his intense masculinity. Out of his suits, with the ink on the upper part of his left arm exposed, as well as that on his opposing thigh and…

Her skin hot and lower body clenching, she just nodded in response to his “Good morning.”

Disappearing into his office, he returned with his suit pants and a fresh shirt slung over his arm, along with a sports bag. “Push the meeting with Sales to nine, will you, Ms. Baird? I need to talk to HR about something before then.”

“Yes, sir,” Charlotte said almost soundlessly, but he was already gone, heading toward the employee shower one floor down.

The thigh tattoo went all the way around, the design intricate.

Heart rate a rapid stutter, Charlotte got up after he disappeared and decided to go grab him a coffee. He’d bought her one yesterday after all. She was just being nice. “Oh, shut up, Charlotte,” she muttered once she was in the elevator, and slumped her face into an upraised hand.

The truth was she was running away. Only for a few minutes, but that’s what this was: strategic retreat. Gabriel Bishop was overwhelming. Once, before she’d ever met him and under the influence of cocktails, she’d told Molly she wanted to rip off his shirt and sink her teeth into his pecs.

That desire hadn’t waned even now that she knew he was a T-Rex. Of course, the desire was all strictly in her imagination. The idea of actually handling him in real life? So impossible as to be laughable. Charlie-mouse was not about to play with a predator who could eat her alive and not even notice the bones. The good news was that she could admire him in relative safety—there was no chance in hell he’d ever notice her as a woman.

Getting the coffee from a nearby café, she took it back upstairs. He was in his office when she entered, the striped dark gray of his tie hanging around his neck and his damp hair roughly combed. The scent of clean, fresh soap over warm skin permeated the office. Shooting her a smile that turned him from gorgeous to flat-out devastating, he flipped up the collar of his white shirt to get the tie in place. “Thank you, Ms. Baird.”

Nodding, Charlotte escaped, though she really wanted to stay. She’d never realized how erotic it was to watch a man dress until this precise moment. And she shouldn’t be having these thoughts about her boss—especially since she couldn’t keep from quivering like a rabbit in his presence. Sometimes she just annoyed herself.

“Get to work,” she muttered and knuckled down.

Gabriel was fine for the first hour, but then he began barking orders even a six-armed woman with a split personality would have had trouble handling.

Finally, pushed to the edge, Charlotte snapped. “I’m going as fast as I can!” she yelled when he asked her for something a minute after he’d asked her to complete another task.

He scowled and held out a file. “This is a priority.”

Grabbing it from his hand, she said, “Fine,” and slapped it down on her desk.

It was over an hour later that he disappeared for ten minutes. When he returned, it was to put a small bakery box on her desk. “I think you need something to sweeten your mood today, Ms. Baird.”

What she needed was for the T-Rex who was her boss to stop snarling and growling, she thought as he returned to his office. Not opening the box until her curiosity had almost killed her, she found it held a slice of decadent chocolate cake with a white-chocolate ganache topped with curls of both white and milk chocolate. “I cannot be bribed with cake,” she muttered, eating a bite nonetheless.

Full two-chapter excerpt available on Nalini’s Website: http://nalinisingh.com/rockhard.php

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His To Take by Shayla Black

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His To Take by Shayla Black

Favorite Quotes

The way he looked at her right now, as if he would part the seas and scorch the earth just to reach her, made Bailey’s heart catch.
“You’re in so much trouble, baby girl.  I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this and make sure you do, too.  I won’t rest until I’ve wrung every ounce of pleasure from your body.”
Christ, his chest felt like it was going to burst.  His heart filled with something he couldn’t explain.  The rest of him swelled with pride because tonight he wasn’t just a man, but the man she needed.
“Sometimes, when you feel like your world is spinning out of control, it’s so comforting to hand yourself over to a man you know will help you relieve your troubles.”
Thorpe pointed out, looking at Callie like her ass was grass and he was the lawnmower.

Wicked Lovers Series Reading Order

Character Inspirations for a couple of our favorite books

Decadent - Character Inspiration

Ours To Love - Character Inspiration 

Belong To Me - Character Inspiration

Wicked Lovers Playlist

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Point of Surrender by Stacey Lynn

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Point of Surrender by Stacey Lynn

Favorite Quotes

I wanted to sully her – spread her out on my sheets and lick her sweet pussy until she shattered beneath the weight of my hands that pinned her to the bed.
And then I decided that Finn wasn’t worth all this crap.  He wasn’t nice unless his tongue was in my mouth, and even then it came filled with the taste of regret.
“Never had a taste of beauty.  Never wanted it.  I’m the kind of man who would destroy it, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do what we did today all over again, either.  Which is what makes me an asshole you should be staying away from.”

Series Reading Order

  1. Point of Return (The Nordic Lords Book 1)
  2. Point of Redemption (The Nordic Lords MC Book 2) ←4 Stars
    3. Point of Freedom (The Nordic Lords MC Book 3)  ←4.5 Stars

Stacey Lynn

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One to Leave by Tia Louise

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One to Leave by Tia Louise

Favorite Quotes

“I saw you and my soul came to life inside me.  All the reasons no one was ever good enough made sense.  They weren’t you.”
So much emotion filled his voice, it ached joy in my chest.  “Be sure to thank your soul for wanting my broken one.”  “You weren’t broken.  You only needed a safe place to run free.” 

One to Hold Series

  1. One to Hold   ⇐ FREE
  2. One to Keep (One to Hold Book 2)
  3. One to Protect (One to Hold Book 3)
  4. One to Love (One to Hold Book 4)



“I’m not leaving,” I gasped, needing him to stop.

He didn’t stop. He gave me three more swift thrusts before holding himself deep

inside me, leaning over my shoulder as he groaned through his orgasm. He pulsed,

filling me, then growing still. My heart beat so hard, and I couldn’t move. My bones

were liquid as I lay on the bed.

Two more breaths, and he climbed onto the mattress, pulling me with him. I

couldn’t resist if I wanted to as he wrapped me in his arms, holding me against his

chest. His face was at my shoulder, buried in my hair, and he breathed deeply. We

were both panting. Holding him, I could feel his pulse at my temple.

“Stuart,” I whispered.

“You’re mine.” He rumbled against my skin. “You don’t leave me.”

My jaw clenched. I was still recovering from that blazing fuck, and I hated how

shockingly true his words were. I’d need the strength of Hercules to walk away from

him. At the same time, I knew I had to stay strong.

“But you can leave me?”

He didn’t answer. He only held me firm against his chest. Our breath swirled in

and out, mixing and mingling, and I wondered if he’d ever let me go. I wondered if I

ever wanted him to. After a few moments, he did relax. He reached down and pulled

the Indian blanket over me. Kissing my shoulder, he went to the bathroom and

closed the door.

I pulled the blanket tight around me trying to calm my swirling emotions.

One to Leave

By Tia Louise

© TLM Productions, 2014

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Four Days by Dannika Dark

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Four Days by Dannika Dark

Favorite Quotes

“Hold me like you would grains of sand, and remember how it takes so little for me to slip through your fingers.  I’ve been through so much pain in my life, and I’m careful with my heart.”
“I can’t sleep with all this around me.”  Lorenzo’s powerful arms embraced me and his heart thundered against his chest.  “Can you sleep with all this around you?”
“You are a woman to be worshipped.  I am a proud man who in all my years has never bowed to anyone.  But I would kneel before you,” he said, brushing his thumb across my cheekbone.  “You are a warrior, and in another life your spirit was a queen.”

Seven Series Reading Order

  1. Seven Years (Seven Series #1)
  2.  Six Months (Seven Series #2)
  3. Five Weeks (Seven Series #3)
  4.  Four Days (Seven Series #4)


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It was the longest

and shortest day and night of my life—one that was pressed in my memory like a

rose in a book. He said he’d never allowed a woman to stay the whole night, and

he definitely didn’t hold a woman as she slept. I also got the feeling he’d

never shown this side of himself to anyone—drawing more than just pleasure from

intimacy, but emotional comfort as well.

“Will you cuddle me

while I sleep?” I asked when he stood naked before me, drinking a bottle of


“I’m one of the most

respected Packmasters in the territory. I’ve killed men for disloyalty, and

those who follow me do so out of fear. I don’t cuddle,” was all he said.

So my Thunder Wolf

crossed his arms and lay on his back, watching me in the mirror above the bed

as I rolled on my side and went to sleep. When my breathing became heavy and he

thought I’d drifted off, he scooted close behind me and nuzzled his face

against the nape of my neck. I took more pleasure in those secret gestures than

when he kissed me while awake. I’d always known that the way a man treats a

woman when no one is watching showed his true colors, but I’d never given it

thought beyond that. There is something pure and honest in the way a man treats

a woman when he thinks she isn’t aware. It shows the kind of man he truly is.

Now I knew with

absolute certainty that despite his stony presence and arrogant superiority, he

possessed a compassionate heart. Lorenzo Church was a man with two sides to his

life, like a coin.


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Incandescent by River Savage

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Incandescent by River Savage

Favorite Quotes

“You bossed me into dating you.  Fucked me good, and then you wouldn’t leave me alone.  Now you’re stuck with me.”
My feelings for Nix are more than love.  He’s more than words.  It’s a fierce and consuming power that demands everything I have to give. . . I’ve surrendered to him, shed my shields, bared my soul, and he took it, owned me.
“Goddamn it, Nix.  Just spank me, fuck me, or lick me out.  I don’t care.  Just do something.” 

Knights Rebels MC Series

  1. Incandescent: Knights Rebels MC
  2. Affliction: Knights Rebels MC

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

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Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

Favorite Quotes

“Even if it’s to my peril, I think it’s pertinent to point out at this juncture that you’re in a serious fucking jealous rage and I haven’t even kissed you yet.”
“You opening your legs for me, call of the wild.”
I stared into Abel’s eyes as the words he sang poured into my soul, and I knew no matter what became of me, I’d live wild and free and full for the rest of my life.  Because he would give that to me.
“Oh just shut up and fuck me so we can get on with saving the world.
“I love you too, boa bei, with everything I am, and I’ll do it until the sun falls from the sky.

The Three Series Reading Order

  1. Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (The Three Series Book 1) ←Sale 99¢
  2. With Everything I Am (The Three Series Book 2)  ←Sale 99¢
  3. Wild and Free (The Three Series Book 3)

Marissa’s Extravaganza of 99¢ Deals

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Marissa’s Extravaganza of 99¢ Deals

Dear Readers,

You know what I like to do?  Help out my fellow readers find great deals.  It gives all of us here at SBC great joy when our recommendations and deals are passed on to others to enjoy.  Whether you find a new favorite author or that one awesome book that you cannot stop talking about, trust that we will help you in your pursuit.  In fact, I’d like to start with this enormous list of 99¢ books.

*Prices valid as of publishing. Verify price before purchasing.

Contemporary Romance

Just Human
Still Human (Just Human Book 2)
Afraid To Love (Secrets & Seduction Book 2)
Inception: Book 1.5 (The Destined Series)
Awakening: Book 2 (The Destined Series)
GONE – Part One (The GONE Series Book 1)
GONE – Part Two (The GONE Series Book 2)
GONE – Part Three (The GONE Series Book 3)
Hard Ride
House Of Payne: Payne
Reasonable Doubt
Thou Shalt Not
Wild Heart (The Wild Heart Series Book 1)
Never Close Enough (The Never Series Book 1)
Never Far Away (The Never Series Book 2)
Taming the Storm (The Storm Series)
Some Like It Royal (Going Royal Book 1)
Reckless (Renegades, Book 1)
Rebel (Renegades, Book 2)
Love In Rewind (Audio Fools Book 1)
Sleeping with the Boss (Entangled Lovestruck) (Anderson Brothers)
Baby & Bump (The This & That Series Book 1)
Handled 2
Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives Book 1)
Tattered Love (Needle’s Kiss Book 1)
Sweet Southern Betrayal (Entangled Indulgence) (The Boys Are Back in Town)
Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat Book 1)
Dare to Resist (Entangled Brazen) (Wedding Dare)
Within These Walls
Dear Emily (Forever Family Book 1)
Playing For Keeps (A Neighbor From Hell Series Book 1)
The 2014 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection
Reviving Haven
All of Me
Love’s Second Chance (A Second Chances Standalone Book 1)
Enemies and Playmates

Paranormal Romance

Super Hot (a Superlovin’ novella Book 3)
Highland Wolf Pact: A Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance
Seven Years (Seven Series #1)
Something Secret This Way Comes: Secret McQueen, Book 1
Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)
Hear No (Hidden Evil, #1)
Healer (The Healer Series Book 1)
Forever In Time
A Shade of Vampire
Twice The Growl (Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 1)
Medusa, A Love Story (Loves of Olympus Book 1)
Black Heart (Cursed Hearts Book 1)
Bonded (Prequel to The Mating) (Law of the Lycans Book 1)
No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It (Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance) (Grayslake Book 1)
Torrent (Rust & Relics, Book 1)
Love at Stake (Entangled Covet) (Fated Match)

New Adult Romance

Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings, #1)
Eternally North
Falling for Hadie (With Me Series Book 2)
Wrong Side of Town (With Me Series Book 3)
Just Breathe
Turning Home (A Small Town Novel Book 1)
The Replacement
Across the Ocean
In This Moment
A Long Goodbye (Southern Comfort Book 1)
Full Measures
Indulging in Irelyn (The Indulging Series Book 1)
Crash Into Me (Entangled Brazen) (Shaken Dirty)
Kill Devil Hills
Savor You (Savor Us Book 1)
Enjoy Your Stay: Sugartown #2 (Greetings From Sugartown)
Eyes Turned Skyward (Entangled Embrace)
Unraveling You (Unraveling You, #1)
Once Perfect (Shattered Past Book 1)
Loving Lawson

Romantic Suspense

Destroying Beauty (Hell Hounds Motorcycle Club): Vegas Titans Series
Made: A Sempre Novel
Unexpected Angel (Isthmus Alliance Book 1)
Secrets and Sins: Malachim (Entangled Ignite) (A Secrets and Sins series)
One Ride: Hellions Motorcycle Club (Hellions Ride Series Book 1)
Snare (Delirious book 1)
Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers Book 1)
Rules of Protection (Entangled Select) (Tangled in Texas Book 1)
The End of Me (The Single Lady Spy Series Book 1)
King’s (The King Trilogy, Book 1)
Tempting the Bodyguard (Entangled Brazen) (A Gamble Brothers Novel)
DIMITRI (Her Russian Protector #2)
First Taste of Darkness
Black Horse (Breaking Black Book 1)
The Laws of Kings

Kinky Romance

Dom Wars: 1, 2, 3
Just Gotta Say
Love Notes: A Hard Rock Harlots B-Side (Hard Rock Harlots B-Sides Book 1)
One Starry Night (Sinners on Tour Extras Book 1)
The Pet Shop – full length erotic novel (Xcite Erotic Romance Novels Book 2)
Savor Me: A Novella
Ruined: An Ethan Frost Novel
Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra Book 1)
The Darkness Within Him (The Untwisted series Book 1)
Boots Optional (Dead Heat Ranch Book 1)
Release: A Contemporary Erotic Romance (Iris Series Book 1)
HIGH (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 1)
Star Struck: Starlight Series

Historical Romance

We Roam The Seas (The Viking Dreams Series Book 1)
Beautiful Distraction (The Pleasure Wars)
The Duke’s Lady (The Ladies Series Book 1)
Bound to the Highlander (The Highland Chiefs Book 1)
Highland Solution (Duncurra Book Book 1)
Promised to the Highlander (The Highland Chiefs Series, book 2)
A Marquess for Christmas (Scandalous Seasons Book 5)
The Highlander’s Reward (The Stolen Bride Series Book 1)
The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister)
Second Chances (Chances Are Series Book 1)
Trials of Artemis: Haberdashers Book One (The Haberdashers Series 1)

M/M Romance

Crashing the Net
Before the Darkness (Refuge Inc. Book 1)
The Brokenhearted Necklace: Brokenhearted Boy (Bk 1)
The Telling
The Sergeant: A Christmas Story
Once Broken
Hearts In Chaos (Phoenix Club Book 2)
Shattered (Phoenix Club Book 3)

Boxed Sets

Steam: A Seductively Exclusive, Limited-Edition Six-pack of Steamy Romantic Novels
Intense 2
The Opening Act (Rockstar Romance) (Lost in Oblivion books 1-3)
Edge of the Heat Series Box Set Volumes 1-4
Hers Series Box Set
The Hart Family Series Box Set
Thyme Trilogy Complete Set
Inked in the Steel City Series Box Set #1: Books 1-3
For His Pleasure (Ten Book BDSM Boxed Set)
Kiss of Christmas Magic: 20 Paranormal Holiday Tales of Werewolves, Shifters, Vampires, Elves, Witches, Dragons, Fey, Ghosts, and More

Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

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Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

Favorite Quotes:

“You’re not the only one’s been lonely, Emme, hoping the right one will come along so you don’t go home to an empty house and climb into an empty bed. So you give every fuckin’ day, and what you give, I like takin’.”
“Watched my boy fall in love with a good woman, watched her give that to him in return. It’s a beautiful thing, honey. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have it or see someone have what you want. When Chace got that, I knew what I was missing.”
“And, baby,” he lifted his hand to my jaw and dropped his face closer to min, “I’m gonna figure out why. Fix what’s broke in you. Then turn my attention to givin’ you the best life I can for the rest of the time you’re on this earth breathin’.”
I’d forgotten how Jacob doing superhuman things with his big-guy strength gave me a little tingle.
“Pizza, restaurant bills, bar tabs, they’re yours,” she announced.  “Big stuff, we discuss, but I’ll have a mind to you being a protective uber-alpha just as long as you have a mind to me having taken care of myself for a while and being used to it.”

Colorado Mountain Series Reading Order — Not necessary to read in order

  1. The Gamble (Colorado Mountain) ⇐ 5 Stars
  2. Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain) ⇐ 5 Stars
  3. Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain) ⇐ 5 Stars
  4. Breathe (Colorado Mountain) ⇐ 5 Stars
  5. Jagged (Colorado Mountain)  ⇐ 5 Stars
  6. Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain) ⇐ 5 Stars




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Kristen Ashley

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