Villain by Samantha Young

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Villain by Samantha Young

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“I want you. But I don’t consider anticipation bullshit. We’re going to have lunch. And you’re going to agree to have lunch with me on Thursday. And then you’re going to agree to be my date to the Delaney Charity Ball this Saturday. After which we’ll go back to your apartment and I will happily fuck you into satisfied exhaustion.”
Just imagine people walking in while I’m on my knees licking your pussy.” His words were scratchy with arousal. “They’d condemn us but at night, they’d draw up the image of you naked, writhing on a desk with my head between your legs, and they’d get off on it, Sunshine. How could they not? You’re the sexiest thing they’d ever see in their entire lives.”
“Someone once told me fucking can be more than just fucking. Fucking, sucking, licking, pawing, grabbing, groping …” He caressed my inner thighs, heading to the ultimate destination in this scenario. “With you, it’s always making love.”