Five Card Studs by Madison Faye

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Five Card Studs by Madison Faye

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Slowly, we stand, holding her tight and sandwiching her tight between us. I kiss her slowly, letting her taste her own sweetness on my lips and groaning as she kisses me harder for it. “Okay, what was that?” She gasps, a huge smile on her face as she buries it in my broad chest. “That, beautiful, was just us getting started.
I needed to mark you,” he growls, grinning at me as he slowly kisses me deeply. “The five us do share, but for now —for this moment —you’re mine.” I melt into him, and I’m opening my lips to kiss him when suddenly, I freeze. “I’m sorry, did you just say five?” Vince grins, his brows arching wickedly. “Me, Gaige, Dane, Noah, and Luke. The five us are closer than brothers, and also the co-owners of Lume.” There are five of them. My pulse skips a naughty, dirty beat as his eyes burn right into mine. “There are five us that own this place, Tess. And we all share everything.

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The Ultimate List Of Books To Read One-Handed

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The Ultimate List Of Books To Read One-Handed

What is the one thing you want from a good smut book read?

Besides the whole being entertained thing, we want to feel tingles down below. Any old Nicolas Sparks or John Green can keep us entertained, but to get us all hot n’ bothered with just words, is a talent not every author is able to accomplish.

These are the books that accomplished that all-important feat of catching our pants on fire. When you need a guaranteed panty melter — one you’ll need extra batteries to finish — this is the ultimate list of books to read one-handed.

Featured first are some of our favorite authors’ picks of books they read one-handed. Where did they get their inspirations for some of their hottest scenes? The inspirations are right here!

(Books highlighted in red are ones I also personally recommend for enjoyable one-handed reading.)


Harper Sloan — Author of the Corps Security Series

Ella Frank — Author of the Exquisite Series; Try & Take; Blind Obsession; Veiled Innocence

CD Reiss — Author of the Songs of Submission SeriesKick & Use; Spin & Ruin

Katee Robert — Author of the A Come Undone Series; #LikeCandy Books

Ashley Pullo — Author of the Bridge Series

Gail McHugh — Author of Collide & Pulse

S. L. Jennings — Author of The Dark Light Series; Fear of Falling; Taint

Tali Alexander — Author of Love in Rewind

Tessa Bailey — Author of the Line of Duty Series; the Serve Series

Julie Jaret — Author of the Perspectives Series

Chloe Barlow — Author of Three Rivers

Thanks to your fellow Smut Muffins, here’s a massive list of more one-handed reads.

What other one-handed reads should we add to this list? Leave a comment to let us know!

The Ultimate List of Books to Read One-Handed

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