Shameless Book Con 2017: Authors Signing #Shameless17

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Shameless Book Con 2017: Authors Signing #Shameless17

An event so nice, we’re doing it twice!

Shameless Book Con 2017
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Orlando, FL – DoubleTree @ Universal

Save the date! Set your calendar! Tattoo it to your forehead!

(Note: Sarcasm is used throughout the Shameless environs. Please do not actually tattoo your forehead.)


Tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets now!

For now, we’re ready to announce some of the authors who have committed to signing at our 2nd Annual Shameless Book Con. Lucky us and lucky you, we have returning authors and some new-to-Shameless authors ready to sign their lives away!


If you’re an author interested in signing at Shameless Book Con 2017, let us know on this form.

Shameless Book Con 2017 Signing Authors

A Zavarelli
AD Justice
Alessandra Torre*
Alexa Riley
Alice Clayton*
Aly Martinez
Andrea Smith
Angel Payne
Ann Lister
Annabel Joseph*
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Avery Flynn
Becky McGraw
Brooke Blaine
BT Urruela
Callie Hart
Carly Phillips
Carmen Jenner
Carrie Ann Ryan
Cathryn Fox
Chelle Bliss
Chelsea Camaron
Clarissa Wild
Cora Carmack
Deborah Bladon
Eden Butler
Eliza Gayle
Elizabeth Hayley**
Ella Frank
Elle Christensen
Ellie Wade
Erika Wilde
Erin Nicholas
Eve Dangerfield
Felicia Fox
Gina L Maxwell
Golden Czermak
Helen Hardt
Isabella LaPearl
Jane Harvey-Berrick
Jay Crownover
Jenna Jacob
Jewel E Ann
Jillian Dodd
JL Berg
Jordan Marie
Julia Sykes
Julie A Richman
Kate Canterbary
Katee Robert
Katie Ashley
Kele Moon
Kimberly Kincaid
KM Scott
Kristen Hope Mazzola
Kym Grosso
Lara Adrian
Lauren Hawkeye
Lauren Rowe
Leddy Harper
Leisa Rayven
Lexi Blake
Lili St Germain
Liv Morris
LL Collins
Mari Carr
Marni Mann
Megan Erickson
Meghan Quinn
Melissa Collins
Meredith Wild
Mia Michelle
Mia Sheridan*
Nicole James
Nina Bocci
Nina Levine
Pam Godwin
Penelope Douglas
Red Phoenix
Renea Mason
Robin Covington
Rochelle Paige
Ruth Clampett
Ryan Michele
S.L. Scott
Samantha Chase
Samanthe Beck
Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Sara Jane Stone
Sharon Hamilton
Shayla Black
Shiloh Walker
Skye Warren
Sparrow Beckett
Stacey Kennedy
Staci Hart
Stylo Fantôme
Susan Stoker
Suzanne Wright
Terri Anne Browning
Tessa Bailey*
Tiffany Reisz*
Toni Aleo
Victoria Blue
Zoey Derrick

Showcase Authors

Ace Gray
Alexandria Sure
Alison Mello
Amber Bardan
Angera Allen
Anna Bishop Barker
Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty
Jennifer Michael
KD Robichaux
Lauren Campbell
LE Chamberlin
Leela Lou Dahlin
Lexi C. Foss
Natasha Madison
Noelle Bodhaine
SM Lumetta
Stasia Black
Stephanie St. Klaire
Tamsen Parker

Read more about Showcase Authors here!

*indicates an SBC Elite Author
**will be signing on Sunday only

See you in October!

#SBC16 on Social Media – Tag Us!

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#SBC16 on Social Media – Tag Us!

Shameless Book Con 2016 happens this weekend! We are SUPER excited. We know you are SUPER excited! And we know you are going to want to tag us all over social media, letting everyone know what a swell time you are having, meeting amazing authors, getting all the things signed, and scoring major swag and prizes.


We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Picnut. Here’s how to tag us:

Shameless Book Con on Facebook
Tag @shamelessbookcon & #SBC16

shameless-petalOur mothership, SBC
Tag @shamelessbookclub & #SBC16

And, of course, our tag our mascot, that whore Shameless Petal, if you catch a rare sighting of her dressed up and stumbling around the event, probably drunk and molesting innocent passers-by.
Tag @shamelesspetal & #SBC16

Tag @SBCon16 & #SBC16

Tag shamelessbookclub & #SBC16

Picnut is an app for picture sharing. Take pictures and upload them to the app following the instructions below and all other Shameless Book Con 2016 attendees will be able to see, ooh and ahh, and share in your joy!

Android: Download Picnut for Android
iPhone: Download Picnut for iPhone

1. Download the free app
2. Register, add the code they send you via text
3. Go into the app, click the “+” and select “Join A Collection”
4. Enter the SBC code: 253480

Feel free to tag signing authors, but please be mindful when tagging your fellow attendees in your photos. Get their permission first!

Don’t have your tickets yet? Get them here: Shameless Book Con 2016 Tickets

Shameless Book Club

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Shameless Book Club

What in the hell is going on here?

Welp, we’re reinventing ourselves a bit and are evolving into a wider-reaching community of readers.

Are we going to back off on recommending the smut you love? Heck no!

Are we going to change our pleasing personalities? Obviously not.

Then what will change, Angie? you ask.

Just the name.

It may take me a few days (weeks, months, etc) to get everything updated from “Smut Book Club” to “Shameless Book Club,” but I’ll get there.

And I hope HOPE hope everything doesn’t crumble into a heap of internet space junk in the process.

I just hope you bear with me and enjoy the same smutty, shameless book recommendations you love from us!

Shameless Book Club Square

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