Shameless Book Con: The Smut Gala Costume Contest Categories

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Shameless Book Con: The Smut Gala Costume Contest Categories

Want some direction on where to take your fantabulous costume for The Smut Gala: Paradiso vs Inferno?

These 5 categories are what you’re aiming to best!

Most Creative Interpretation of Paradiso
Sexiest Paradiso
Most Creative Interpretation of Inferno
Sexiest Inferno
Best Overall

Our sponsor, Meredith Wild, along with 3 of the Shameless Smut Fairies will be Judgey McJudgersons and pick our favorites to win prizes and bragging rights!

What prizes? Welp, I can tell you that last year, we gave out cash money, luxury vibrators, and awesome gift cards.


Need some costume ideas? Check out this helpful list we shared.

Good luck to everyone!

Protected: Shameless Book Con: Authors On-The-Rise Showcase Invitation

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Protected: Shameless Book Con: Authors On-The-Rise Showcase Invitation

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Shameless Book Con 2017: All The Things You Need To Take

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Shameless Book Con 2017: All The Things You Need To Take

All The Things You Need To Take To An Author SigningIt’s all about being prepared, friend. You don’t want to make all the plans and spend all the money it took to get to an author signing, only to realize you didn’t know you needed that one thing!

Here’s our packing list guide to all the things you need to take with you to an author signing event!

*click each heading to go down

🛒 Rolling Cart
👜 Tote Bag
🛄 Luggage
🍿 Snacks
💊 Pharmaceuticals
💵 Cash
✍🏼 Mementos
📱 Techno Accessories
📇 Business Cards
👗 Smut Gala Outfit
👚 Book-Lover T-Shirt
👟 Comfortable Shoes


🛒 Rolling Cart

We wrote about this spiffy cart for last year’s signing and it proved to be a great little way to tote your books and swag around the signing.

NOTE: As indicated on the Eventbrite page where you purchased your tickets, hard-sided carts, wagons, strollers, and luggage larger than a carry-on will not be allowed into the signing. This will be strictly enforced.


Smart Cart Rolling Multipurpose Collapsible Basket Cart Scrapbooking by dbest

👜 Tote Bag

You’ll be getting your very own new conference tote bag to hold some fun swag, but taking a keepsake tote bag that lasts you years and shows off that YOU WERE THERE is always fun.

Shameless Tote Bags

Shameless Tote Bags at Zazzle

🛄 Carry-On Personal-Size Luggage

These bags won’t count as a carry-on if you’re flying a budget airline. They are small enough to be considered a personal item and fit under the seat in front of you on the airplane!  ✈️ Trust me, I use them.

Vera Bradley
Weekender Travel Bag

Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Bag

World Traveler
21-Inch Carry-On Shoulder Tote Duffel Bag


🍿 Snacks

Tuck away a Luna bar or 2 in your day bag for those times when you’re standing in line to see your favorite author and a wave of hunger passes over you. LAWD knows you don’t want to end up hangry when you get to the end of the line.

💊 Pharmaceuticals

✔️ Tums
✔️ Tylenol
✔️ Personal supply of Xanax

I have my little Henri Bendel pill case on my person at ALL times. A pill case is one of those things you saw your grandma pull out of her purse and though you’d never have but now that you’re a full-fledged adult, you realize it’s a necessity!

💵 Cash

It’s really up to you how much you want to take along. We recommend having some dollars with you at the signing as a back-up for purchasing books from authors.


✍🏼 Mementos

After spending months planning, plotting, and looking forward to meeting your favorite authors, you won’t want to leave empty-handed! Bring along something special to have authors sign that will forever remind you of who you met. If you’ve never been to an author signing or fan event, trust me – the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen readers have authors sign their actual iPads, pre-made scrapbooks, large photo frames, t-shirts, and everything in between. If you can dream it, bring it!

Of course, if you like having signed books as your memento, bring your own from home, buy them at our onsite bookseller, or buy them directly from the authors (indie authors can sell their own books) at their tables.

Here are some ideas to help you figure out what you want to bring to have signed! And if you have another idea and want the official #Shameless17 logo, leave a comment.

Shameless Book Con 2017 Signing Poster – CUSTOMIZE

📱 Techno Accessories

Keep your battery charged up, friends. Don’t be that girl who needs to borrow someone else’s battery juice!

Slim 2 Ultra-compact 5,000mAh Portable Charger

20,000mAh Portable Charger with Lightning & Micro-USB

6ft/1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable
Also available for Apple

📇 Business Cards

Have a blog? Sell a product? Wanna get subscribed to some newsletters? You’ll need an easy way to share your deets!

NOTE: We allow fellow book bloggers to share a business card and/or small swag item handed directly to authors and readers with the understanding that what you hand out is not co-branded with the Shameless Book Club or Shameless Book Con logo unless you are a paid sponsor. We reserve the right to ask anyone attending the event to stop sharing swag or business cards at any time. 



👗 Smut Gala Outfit

Last year, we turned out a party that attendees are still talking about! You will want to attend and dress your best. Visit our Dress-Up Ideas post for a few dresses we think you’ll love.

👚 Book-Lover Shirt

If there was ever a place to show off your reader status, wearing a book-lover t-shirt at an author signing is THE place to do it.

Shameless Book Con 2017 (dark) T-Shirt
Smuffin Love (Dark Shirts) T-Shirt

Official Shameless Book Con 2017 T-Shirt
in Black or White
Just One More Chapter T-Shirt
Variety of Colors
Smuffin Love T-Shirt
Variety of colors

👟 Comfortable Shoes

You don’t think your feet will hurt as much as they end up hurting, but MAN, they will hurt! You’ll be standing all day and walking more than you’ve walked in the last week. Trust us – you need comfortable shoes for the signing. And if they’re cute, too? Even better!



Converse All Stars



⟞ See you at Shameless! ⟝

Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre

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Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre

That’s the beauty of sex.  It can fuck up your world then repair it.  Destroy your heart and then build you a new one.  Turn you from heartbroken to love-struck in a hundred delicious thrusts.
“Right now, I need to worship you with my cock.”
He is a drug that I have no way of resisting, bad for my soul, but so heartbreakingly perfect in its deliverance.

Meet Alessandra Torre at Shameless Book Con 2017!

Get your tickets here –>

Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut Gala

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Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut Gala

Shameless Book Con 2017: The Smut GalaDo you know the The Met Gala? It’s an annual event that takes place in NYC at Metropolitan Museum of Art. The gala celebrates something unique and striking in the fashion world. It’s over-the-top; it’s high fashion; it’s creativity; it’s art at its finest.

Here are a few examples of how designers (broadly) interpreted last year’s theme:

Some of us Smut Fairies had the pleasure of seeing the Manus x Machina exhibit last year, and the creativity and artistry brought tears to our eyes. We walked out and looked at the steps that the celebrities walk up to be photographed, and that’s when it hit us: THE SMUT GALA at Shameless Book Con!

We screamed liked schoolgirls and jumped up and down and immediately started plotting this year’s theme for Shameless Book Con 2017’s after party. We’ll change the theme each year just like The Met Gala, but ours will always be THE SMUT GALA.

So this year… behold…

Paradiso vs. Inferno

Now you’re asking yourself… WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

It’s simple, but not really. We’re going to ask attendees to dress according to what you feel is your best, most creative interpretation of the theme. Pick one or both of those words, and make it come to life.

There are no rules. No limits.*

Do you want to be creative and outrageous? Go for it.

Do you want to be inspiring and elegant? Go for it.

Do you want to skip dressing up? You can do that too.

We can’t wait to see how you interpret those words!

Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Meredith Wild, we’ll have excellent prizes for the most creative, evil, beautiful, imaginative, etc. And we give good prizes. (see: adult toys, money, gift cards)

You decide what you want to wear. You define the theme.

Just get ready for an epic party that will blow your panties off!

*Buzzkill: Unfortunately, nudity, fire, and glitter are not allowed into the event hall.

Get your tickets to Shameless Book Con 2017 now!

Shameless Book Con 2017: Event Tickets

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Shameless Book Con 2017: Event Tickets

On sale NOW!

Click to go directly to Eventbrite.

Event Ticket Descriptions

What’s Included
VIP Pass
*Limited Availability
ALL Official Friday & Saturday Events
Cocktail Party (Friday evening);
Author Signing Early Entry (Saturday morning);
Author Signing General Entry (Saturday afternoon);
After Party (Saturday night);
VIP Swag bag
All-Day Pass ALL Official Saturday Events
Author Signing General Entry (Saturday afternoon);
After Party (Saturday night);
Commemorative tote bag
Author Signing Only Author Signing General Entry;
Commemorative tote bag
After Party Only After Party (Saturday night) $45
Sunday Event TBD The Sunday event(s) will again be a separate ticket, available at a later date. TBD

6.5% Florida Sales Tax and Eventbrite fees calculated upon checkout
Details subject to change

Socialize with SBC

Shameless Book Club

Shameless Book Con

Important Information


You do not need a print-out of your ticket! We can scan your ticket from your phone, but if you’re more of a paper girl, feel free to bring a print-out with you.

Everyone entering the events must have a valid entry badge.

Tickets may be available for sale onsite based on availability.

Signing Limits

We encourage you to get anything and everything you want to get signed: books, scrapbooks, t-shirts, swag, photos, etc.

We will enforce a 3-item limit to authors with lines longer than 10 people waiting. Enforcement will be at the discretion of the author, author assistant, and/or an event volunteer. You may re-join the end of the line to have additional items signed as many times as you’d like.


Because of the size of our event and limited space for attendees, hard-sided carts, wagons, strollers, and luggage larger than a carry-on will not be allowed into the signing. This will be strictly enforced.

The hotel’s Bell Services Desk is available to hold items that are not allowed inside the event space.

Age Limit

No one under 16 will be admitted. This is an adult-only event. (Exceptions may apply for baby-wearing.)


You may exit and re-enter the events at any time with your entry badge (or ticket bracelet for After Party entry).

Ticket Transfers

Tickets can be transferred within your Eventbrite account. Tickets are good for entry for one person and cannot be transferred after entry.


Refunds are not available but you may sell your ticket and transfer it within your Eventbrite account.

Registration Updates

Your registration can be updated or transferred within your Eventbrite account.

Hotel Booking

Information on booking your hotel room can be found on the main page.


Parking is available onsite. Prices TBD and at the event location’s discretion


Get your swag on with official Shameless Book Con 2017 merchandise available from our store on Zazzle! Follow our Facebook page and subscribe to the Shameless Book Sales newsletter to be updated when products will be on sale!


Can I buy a ticket for my friend?
Totally! Just make sure each ticket has the attendee’s name on the ticket. You can change the name in your Eventbrite account at any time.

Are you asking for volunteers?
Yep! Fill out this handy form to let us know your availability.

Do volunteers need to purchase tickets?
Yes, but… We have not yet chosen or notified volunteers, so if you are chosen to volunteer, your ticket purchase will be refunded.

What if I won or was given a ticket to Shameless Book Con 2017?
Contact Angie if you haven’t yet received an email with your ticket info.

Do I have to pay for my husband/friend/mom to enter?
Yes. Everyone must have a ticket to enter any event.

Who are the authors attending and signing at #Shameless Book Con 2017? 
See our list of attending authors here!

Do you have a Facebook Attendee Group? 
Of course we do, silly!

I have a question not answered here. Who can I pester to answer me?
1st – Check the Attendee Group on Facebook to see if your question has already been answered.
2nd – Ask the question of the group and tag an admin so we can answer.
3rd – Contact us.

What is the theme for the After Party?
As of the publishing of this post, here’s a clue I can give you.

See you in October!

Shameless Book Con 2017: Authors Signing #Shameless17

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Shameless Book Con 2017: Authors Signing #Shameless17

An event so nice, we’re doing it twice!

Shameless Book Con 2017
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Orlando, FL – DoubleTree @ Universal

Save the date! Set your calendar! Tattoo it to your forehead!

(Note: Sarcasm is used throughout the Shameless environs. Please do not actually tattoo your forehead.)


Tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets now!

For now, we’re ready to announce some of the authors who have committed to signing at our 2nd Annual Shameless Book Con. Lucky us and lucky you, we have returning authors and some new-to-Shameless authors ready to sign their lives away!


If you’re an author interested in signing at Shameless Book Con 2017, let us know on this form.

Shameless Book Con 2017 Signing Authors

A Zavarelli
AD Justice
Alessandra Torre*
Alexa Riley
Alice Clayton
Aly Martinez
Andrea Smith
Angel Payne
Ann Lister
Annabel Joseph*
Anne Mercier
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Avery Flynn
Becky McGraw
Brooke Blaine
BT Urruela
Callie Hart
Carly Phillips
Carmen Jenner
Carrie Ann Ryan
Cathryn Fox
Chelle Bliss
Chelsea M. Camaron
Clarissa Wild
Cora Carmack
Deborah Bladon
Eden Butler
Eliza Gayle
Ella Frank
Elle Christensen
Ellie Wade
Erika Wilde
Erin Nicholas
Felicia Fox
Gina L Maxwell
Golden Czermak
Isabella Lapearl
Jane Harvey-Berrick
Jay Crownover
Jenika Snow
Jenna Jacob
Jewel E Ann
Jillian Dodd
JL Berg
Jordan Marie
Julia Sykes
Kate Canterbary
Katee Robert
Katie Ashley
Kele Moon
Kimberly Kincaid
KM Scott
Kristen Hope Mazzola
Kym Grosso
Lara Adrian
Lauren Hawkeye
Leddy Harper
Leisa Rayven
Lexi Blake
Lili St Germain
Liv Morris
LL Collins
Mari Carr
Marni Mann
Megan Erickson
Meghan Quinn
Melissa Collins
Meredith Wild
Mia Sheridan*
Milly Taiden
MJ Fields
Nicole James
Nina Bocci
Nina Levine
Pam Godwin
Penelope Douglas
Red Phoenix
Renea Mason
Robin Covington
Rochelle Paige
Ruth Clampett
Ryan Michele
Samantha Chase
Samanthe Beck
Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Sara Jane Stone
Sharon Hamilton
Shayla Black
Shiloh Walker
Skye Warren
SL Scott
Sparrow Beckett
Stacey Kennedy
Staci Hart
Stylo Fantôme
Susan Stoker
Suzanne Wright
Terri Anne Browning
Tessa Bailey*
Tiffany Reisz*
Victoria Blue
Zoey Derrick

*indicates an SBC Elite Author

See you in October!

Shameless Book Con: Author Interest Form #SBC2017

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Shameless Book Con: Author Interest Form #SBC2017

Shameless Book Con 2017 Logo

Are you – or do you represent – an author interested in signing at Shameless Book Con 2017? Or are you interested in sponsoring #SBC17?

Let us know!

Still need tickets for #SBC16? Click to get them here!

Shameless Book Con 2017
October 21, 2017
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at Universal Orlando

DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC and, as well as our social media outlets, contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may receive paid commission from the retailer on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial and opinion content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships.

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