More Than Love You by Shayla Black

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More Than Love You by Shayla Black

“I feel everything now. Every lick, every pull, every nip. My nipples and my clit seem connected, and every drag on one” – she pinches the hard tips again and groans – “pulls between my legs.”

“I hope you’re a screamer,” I growl because I’m too aroused to find my normal tone of voice.

“Not usually.”

With a sly glance up her body, I zero in on her watchful gaze. “Let’s see if we can change that.”

“You just want to fuck. Guess what, baby. I’m the one on top, calling the shots. And I want more. I want to get up in your head. I want to know what you’re thinking. I want to know if you’re ready to admit you’re mine.”

More Than Words Series


Misadventures of a Backup Bride by Shayla Black

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Misadventures of a Backup Bride by Shayla Black

”Don’t hold back for me.” I insist. “I’ll fuck you through every orgasm, sweetheart, and start giving you another one in the next instant. But this little pussy is mine to pleasure, to use and to own.”
I bury my face against her skin as the need converges into a thick knot of desperate ache . When I slam up inside of Ella with the next thrust, it unravels. I lose all control . We collide again as the rapture takes over. I empty my body, soul and heart into this women in a way I never have and I suspect I never will again.

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Smoke and Sin by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

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Smoke and Sin by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Favorite Quotes

No orgasm yet, Augustine.I want to taste you. I want you to come all over my tongue.Panties off, lay on the bed and spread your legs for me.
If you touch me now, I may come in your hand. Give me what I want…Come for me

The Perfect Gentleman Series Reading Order

Scandal Never Sleeps
Seduction In Session
Big Easy Temptation
Smoke and Sin

Wicked For You by Shayla Black

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Wicked For You by Shayla Black

Favorite Quotes

“I’m going to fuck you.” His words made her jerk.

“Yes, Axel.” she said.

“It wasn’t a question. And I wasn’t asking for permission. I’m telling you what will happen, unless you’re giving me your safe word. That clear?” 

Series Reading Order

Wicked Ties (Wicked Lovers series Book 1)

Decadent (Wicked Lovers series Book 2)

Delicious (Wicked Lovers series Book 3)

Surrender to Me (Wicked Lovers series Book 4)

Belong to Me (Wicked Lovers series Book 5)

Mine to Hold (Wicked Lovers series Book 6)

Ours to Love (Wicked Lovers series Book 7)

Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers series Book 8)

His to Take (Wicked Lovers series Book 9)

Wicked for You (Wicked Lovers series Book 10)

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Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

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Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Favorite Quote

“You wanted to see if I can kiss?  I can give you more.  I don’t simply want to kiss your lips.  I want to strip you down and find out if you’re as sweet and soft everywhere as you look.  I want to run my tongue over your skin until I memorize how you taste.  I want to kiss you so long and hard that you’ll forget you were ever kissed before.”
Damn it, Gabriel. I want your tongue everywhere. Devour me. Make me ache and scream and come.


“What are your plans tonight, Eve?”

That was a loaded question. Her current plan included going to a lonely apartment where she could worry about her future and try to figure out if someone had murdered her friend. She could be alone with her fear and doubt . . . but she didn’t really want to. “I was getting ready to leave. What about you?”

“So was I. I thought I’d get some dinner before I called it a night. I don’t think the food here is going to be any good. Giovanni’s is one block over. Italian might be nice. I can promise you won’t have any trouble getting a glass of wine there.”

“You’re asking me out?” It was a little surreal. She saw much more attractive women still in the bar. Why had he chosen her? Maybe he liked a curvier girl. Some guys did.

His face settled into a polite mask. “I don’t know that I would call it a date.”

“What would you call it, then?”

He stepped closer, into her personal space. “Eve, I want to be honest with you.”

Eve. She wasn’t Everly to Gabriel. Which meant that he didn’t expect her to be a good, polite girl. She didn’t have to be shy about what she wanted.

She stood a bit taller and met his beautiful blue eyes. She could see the five‑o’clock shadow darkening his jaw and wondered what it would feel like to brush her fingertips over his face, to run her thumb across that full bottom lip of his. “Honesty is good.”

She wasn’t being entirely honest with him, but it didn’t matter. They were sharing a moment out of time. She wouldn’t see him again. She didn’t even know his last name.

“I’m looking for an escape tonight. I can find it in the bottom of a bottle or I can take you out of here and try to make us both feel good. Why don’t you let me buy you dinner and plead my case?”

He was asking her to sleep with him. A one-night stand. She’d never had one. She’d slept with two men in her whole life, and they’d both been her boyfriends. Sex had been all right, but something about the look in Gabriel’s eyes told her this would be far better.

He wanted to escape. She wasn’t sure from what, but she glimpsed a world of worries and sorrow in his expression that drew her. She understood loss and longing. She knew what it meant to need a few hours of escape. Hadn’t she been wanting that herself?

A single memory pierced her in that moment. Two days before he died, Maddox had shaken his head over her nonexistent dating life. He’d tried to persuade her to let him set her up on a blind date, but she’d said she didn’t have time. She’d needed to get some reports done and go through the purchase orders on the new hard drives and security systems. He’d rolled those piercing eyes of his.

You need to live a little. Your whole life can’t be spent behind a computer screen. Life is often about taking risks. Sometimes you have to leave yourself to figure out who you really are.

She didn’t have to be herself. Not tonight.

“Kiss me.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. She was never bold or brazen when it came to men. She’d never demanded anything sexually of a lover, but she wanted Gabriel to kiss her. She wanted to see if that spark she felt translated to something truly physical.

She expected some discussion, and when he hesitated, she was more than willing to admit that she’d been hasty. Everly was about to shake her head and try to laugh the incident off when he cupped her face and his body brushed hers. He tilted her head up and his mouth descended.

Soft. His lips were soft on hers. Gentle. He moved with predatory grace. His fingers sank into her hair, and her hands seemed to naturally find the lean muscles at his waist. Even through his crisp dress shirt, she could feel the heat of his body. It practically poured off him and into her, warming her skin and making her come to life.

He was gentle, but Everly knew precisely who was in charge. His lips locked onto hers, leading her. A little tug on her hair told her which way he wanted her to move.

Everything about him—scent,taste, feel—made her melt. She forgot where she was, forgot that they were in public. The noise of the bar receded until all she could hear was her own heart beating furiously in her ears. Nothing mattered at all but the feel of his body under her hands, the masterful way he moved her.

“Is that what you wanted, Eve?” He breathed the words against her mouth. “You wanted to see if I can kiss? I can give you more. I don’t simply want to kiss your lips. I want to strip you down and find out if you’re as sweet and soft everywhere as you look. I want to run my tongue over your skin until I memorize how you taste. I want to kiss you so long and hard that you’ll forget you were ever kissed before.” He lifted his head up and dragged in a breath. “So what do you say? Will you have dinner with me?”

She swallowed. His words made everything but her need fall away. “It’s not dinner I’m interested in anymore.”

His To Take by Shayla Black

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His To Take by Shayla Black

Favorite Quotes

The way he looked at her right now, as if he would part the seas and scorch the earth just to reach her, made Bailey’s heart catch.
“You’re in so much trouble, baby girl.  I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this and make sure you do, too.  I won’t rest until I’ve wrung every ounce of pleasure from your body.”
Christ, his chest felt like it was going to burst.  His heart filled with something he couldn’t explain.  The rest of him swelled with pride because tonight he wasn’t just a man, but the man she needed.
“Sometimes, when you feel like your world is spinning out of control, it’s so comforting to hand yourself over to a man you know will help you relieve your troubles.”
Thorpe pointed out, looking at Callie like her ass was grass and he was the lawnmower.

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