Where Good Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee

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Where Good Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee

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I may have been a good girl then, but you destroyed every piece of her. I actually feel bad for Emily, because you, Parker James, are where good girls go to die.
“I love you, Livy.”
“I know, but fuck me like you don’t.”
He looked dangerous. He reminded me of a bad habit. He was something I knew I shouldn’t want, but I felt myself gravitating toward him regardless.  
I would take being bad with Parker James a million times over being good with anyone else. 

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Beast: A Bad Boy Marine Romance by Alana Albertson

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Beast: A Bad Boy Marine Romance by Alana Albertson

Favorite Quotes

I traced his face with my fingers, running the tip over his lips. Rough, wild & dangerous. As he remained still, my hands explored his incredible body – rock hard muscles, deeply embedded scars, and intricate ink. All making him look like the sexiest badass alive.
This man loved his fellow marines, was willing to give his life for them. He was capable of loving someone more than he loved himself. I wondered what it would be like to be loved by such a man. 

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About the Author

Alana Albertson is an award winning Latina author, the current President of Romance Writers of America’s Contemporary Romance chapter and the former President of Romance Writers of America’s Chick Lit and Young Adult chapters. She holds a Masters of Education from Harvard and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford. A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes new adult romantic suspense, young adult, and contemporary romance. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two sons, and four dogs. When she’s not spending her time needlepointing, dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through her rescue Pugs N Roses, she can be found watching episodes of House Hunters, Homeland, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

Author Social Media Links

Facebook  | Twitter | Website

On Solid Ground by Melissa Collins

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On Solid Ground by Melissa Collins

January 2015 Gay Romance Author of the Month

Favorite Quotes

He’s everywhere. Inside me. All around me. Completely with me. There’s no escaping him and it’s the most amazing imprisonment I’ve ever felt.
Dax is the antithesis of everything I appear to be, but he’s the completion of everything I want to be.

On Solid Ground

Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

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Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

Favorite Quotes

“Now you can sit on my face so I can taste you like I’ve been fantasizing about since you stepped foot into the studio.”
“Delicious, beautiful, fragile. I want to protect you while at the same time I want to shatter you,” he murmured against my lips, “but only in the best way possible.”
“Second, I’m going to fuck every bad memory of those unworthy gits out of you even if it takes me a lifetime. Starting tonight.”

On Dublin Street Series Reading Order – not necessary to read in order

  1. On Dublin Street  ⇐ 5 Stars
    1.5 Until Fountain Bridge
  2. Down London Road
    2.5 Castle Hill  ⇐ 4 Stars
  3. Before Jamaica Lane  ⇐ 4 Stars
  4. Fall From India Place  ⇐ 4 Stars
  5. Echoes of Scotland Street ⇐ 4½ Stars
  6. Moonlight on Nightingale Way PreOrder

Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn

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Take Me On by Cherrie Lynn

Favorite Quotes

“You never mix business with pleasure,” she supplied. “Got it.”
The way she purred that sentence in between sips of her drink, focusing on the “pleasure”… Oh goddamn, he wanted to mix it. He wanted to mix it hard. “It’s not…a hard-and-fast rule or anything.”
He wanted her so fucking satisfied when she left here that she didn’t even want to think about sex for, like, a year.
“Oh my God, let me come, Ian,” she cried, grasping frantically at his head with both hands.
“You’ll come on my cock or you won’t come at all,” he growled against her.
“I’m going to finish myself off and be done with it before you ever get here,” she warned.
“No, you won’t. Because you know you can’t do it like I can. You want this filling you up when you come.”

Ross Siblings Series Reading Order – not necessary to read in order

Rock Me
Light Me Up (novella)
Breathe Me In (novella)
Leave Me Breathless
Take Me On

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