The Player by K. Bromberg

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The Player by K. Bromberg

“You’ve been fighting this kiss all day long, and I practiced restraint like you told me to do…but right now?  Right now, I’m going to kiss you senseless, Scout, and I want to fucking enjoy it.  So, for the love of God, woman, use those lips of yours on me and not on words.”
Because there are women who are good for a quick fuck. There are women you would fuck, but are better in the friend zone.  And there are women like Scout.  They make you wonder, make you crave them, and drive you absolutely fucking crazy because you want them when you shouldn’t.  They’re an enigma. Confusing, alluring, tempting and fucking perfection.
“I want your cock, Easton Wylder.  I want it right now.  I want to wrap my lips around it.  I want it hitting the back of my throat.  I want all of it.  To suck you off.  to fuck you with my mouth.  I want every drop you have to give me.”