The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

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The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

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If I focus really hard, I can pretend we’re two people in love. This is what happens when your love is requited. You control each other; you live for each other.
I shift on my feet and a current zaps through me as my cock touches the cold tile. It’s hard and swollen and angry. It’s wild like me, like the things inside me, things that feel both novel and primitive, as if they’ve been in hiding, programmed in my genes, and I’m only discovering them now. The absolute need to possess someone, to be the air they breathe and the universe they live in– I feel powerful and powerless at once. 
Because I’m selfish, Layla. I’ll ruin you, set you on fire, and won’t even look back. I’ll take and take until you’re empty and hollow.
He inches closer to me, still not touching- as impossible as that is- but infinitely closer. “You want to kiss me, Miss Robinson, you do it right.”  


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Romance Writer and Reader. Coffee Addict. White Russian Drinker. Imaginary Ballet Dancer and poetess. Aspiring Lana Del Ray of the book world.
I’m a big believer in love (obviously). I believe in happily ever after, the butterflies and the tingling. But I also believe in edgy, rough and gutsy kind of love. I believe in pushing the boundaries, darker (sometimes morally ambiguous) emotions and imperfections.
The kind of love I write about is flawed just like my characters. And I hope by the end of it, you’ll come to root for them just as much as me. Because love, no matter where it comes from, is always pure and beautiful.

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