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The Mixtape by Brittainy Cherry

The Spark by Vi Keeland

Travis by Mia Sheridan

After the Climb by Kristen Ashley

His Dark Desire by Gia Bailey

Darkly by Helen Hardt

Betting Blind by Loren Beeson

Shameless Stranger by Hollis Wynn

Gothikana by RuNyx

Dark Intentions by Charlotte Byrd

Shameless Book Con 2021

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Our 21 Outfit Ideas For The Smut Gala At #Shameless21

Stuck on what to wear to The Smut Gala at Shameless Book Con 2021? We have 21 ideas on what to wear to the book signing after-party of the year!
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Shameless Book Con 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Make the most of your Shameless Book Con 2021 appearance with a sponsorship!
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Show Your Shelfies: Marissa & Malia Go Minimal

Marissa and Malia admit their shelfies are small. But it's not the size of their shelfies, it's what's on them that counts, right?
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Show Your Shelfies: Angela’s Dark Side On Display

Welcome to Angela's dark side on full display in her book shelfies!
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Show Your Shelfies: Jean Loves Books, Ferrets, & Kids (Obviously)

Find out just how much Jean loves ferrets, reading, and her kids in this deep dive into what she puts on her book shelfie!
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Show Your Shelfies: Adrian Stacks Up Signed Books!

Take a peek at Adrian's book shelfie, her reading history, and what she most loves to read!
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Show Your Shelfies: Angie Has Double The Fun!

Bookshelves are more than just places to store books; bookshelfies are representations of who we are. Check out what Angie's bookshelfies say about her and shop her shelfies!
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Find All The Books Written By #Shameless21 Authors We Recommend

Get to know the authors signing at #Shameless21 through the books they've written that we recommend!
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