5 Awkward Questions With Tara Sivec

The biggest slutbag in all of romance writing is indie author, Tara Sivec. I can call use derogatory terms to describe Ms. Sivec because she and I have shared a moment: I humped her on a sex couch. It’s a long sordid story that started with a room full of smut lovers, continued with Jell-O and pudding shots, and ended with vibrator sword fights and me humping Tara in a sex toy shop. Oh, and Tara was tied up to a rocking sex bed by me and Katie Ashley.

Basically, your normal, everyday day-in-the-life of a smut writer and a smut peddler.

Tara’s new book, Because of You (PRE-ORDER NOW!), is the second in her Playing With Fire series of hotass romance suspense books and it will be out at the end of April. If you haven’t yet read the first in the series, A Beautiful Lie, it’s only $.99 and has some freaky-hot love scenes.

The Playing With Fire series is pretty much the opposite of Tara’s Chocolate Lovers series which is one of the most hilarious set of books I’ve ever read. Coupled with some intensely hot sex scenes, they’re some of my favorite smut books. Seduction & Snacks and Futures & Frosting are fall-down, laugh-out-loud hilarious books that are heavy on the smut. With quotes like these, how can you not read these books?

[su_quote]And why the hell is he standing there looking so God dammed hot that I want to mount his face.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]“I think she rubs bologna down there to attract men. Lunch meat is her sex pheromone.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote]She obviously has never met my girlfriends.  We don’t sit around in dresses, sipping daintily from glasses of champagne while we politely discuss politics.  We chug beers, do shots, and call each other thunder cunts.[/su_quote]

Seduction and Snacks Futures and Frosting Troubles and Treats

A Beautiful Lie Because of You Watch Over Me


5 Awkward Questions

When I started the 5 Awkward Questions series, Tara was one of the first people I thought about cornering and forcing to participate. Thankfully, I didn’t have to force Tara to answer my awkward questions because nobody forces a slut to do anything.

1. Name your top 3 favorite smut/romance books or series.

2. What’s a tattoo you want to be brave enough to get but will probably never have done?

None! That ship sailed a long time ago LOL! I have 9 tattoos and I already know what I’m getting next.

3. What’s the oddest thing to ever get stuck in your vagina?

Sadly, I’ve never gotten anything stuck there. Is that because I stick nothing fun up there, or because the things I do stick up there just aren’t big enough to get stuck? I should probably look into that.

4. Who are the 5 celebrities on your Laminated List?
(A list of the top 5 people, usually celebrities, with whom you could have sex without repercussions, regardless of your current relationship status.)

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Zac Efron (Don’t judge me! He’s legal now!)

Zac Efron—image via Us Weekly

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

Nina Dobrev (Yes, I would totally partake in a Damon & Elena sandwich.)

Nina Dobrev

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Tie

5. Take a photo of yourself right now, including at least all or part of your face, and send it to me. 

Tara Sivec Answers 5 Awkward Questions

BONUS: What’s your favorite smell and a smell you loathe.

Favorite: newborn babies after their hair was washed with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.
Loathe: newborn babies after they’ve shit themselves

DOUBLE BONUS: Name a hero or anti-hero you keep stored in your Spank Bank that you’re embarrassed to admit is there.

I just admitted to Zac Efron, should I be embarrassed about that? Not High School Musical Zac though, hot as balls The Lucky One Zac. Let’s see…Rachel Ray? She can cook some awesome shit for me. That’s a win in my book. But she’s kind of bat shit crazy. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg? He’s kind of nerdy-cute, but we can roll around in all his money and I can forget about the nerd factor.



Just for shits and giggles, Tara and I are going to give away some of her books. She’s offering a signed paperback of the winner’s choice of her books, and I’m giving away e-book versions (or cost-equivalent) of Seduction & Snacks and A Beautiful Lie to another winner.

YOU? Are welcome.

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