One of the most elusive smut authors, Sylvain Reynard, has agreed to answer my 5 Awkward Questions.

Why is this even something to get excited about?

Because until very recently, no one even knew he was a “he” and not a “she.” Or maybe that’s just me. But that just goes to show that even though the author of the Gabriel’s Inferno, Gabriel’s Rapture, and the upcoming Gabriel’s Redemption (*sexy teaser here*) is popular on Twitter, penned bestselling books, signed a multi-million dollar book deal, and has a very…uhm…enthusiastic following, no one knows anything about SR. His (I’m assuming) pseudonym is gender neutral, interviews have failed to mention a gender-specific pronoun, and even his publicist, Enn, was vague with me on what was going on in his pants.

Now that I think about it, how awesome would it have been to have had a big-time virtual Gender Reveal Party, complete with blue food-coloring cake and blue balloons popping out of a box?!? It would have been epic.

My point, and I might have one, is that having SR submit to my desires and answer my 5 Awkward Questions is a big deal.

An even bigger deal is that SR has agreed to answer 5+BONUS of YOUR questions next week. If you don’t like my awkward questions, ask your own. I dare you. There might even (by “might” I mean “will be”) be an actual book giveaway, complete with actual SR-signed actual books.


1: What are your 3 all-time favorite smut books/series?

    There was a particularly erotic Star Wars Fan Fiction featuring Leia in her gold bikini …

2: What is it like to be a dude writer in a land of writers with vaginas?

    Where else can you go to meet thousands of intelligent, charming women?

3: What’s your favorite curse word to say? To write?

    Jackass is a favourite. I like writing “Angelfucker.” It has a certain ring to it.

4: Is there a love scene between Gabriel and Julia in either of the two released Gabriel books that’s based on your real life experience? If so, which one?

    Yes. I think you’ll have to guess. But I can tell you there’s an even better one in “Gabriel’s Redemption,” one that required some research. Research is so important to a good novel.

5: Take a photo of yourself right now that includes at least some of your face, and send it to me to include with this post.

Sylvain Reynard Photo

BONUS: What are your chances of getting laid tonight?

    Excellent. But I’ll let you know …


OK, so obviously, SR has decided to puss out and keep himself hidden. FINE. Though it would have been fun to see him in nothing but a gold bikini and argyle socks, we can continue to ogle over David Gandy, his muse for Professor Gabriel O. Emerson.

Because, COME ON…

David Gandy Butt Crack

Now that you know a teensy bit more about Sylvain Reynard, let’s get our quarters out, bounce them on David Gandy’s ass, and submit your own questions to ask SR.

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