After raving over her debut book, Protecting What’s His, I knew I had to ask Tessa Bailey to answer 5 Awkward Questions. It just so happens that today is also my turn to be her blog tour stop. That’s what you call kismet.

Or divine intervention.

Either way, I wrangled these answers from Tessa, and unlike the previous authors who answered my questions, she actually answered the damn questions. I still have *skeptical eyes* at you, Alice Clayton and S.L. Jennings.

Back to the book. I loved it. Super duper loved. Here’s part of why I gave it 5/5 stars:

[su_quote]This book has everything I want from a story: snark, sex, suspense, and more sex. But it’s not just alliteration that got my rocks off; it was how all of those things were put together into a book that was fun to read, well written, and easy to recommend. Plus, Derek has a very dirty mouth that begs to be obeyed.[/su_quote]

HOOBOY, does Derek have a dirty mouth. Did I just say, “HOOBOY”?

[su_quote]The longer it takes me to get between your thighs, the rougher I’m going to be when I finally get there. Understand?[/su_quote]

[su_quote]From the time we walk in the door to my apartment, you will have less than a minute before I put my cock inside you. No foreplay. No kissing.[/su_quote]

*pardon me while I take a few minutes to collect myself*

1. What are your top 3 all-time favorite romance-ish books?

GAH. So hard! My three most recent favorites are Strangers by Barbara Elsborg, Lothaire by Kresley Cole and The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. My mind will change the second I hit send. Also, I’m tossing in The Princess Bride as a sentimental favorite.

2. What romance/erotica word do you cringe at reading?

JUICES. Dripping juices. Sticky juices. Juices juices.

3. What’s the last book you started to read but couldn’t finish?

I feel like this could get me into trouble. I believe the last time I did this it was with a paranormal YA novel, though. And to be fair, I think I just wasn’t in the mood.

4. What was your GPA when you graduated high school?

Details surrounding my senior year are sketchy, but I think I might have skated by with a 3.0. Which isn’t saying much since I was taking five electives.

5. Take a photo of yourself right now, including all or part of your face, and send it to me to post with this questionnaire.

You’re lucky I’m drinking.

5 Awkward Questions Tessa Bailey

BONUS: Name a hero or anti-hero you keep stored in your Spank Bank that you’re embarrassed to admit is there.

BANE from The Dark Knight Rises.


Many thanks to Tessa Bailey for actually being honest about her answers! *still throwing skeptical eyes at those other authors* You should totally go buy her book, because it’s really good, really smutty, and she’s pretty awesome.

If you’re and author and would like to fall on the sword answer 5 Awkward Questions, or if there’s an author you’d like to see tortured answer them, let me know. Just don’t be a weenie and send me a picture of weenies being thrown at your face like Alice did. (OK, fine. She’s hilarious. blahblahblah)

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