So, UnRaveled was published May 5th as part of the Bend Anthology, and three days later it was pulled from Amazon. Total boner-kill.

Apparently, there was a lot of pearl-clutching or something. I don’t know. No one knows. Point is — IT’S BACK, BABY! UnRaveled is back and up on Amazon, standing tall and proud all on its own.

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To celebrate, Kristy is giving away a signed copy of Unraveled and sitting down with me to answer Five Somewhat Awkward Questions:

1. Top 3 favorite erotic romance books or series (other than your own)

Well when I push aside all of the typical answers that you’d expect from me (i.e. FSOG, Crossfire series, Blackstone Affiar, This Man –did you notice I just snuck those all in there as my answers too…lol), I’d say that my favorite one-handed reads are:

1. Wild Card by Lora Leigh (There is something about this book that is just…damn… lol)
2. Sinners Books by Olivia Cunning (Do I need to explain any further? Didn’t think so.)
3. Play by Play Series by Jaci Burton (There are a lot of books in this series so I feel like I’m getting more than three by adding these…plus, hot male athletes? Um…yes please.)

The problem is that I don’t get to read too much nowadays…like at all — so I know there are TONS of good, dirty reads I’m missing out on because I’m so busy writing my own sexy, smut…and besides, if I read this genre too much, my hand might be a little too cramped to type from … er… overuse… lol

2. Celebrity crushes on your laminated list?

Man…this is a hard one for me because I’m not a big ‘crush’ kind of girl… and I have a wide array of tastes (my dirty mind giggles like a little girl at that pun and what else I’d like to taste on these selections) Because I’m a list maker, I have to break them down categorically for you…so no snickering Kyleigh.

Rockers: Jared Leto (short hair – yes, I’m a picky bitch), Adam Levine
Actors: Taylor Kitch, hmm actors change for me, so this one’s hard.
Athletes: Erik Dekker, David Beckham

My readers are going to ask why I didn’t add Pedro Soltz or Stuart Reardon but it’s just kind of odd to add guys you speak with on my laminated list, you know? This was a super hard question for me, but hell… the fact that I had to Google any of them tells me that I don’t really have many ‘regulars’ in my spank bank (or finger vault I guess I should call it… lol) on speed dial.

3. Hidden talent?

Why does this question make my grin and shake my head, thinking the answer my husband would give and the one I’m going to give are two completely opposite things?

Hidden talent? I don’t think I really have one. I used be able to pick someone off of first or third base without looking (I was a softball catcher). That was a great talent to have at the time but pretty useless now as an author.

OH, I know one: as a kid I read really advanced stuff – like years beyond my age advanced books — and at one point my mom would get so annoyed with me asking what this word meant or that word meant and I didn’t want to look it up in the dictionary again so her or my sister would say ‘just skip over it.’ So my hidden talent is that I will use words that I don’t even know the meaning of (well, now I’m smart enough to look them up) but know that they fit perfectly in a sentence. Usually adjectives. Kind of a pretty cool talent to have as an author, really.

4. Most prized possession?

I actually had this discussion with an author-friend recently so the answer is rather easy. My most prized possession is my house. And I’m not saying that because of its size or its material value but rather because this is where my children are safe. It is where as a family we make memories together – every belly giggle, every slammed door, every sneak into our bed in the middle of the night for an extra cuddle, every stolen moment. Those memories of my family are my most prized possession and the one place that allows them to feel the safest so that we can have that, is our house. Is that a lame answer? It’s not fancy or stimulating or sordid, but it is my answer nonetheless.

5. A photo of yourself right now.

K Bromberg 5 Awkward Questions

BONUS: Embarrassing song that is so wretched and terrible, but you can’t help yourself. You love it and sing along. (If it helps, I LOVE The Spice Girls. No shame. This is a safe place.)

Haha. I do know your love of the Spice Girls, Kyleigh. I believe we hurt Twitter’s ears with ‘ZigaZigAh’ … lol. Hm. I like a lot of cheesy, wretched horrible pop music so picking just one of them is going to be difficult. Umm but I have to go with Salt N Pepa “Push It.” It was on when I was working out the other day and I was singing along and my daughter was dying laughing at me…Something about this song just makes me sing.

BONUS BONUS: What is your secret sexual fantasy?

Haha. You are asking this on the heels of UnRaveled being banned on purpose aren’t you? *sigh* Secret sexual fantasy… God you are going to make me blush here aren’t you? Can I just say I’d like to visit The Green Door in Las Vegas and leave it to your imagination which room(s) I’d like to visit?

Well played, Bromberg. Well played.

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