Just in time for Kylie Scott’s newest release, Lead, I got her to answer (more than) 5 awkward questions. Granted, she might not think these are incredibly awkward considering she’s Australian and those chicks down under live their lives upside down, so their “awkward” is my “normal.”

At least… that’s what I learned in my Florida public school education.

We’re big fans of Kylie’s Stage Dive series here at SBC, and some of us have already read Lead.

Again, Kylie brings the hotness with some funny and some rock god-like strife and we love it!

5AQ Kylie Scott Featured

5 Awkward Questions with Kylie Scott

1. Who are the 3 authors whose books you’ll read as soon as their newest book is released?

Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, and Karina Halle

*Angie’s Note: Oh, you mean like these ★★★★★ books? Creed by Kristen Ashley; Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde; Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

2. What’s a word you’ll never use in your books and why?

Moist. It’s for cakes, not pussies.

3. What’s your favorite sex toy and why?

The LELO Lily Personal Massager. It really gets rid of those annoying kinks after a hard days work. Know what I mean?


Angie’s Note: Oh, yes Kylie. I know what you mean. *wink wink I also know how to get out the kinks with the SBC Certified Favorite “personal massager,” the LELO Ina 2.

4. Who are the celebrities on your Laminated List?

Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, Clive Standen, and Garrett Hedlund

*Angie’s Note: Uhmmm… Who are these guys? This is what I get for asking an Aussie girl. At least I had fun looking up these hotties to find out who they are. And after looking them up, it’s apparent I’ve been living under a rock.

5AQ Kylie Scott Laminated

5. Take a photo of yourself right now and send it with these questions.

Alright. But I hate you a little for making me do that.

*Angie’s Note: You’re welcome.

5AQ Kylie Scott

BONUS: What’s your favorite smell and a smell you loathe?

I love rose hip oil. I loathe my elderly dog’s frequent flatulence.

DOUBLE BONUS: What color are the underwear you’re wearing?


Thanks, Kylie! Now, everyone go get 1-click busy with Jimmy in Lead.

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