You wanted it—I’m giving it to you.

The first ever edition of reader-submitted 5 Awkward Questions!

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And with this inaugural presentation, two lucky readers will win a badass giveaway.

Thanks to the overwhelming response by Sylvain Reynard‘s enthusiastic fans who have demanded asked that he answer some of your awkward questions, I had a shitton of questions from which to chose to submit to SR. I pared down the shitton to a nugget pile and passed them along.

Here’s what the elusive, esoteric, effervescent, erudite author had to say:

1. We all know the professor’s dream girl, but what is your idea of a dream girl? [Just Jenn @sissytutu1212]

    Thanks for the question, Jenn. Character and intelligence are important and so I’d be looking for someone who had those qualities, in addition to being attractive and having a sense of humour such that she would at least smile at my quirky jokes.

2. Since the Post cereal you always loved is no longer, what do you have for breakfast? Do you use an Espresso machine when making coffee? [Ellie Totten]

    Thanks for the question, Ellie. Sometimes it’s bacon and eggs, other times it’s pancakes, but I always enjoy coffee (with or without a doughnut). I don’t always use an Espresso machine.

3. If you could name your libido after a superhero WHO would it be and WHY? [D]

    Thanks for the question, D. Superman and I should think the answer would be obvious 😉

4. Would you rather get laid by Princess Leia or David Gandy? Or both? [Teasha]

    Thanks for the question Teasha. Why don’t we put those two together? And request that Leia wear her gold bikini… @GabrielOnScreen

5. Your top three favorite kinks in bed? [Amelia Oesmani @AmeliaOesmani]

    Who said anything about needing a bed? Thanks for the question, Amelia.

BONUS: FUCK/MARRY/KILL: Gabriel – Paul – Professor Pacciani [Tess]

    None of the above. (Good grief.)

First of all, I adored both books. They were magnificently written, with a quality rarely seen in erotic romance novels. I’m eagerly awaiting “Gabriel’s Redemption.”

My awkward question concerns the time just after Gabriel and Julia had intercourse for the first time; him taking her virginity. Gabriel asked to look at her: “Just let me look, darling.” Then he “soothed her and cleaned her up.” This was amazing; nothing I’d ever read before from a male author. His tending to her “there” that included looking, touching and cleaning was incredibly sensual.

My question to you is: How in the world did you write that section? Do you have personal experience? Most men would never have thought of that ministration. Please tell us what prompted you to write that erotic interlude. [alimoire]

    Thanks for your question Alimoire. If you care about someone, you pay attention and take care of them. And if you’ve done something wrong in the past, you try to make it right and not make the same mistake.

A special thank you to Angie for hosting these questions and to all the readers who submitted questions for being good sports, SR.

Thanks, SR, for your evasive maneuvers. You can avoid a personal question better than Evander Holyfield can avoid Mike Tyson’s nip of his ear.


In thanks for your enthusiasm for All Things Gabriel, SR is allowing me to give away hard copies of Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture, both with signed-by-Sylvain Reynard bookplates.

You won’t find THAT on just any old book blog. That’s what makes Smut Book Club special. Also, I give you naked pictures of delicious male specimens.

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