We’re freaking honored to have Danielle Norman as one of our Shameless “Spirits” Sponsors AND Signing Author this year at Shameless Book Con!

She, along with author and sponsor Haylee Thorne, is graciously providing everyone with our cash bars on the signing floor, as well as The Smut Gala: Forbidden Ball’s drinking lounges. So just remember… Every time you take a sip of any of our signature drinks, you’ll have Danielle to thank! (No, the drinks aren’t free; Danielle is providing us with the bars and bartenders!)

We’re shining a spotlight on Danielle so you can get to know her a little better. I’ve put together a few fun facts about her along with a down and dirty Q & A round!

Why do we love Danielle?

She’s a sassy spit fire who writes bad ass female characters, likes to talk dirty, and totally brings it when it comes to needing to read one-handed! She’s happiest when riding her Harley, has a wicked sense of humor, and started her career writing children’s books (under a different name, duh). Crazy, right?

What does she write?

The Iron Series

Romance with ATTITUDE and heroines with an iron will.

Iron Orchids

Iron Badges

Iron Horse

Iron Ladies

Find out more about Danielle’s romance book series on her website.

Want to know more about her?

Of course you do.


Five Fast Questions With Kim

A. Can you hold my glass of vodka while I search for my license?
A. Gone with the Wind. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn, now get over here and blow me.”
A. A shovel, a ski mask, and a gigantic box of condoms.
A. I’d juggle… Juggle my fat ass off the stage!
A. One where everyone prayed to shoes or vodka, hmmm, maybe vodka while wearing shoes?

Want to meet Danielle Norman?

She’s a signing author at Shameless Book Con, October 19, 2019, in Orlando, FL.

Get your author signing event ticket now!

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