In order to get to know the authors whose books we’re reading, I thought it would be fun to get them to answer some semi-awkward personal questions.

Basically, it’s me saying, “DANCE, AUTHOR MONKEY, DANCE!”

Because don’t you love imagining the author of your favorite books squirming in their seats and not in that good, warm-in-your-pants kind of way?

First up in the 5 Semi-Awkward Questions is my friend, comedic smut author Alice Clayton. Yes, she’s my friend. No, I’m not giving her special favors, unless you count texting her with random idiocy as “special favors.” I liked Alice’s books before I even liked her, the person. In fact, I might even like the idea of her more than the actual her since she sent me these shady answers.

The Unidentified Redhead Redhead-revealed-cover Wallbanger

1. What are your top 3 all-time favorite romance-ish books?
This could change year to year but I think right now my favorites are Twilight (Big. Fat. Dur.), Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh, and About Last Night by Ruthie Knox. That list runs the gamut by god…

2. Which of your books is your favorite and which is your least favorite?
My favorite is always the one I am working on, so right now it’s Redhead 3. And since I want you all to run out and buy all of my books, why in the world would I tell you I have a least favorite???

3. What is your favorite sexual position and why?
Whichever one I am in. Because I am in, and Mr. Alice is there too;)

4. Where do you fall on the Kinsey Scale?
I try not to weigh myself…

5. Take a photo of yourself right now, including all or part of your face, and send it to me to post with this questionnaire.
I can’t do that, but I am going to text you the best gif ever…stay tuned for hot dogs


BONUS: In what ways are you like Caroline in Wallbanger or Grace in Redheads?
Caroline? The baking. Grace? I am sleeping with Jack Hamilton.

If you like her bitchy snarky answers my 5 Awkward Questions, you’ll like her books.

The Unidentified Redhead Redhead-revealed-cover Wallbanger

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