5 Sexy Rock God Book Series You Need To Read

If you’ve never been turned on watching a sexy rock god be just that on stage, skip on by and find another list of books to read.

This is for all of us who have danced in the audience at a concert, daydreaming about what it would be like to be the girl the sexy rock god was playing for.

Living out our lustful rock god fantasies through the fictional worlds in these series is the closest most of us will get to being with one.

These boys have dirtiest mouths and do the dirtiest things, and we can’t help but fall in lust.

These rock gods give us so much, that I’m giving back to you. (Pretend that made sense.) Enter the giveaway below!

Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning

If I could make any rock god series required reading for belonging in this non-book club I call Smut Book Club, it would be Olivia Cunning’s Sinners on Tour. After I read Backstage Pass, Brian Sinclair was my top favorite “book boyfriend” (please someone come up with a better term for this), but after reading Wicked Beat, Eric Sticks stole my heart away. For all that I’ve read in all of the smuttiest smut, there will always be Chapter 32 in Backstage Pass that stands out as the pinnacle of hot.

Sinners on Tour Bundle
Olivia Cunning Bundle: Backstage Pass, Rock Hard, Double Time, Hot Ticket

Hard Rock Harlots by Kendall Grey

Winner of the dirtiest, raunchiest, no-holds-barred reading, Strings is a hot and hilarious start to the Hard Rock Harlots series. The second book in the series, Beats, was just released and is not nearly as raunchy as Strings, but is just as amazing.

The Storm Series by Samantha Towle

Jake has a snake in his pants. Is that not enough to want to read about his swoon-worthy love affair with Tru? It should be.

One Night with Sole Regret by Olivia Cunning

All I should have to say is “rock god series by Olivia Cunning” and you should start 1-clicking.

Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott

The newest rock god series to hit the scene is the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott. I was kind of more than surprised at how much I loved this first book in her series. It’s a definitely must-read for rock god fangirls like us.

Lick Stage Dive 1
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Books currently in my Secret Stash include 5-star books like Knight & PlayCaptive in the Dark, Own the WindCollide, and Pulse and lots more. I can’t guarantee the titles listed will be available when this giveaway ends; I simply wanted to give a peek into what kinds of books are in the Stash.

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