Just Hold On by Kitty Cox

By Angela / March 7, 2022
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Shameless Romance Book Sales and Freebies

By Angie / February 18, 2021

GET ROMANCE BOOK SALES & FREEBIES DELIVERED *almost* DAILY JUMP TO… May 17 2022 Read Freebies At Home Day! 🏠 As a girl who has worked from home for 16 years, I wholeheartedly celebrate and support National Work From Home Day! If I ever had to go to work in an office, it would be […]

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By Angie / March 16, 2020

Shameless Book Sales Sign up now to get a (pretty much) daily dose of freebies, 99¢, $1.99 romance books delivered to your inbox. It’s the smartest thing you’ll do today. check Amazon for current prices of pictured books SIGN UP NOW See our list of books on Amazon.com still on sale ↗️ today’s book sales […]

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Recommendation Archive

By Angie / May 15, 2014

All All 4 Stars 4-1/2 Stars 5 Stars Turning Back by JA Huss Taking Turns by JA Huss Just Like I Want You by B. Love Deadly Temptations by Aurora Black All the Secrets by Charlotte Byrd The Zodiac Queen: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo by Gemma James The Sweetest Fix by Tessa Bailey Still […]

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