I’m going to let you in on a little secret you probably already knew but may have been afraid to admit: Women get horny.


Indeed we do, especially when we’re reading hot n’ dirty smut.

I’ll set the scene:

Kids are at band practice. Husband is busy helping a friend move. You decide to take a break from your busy Saturday of cleaning and laundry to get in a few minutes of quiet reading time.

And then you read Chapter 32.

Master Sinclair. Cherry lollipops. Ménage hotness.

Oh, it’s on.

You check the clock; kids will be home in 45 min and husband may walk in any second. Just enough time to dig into your bedside drawer and pull out your favorite pleasure toy, the LELO Ina Wave, for an Afternoon Delight for One!

Your husband will be the lucky one to walk in on you enjoying some private time he can take over once he finds you.

This could be your real life! You could be the woman at home cleaning the house, putting away your kid’s laundry, and taking care of yourself in the most delectable ways.

Even if you’re not married and saddled with kids, you know what it’s like to get the urge to diddle. And what’s a girl to do when she’s all worked up and has no way to release all that sexual energy?

She gets herself a new LELO toy and takes care of her own damn self, that’s what.

Our story continues:

Now that your husband is horned all to hell at seeing you taking advantage of some private time, he’s going to think of ways to keep you interested in jumping his bones at all times.

That’s when you show him the LELO Luna Beads you’ve had your eye on, and explain* how inserting these little balls of tease will keep you squeezing your legs all day.

Self-care is the Buzz Word(s) of the Day, and what better way to take care of yourself than to treat yo’self to a new LELO?!


LELO Ina Wave


lelo_ina-wave_product_plum lelo_ina-wave_product_ocean-blue

LELO Luna Beads


luna_beads3 luna_beads1

Now, be a good girl and order yourself a new LELO! It’s good for you. #science

*Inspired by the centuries-old practice of inserting weighted balls (also called Ben Wa balls) into the vagina to strengthen internal muscles for both sexual pleasure and correct incontinence. The ancient Chinese peoples knew what they were doing.

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