What the hell are we doing here?
I ask myself this question on a daily basis. It’s not asked in an existential way, but in a goal-setting, ADD-riddled brain way.

What the hell is Shameless Book Club (SBC) doing here anyway?

We’re being badass Smut Fairies, bringing the best of the best romance books to the voracious and casual reader.

Shameless Book Club is NOT a book review blog.
We don’t review books; SBC recommends books.

We also give away cold, hard cash in the form of Amazon gift cards at the end of this post.

How do you make any money?
We aren’t paid to write recommendations; we earn money from book sellers by building trust with our readers — YOU — when you purchase a book we recommend. If we made it a habit of telling you to read crappy books, you wouldn’t come back to find your next read. We want you to come back.

Do you have favorite people or favorite authors you may give a slight edge to over others?
Fuck yeah, we do. We’re human. It’s in our nature to talk more about things and people we like over others. Do some of our favorite authors stumble and write drivel? Sometimes, and we won’t promote those books.

Isn’t that favoritism?
Call it what you want, but we aren’t getting down on our knees for people just because they say we’re pretty. There are reasons behind why we like some authors over others, and it has NOTHING to do with money. If it did, we’d buy stock in knee pads.

Why don’t you have “reviews” of books you don’t like?
We don’t write reviews; we write recommendations of books we like.

Why don’t you tell us about books you don’t like?
We tell you about the books we DO like.

If you only write recommendations, why do you promote books you haven’t read?
Several factors go into the selection of a book we choose to promote: we trust the author to write a good book; we trust the person who told us it’s a good book; the summary looked incredible. Those times we do promote a book we haven’t read, we try to make it as clear as possible that we haven’t yet read it.

Why do you promote things that are unrelated to books on Facebook and on the blog?
Because we like them and we can. We aren’t one-dimensional people, and neither are you. You’ll probably see a lot more non-book-related things in the future as we add in more features to our website. We’re sure you’ll love them!

Just to prove to you that we’re loved and respected, some of our favorite authors were kind enough to send along some praise for SBC:

[su_quote]”SBC is my go-to source for recommendations on all books sweet, spicy, erotic, romantic and everything in between. Great exclusives, excellent coverage of all genres, and a diverse group of reviewers guaranteed to help you find your next book.”
~ K. Bromberg, author of The Driven Trilogy (and books that are sweet, spicy, erotic and everything in between)[/su_quote]

[su_quote]”Shameless Book Club knows exactly what kind of books will heat up your nights! My personal favorites are the #LikeCandy recommendations when I need a sizzling and romantic read!”
~ Lauren Blakely, Author of the NYT Bestselling Seductive Nights Series[/su_quote]

[su_quote]”SBC gives me exactly what I want, whenever I’m in need…of a good book. Hard & fast or slow & sweet, they have a suggestion for every mood you may be in.”
~ Ella Frank, Author of several Smut Book Award-winning books[/su_quote]

[su_quote]”Shameless Book Club: Where romance, lust, and kink fall in polyamorous love and make adorable smut nugget babies.”
~ Kendall Grey, Smut-Peddling Indie Freedom Fighter, author of the Hard Rock Harlots series[/su_quote]

Clearly, we are made to be loved.


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What the hell is Shameless Book Club doing here? Find out here & enter to win one of two $20 Amazon gift cards!

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