One of our first authors added to Shameless Book Con, Chloe finally gave in to my peer pressure to also be the first #SBC16 Signing Author to show her love for another #SBC16 Signing Author. We’ve actually talked about Miss Julia Kent’s first novel together and how hot and quirky the story was, therefore I knew it would be perfect for this article.

Here’s why Chloe s Julia!

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A Glimpse into the Dark and Steamy Recesses of Chloe T. Barlow’s Kindle Library

When the lovely ladies of Shameless Book Club asked me to write a post about my favorite author, I immediately thought of Julia Kent. She’s a phenomenal New York Times Bestselling author who has mastered everything from erotic ménage to hilarious romantic comedy, while still capturing the power of intense emotion. Ms. Kent also happens to be a genuinely wonderful human being and the best mentor an author could hope to have.

I discovered Julia Kent through her new adult ménage novel, Random Acts of Crazy (currently free!), the first in her Random series.  This hot, boundary-pushing, coming of age novel is a must for anyone who likes romance.  Darla is a sassy, authentic twenty-something girl, who is down on her luck in rural Ohio.  When she pulls over to pick up a gorgeous naked hitchhiker named Trevor, her life begins to change.  It’s thrown into even more upheaval when his best friend and band mate, Joe, appears on the scene. I don’t want to give anything away, but trust me, you need to meet these three. It’s a testament to Ms. Kent’s talent that this unorthodox three-way relationship always feels natural and organic. Darla and her boys struggle to make their romance work, and boy does it ever. <<fanning self>>

Here’s a taste of Julia Kent’s signature humor and hotness from Random Acts of Crazy:

A cloud of magic filled the air, enveloping us in it – not literally, of course. If that were the case this would be a Harry Potter mystery, only with lots of sex.

“Trevor. Hey, Trev!” Mike’s boozy voice echoed down the hallway. “You’re up.” The three of us pulled apart, and Trevor looked solemnly at me, and then Joe. “We can all find a way to make this work,” he said.

What did that mean? Was he giving Joe and me permission to sleep together? Was he proposing some sort of threesome?

What was even more thrilling to me than these three steamy lovers?  The fact that Julia Kent responded to my email congratulating her on this book, and we quickly became cyber friends.  In a life-changing turn, she encouraged me to write my first novel, Three Rivers, and has cheered me on every step of the way since.

Now that I am a writer myself, I have very limited time to read anymore.  Even so, I always find time to enjoy a Julia Kent novel, especially any of her Darla/Trevor/Joe installments. Check out this excerpt from Random Acts of Fantasy – it will curl your hair!

Maddeningly slow, Joe’s deliberate concentration started with the sound of foil tearing, a few fevered breaths, and then the warm rush of fluid down my ass. His tip pushed against me, Trevor’s cock buried deep inside. Where would I find room? My mind asked and then nature answered, my body opening for Joe as he nipped at my shoulder, dragging a teasing tongue tip up to my ear, his wet flesh inside, making me gasp and flush. My climax was so close, and one touch of my clit and this would be over, my body convulsing. If I moved, if I made a sound, if I exhaled, I would lose what was about to happen.

And I wanted this more than I wanted my own release. Both of them, in me at the same time, all three of us united as one. What I had thought would be so hard was simple, a blinding white pain stretching me as Joe entered, his groan of passion fulfilled making me open like a flower, my hips moving so Trevor could have the full of me, too. We were stunned into silence as our bodies took over.

Another great thing about Julia is that she is prolific as hell. This dynamo seems to have a new release out with each changing of the seasons, and maybe even more often than that. Which is very good, because her writing is so wonderful, sitting down with just one books will never enough. Luckily, she has multiple titles from numerous different series, including the: Random series, Her Billionaire series, Obedient Series, and Shopping for a Billionaire series. This means you never have long to wait for another installment of her signature style of funny, emotional, sexy writing.

In fact, she just had a new release come out on March 23, 2016, entitled, Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife:

“Declan,” I gasp, his name tickling my mouth, which soon meets his lips as his hands touch me in gentle and slow ways, fingers lighting my skin with love that masquerades itself as passion. The cold slide of my wedding and engagement bands against his inner arm leads to the metal absorbing the heat from his blood that pumps to the surface, the exchange of warmth from his heart to my ring a transfer that leaps from organism to object, turning physics on its head.

Turning love into a physical transfer, from his body to mine.

My hands ride up from his hips to the tight band of muscle at the base of his ribs, counting one, two, three…and losing count as he enters me, my gasp against his mouth making him quicken, our bodies connected in the most spiritual of ways.

“Mrs. McCormick,” he whispers, the words punctuated by a delightful sigh, then a groan that tightens into a raw sounds that I am privileged to witness, for I am the only person who will hear them.


Since becoming friends with Julia Kent, I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with her in person for lunch and chatting at conferences over the last two years. Yet, what really has me squealing with delight is to know she and I will both be signing at the Shameless Book Con in October 2016! She and I planned our attendance together and I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble we get into! Hopefully you can come meet us both in person.

I happened “randomly” upon one of Julia Kent’s remarkable novels, and it changed my life forever. She’s been a mentor, cheerleader, therapist, and most importantly, friend.  What will she do for you? I wish you happy-and hot-reading, my shameless friends!

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