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Hate to Love You by Elise Alden


Favorite Quote 
“Congratulations Caroline,” I said, so close to the microphone it screeched. “James is a real catch. He’s handsome and rich…and he can fuck all night. Hell, I was sore for three days.” 

Heat Level: Fire
Genre: Modern Romance
Series: Standalone

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Kylie Says:
I don’t finish many books. Let’s put it down to me being an overly fussy pain in the butt, shall we? Or perhaps it’s due to my two-second attention span that rivals a small child hyped up from snorting sugar straight from the bowl. (No, it’s okay. I never actually let the children snort sugar. Not that one of them didn’t try once…)

Anyhoo, the book. I liked it. Great point of view voice. Slightly crazy-horrid yet strangely like-able heroine who grows up and comes good whilst still retaining her sense of humour. Plausible enough back story giving a wee dose of familial angst. Hot revenge sex. Over endowed hero who dresses snappily. Secrets and lies. Yes, all of this, plus the greatest wedding speech of all time. It was fun. Read it.[/box_light]

Visit Kylie Scott’s website for information on her books, including Smut Book Club favorites Lick, Play, coming July 29th, Lead, and in January 2015, Deep.

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