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★★★★ I loved this book, you should buy it!


Tempting the Bodyguard by Jennifer L Armentrout as J. Lynn


Favorite Quotes

Good God, he was huge and unbelievably hard, and she was also pretty sure that he was going to fuck every troublesome thought out of her head in a matter of seconds.

He found Alana in his kitchen, cleaning up after a dinner of Chinese takeout. He really didn’t remember going to his room and grabbing one of the ties he never wore and putting it in his pocket, but as he walked up behind her as she stood at the sink, he was damn glad his perverted side liked to plan ahead.

Heat Rating: Molten

Genre: Modern Romance

Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone — Gamble Brothers

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Gamble Brothers Series Reading Order — Can be read standalone

  • Tempting the Best Man: Amazon
  • Tempting the Player: Amazon
  • Tempting the Bodyguard: Amazon

Nelle Says:

Tempting the Bodyguard is a hot and quick read in the Entangled Brazen (#LikeCandy) tradition. Publicist Alana has a stick firmly stuck up her ass and sexy security firm owner Chandler Gamble is just the man to dislodge it. There is no sugar sweet heroine in this book, Alana has sass and the mouth to back it all up. Chandler can see through Alana’s levels of “appropriateness” and works like a man to break them down. Alana and Chandler sizzle in the final book of the Gamble Brothers series.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. [/box_light]

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