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    11 Gift Ideas That Are So Cozy, So Squishy We Can’t Take It!

    It’s a proven fact that being comfortable makes for a better life.

    Note: I’m the fake scientist that has proven that fact.

    Here are 11 cozy things we want, have, and are giving to people we like that will make everyone’s lives better. And don’t miss this list of things we want to keep for ourselves.


    I swear on everything that’s holy, this not-so-little nugget of squish is the cuddliest, softest stuffed animal I’ve ever snuggled. I even got one for an adult friend who needed a cuddle, and now she can’t sleep without it!

    Available in several sizes + many animal breeds

    UGG Boots

    Being a native Floridian means not fully understanding the necessity of keeping your piggy toes warm and toasty. That is, until you’re a Floridian hanging out anywhere north of the state line for any length of time during the December-March months. That’s when we learn the importance of ZOMGS THE FLUFFY in our shoes, hugging our cold toes.

    Available in a crazy number of styles + colors

    Weighted Blanket

    WARNING: Using a weighted blanket while reading may cause drowsiness.

    I admit, weighted blankets are all the rage this year, and I’m capitalizing on the availability of them in stores. But once you get under one yourself, you’ll understand why.

    Available in several colors, sizes, and weights

    Velour Hoodie

    It’s like a blanket you can wear! Have you walked through a clothing store lately touching everything you walked past? There are SO SO SO many super soft hoodies waiting to be worn!

    Granted, the one here is one my daughters wear, which makes me want to curl up with them on the sofa and marathon-watch Riverdale.

    Available in several colors

    Cocoon by Sealy

    A little insight into my life: I have this exact mattress-in-a-box. It’s not only the softest, coolest, and most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, it was delivered directly to my door! I can’t recommend this new mattress highly enough. I love it so much, I’d send one to everyone I know (if I was a rich girl).

    Available in several sizes

    Get $100 off your new mattress!

    Body Pillow

    Is there any better squishy companion than a body pillow? What if you put Jamie Fraser on it, would that make it even more huggable? I think yes.

    Available in endless patterns and photos

    Soma Pajamas

    It’s impossible to put together a list of OMG SQUISHY things and not include Soma PJs. There is no comparison to any other sleepwear than the comfort of these pajamas. 

    Get yourself a set of Soma pajamas when they’re on sale. You’ll thank me later.

    Available in sizes S-XXL in myriad styles and colors

    Cozy Kid Clothes

    Even if you don’t have a kid or baby, you can get these ZOMGS CRAZY soft clothes for them. It helps to actually know the child or baby so you can offer hugs and snuggles when they wear the comfy outfits you got them.

    Available in many colors and sizes

    Oversized Cable Knit Sweater

    Take your blankie with you wherever you go in one of these humongous cable knit sweaters!

    Available in several colors

    Cable Cashmere Dog Sweater

    Because your dog deserves better than you do.

    Available in several sizes and colors

    Fuzzy Animal Slippers

    The only thing more comfortable that slipping your toes under an actual animal to keep warm are fuzzy animal slippers. The ones I found at ModCloth are TO DIE FOR!

    Happy Shopping + Happy Holidays!

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