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    A KINDLE GIVEAWAY from BEND Anthology Author CD Reiss

    KickAdmittedly, I haven’t yet had the pleasure to read all 8 of these original erotica stories.

    However, I have read KICK by CD Reiss.

    Lovers… Let me just say that it’s one of the hottest and grittiest stories I’ve ever read.

    For 99¢, we get to stock our Kindles with 8 brand new erotica stories from 8 of our favorite dirty authors.

    But we only get it for 99¢ until May 13th, and after that, the price increases until the anthology is no longer available after July.

    It’s kind of a no-brainer.

    You #1ClickThatBitch.

    Buy Now From Amazon


    Because I love her dirty mind so much, I’m offering up my pimp skills and blog to CD to give back to you, our lovely readers:

    To celebrate the BEND Anthology going to #17 in the wee hours of the morning, I’m is doing an exclusive giveaway with Smut Book Club!

    The prize?


    Bend Kindle Giveaway

    Open Internationally
    Winners outside of the US will receive an Amazon $-equivalent gift card

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