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    Autograph Books

    Order the Smut Book Club-created Sign My Boo…ks Autograph Book on Blurb!

    Autograph book cover
    An original autograph book.

    Need something special to take with you to have signed by all of your favorite authors but don’t feel like schlepping fifty paperbacks in a suitcase? Take this handy, original autograph book with you instead!

    • Do-it-yourself title page
    • Original signing pages
    • Silly signing pages
    • Activity pages
    • Photo pages
    • Get-to-know-your-fellow-reader page
    • Author scavenger hunt
    • Summary of your day

    40 pages of shenanigans!

    Preview the book on Blurb.

    Order the Sign My Boo…ks Autograph Book on Blurb!

    Please sign here box PROOF
    Please sign here box page
    Proof I met PROOF
    Proof I met… page

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