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    Be Shameless: Like What You Like

    Think about something you like.

    Is it something you like doing? Reading? Watching? Feeling?

    Is it watching sloth gifs on repeat?

    Is it something you tell people you like? Or is it a secret known only to you and maybe a few others?

    Why do you like that something? Probably because it makes you feel good.

    It makes you think and, what ever that something is, makes chemicals in your brain happy. It’s actually science.

    Dopamine, Seratonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins — those happy brain chemicals — do a little dance and make a little love when you do, read, watch, or feel that something you like.

    Now, think about that something you like being mocked and belittled.

    You probably take special offense to something you like being made fun of by someone else, making it feel like a personal affront.

    After all, it’s you who likes what is being teased.

    But guess-the-fuck-what. It’s not YOUR problem what other people like or don’t like. You ARE what you like. It’s part of what makes you… YOU.

    Do you like reading hardcore smut? Do you like reading young adult dystopian books? What about watching home improvement shows or crime dramas? Are you always looking to push your body to its limits, seeing what it can do? Or do you like dressing yourself up with designer clothes and sparkly jewelry?

    As long as you aren’t hurting others or permanently injuring yourself, KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

    Be Shameless Like What You Like

    Thumbs Up by Sarah Reid, on Flickr

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