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    Books And Series You’d Read Again For The First Time

    You know those books that are just SO FREAKING GOOD that you wish you could wipe your brain of its existence and then read it again?

    These are those books.


    The Original Sinners[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]Marissa

    Colorado Mountain Series[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]Theresa

    Club Shadowlands (free)[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]Adrian

    Love Me With Lies Series[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]Nelle

    On Dublin Street[/one_fifth_last] [su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted”]

    Here’s what you Smut Muffins would want to read again for the first time!

    [su_list icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#d40000″]
    • Valerie – Beautiful Bastard
    • Tracy – This Man Series
    • Tanya – Hopeless & Losing Hope; The Breathing Series; The Thrill of It
    • Stephanie – Mitchell Family Series
    • Katie – Rough Riders Series
    • Tonya – King
    • Mary – Driven Series
    • Sibylla – Captive in the Dark
    • Gabri – Outlander Series; Crossfire Series; The Education of Sebastian/The Education of Caroline
    • Allison – Collide & Pulse; Falling Into You
    • Angie – Stage Dive Series
    • Crystal – Gabriel’s Inferno
    • Di – Undeniable Series
    • Kaesia – The Fever Series
    • Camisha – Big Girls Do It Series (free)
    • Sherilyn – Burg Series
    • Rita – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
    • Kristen – Rock Chicks Series
    • Ginny – With Me in Seattle; Line of Duty; Corps Security
    • Codi – Pink Carnation
    • L.E. – Submission Series
    • Kathy – Take Me
    • Maureen – Night Owl Trilogy

    Tell us yours!

    Books and Series You'd Read Again For The First Time

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