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    FREE Kindle Books + Romance Book Sales: January 18 2019

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    I think I’m a pretty smart person. But when I’m presented with a brain teaser, every little person working in my noggin takes a nap. Please enjoy Brain Teaser Month for me!

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    Recent Top Shameless Book Sales

    The Syndicate Series Boxed Set
    by Kathy Coopmans
    Regular Price $4.99

    It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
    by Kylie Scott
    Regular Price $4.99

    Today’s Book Sales

    Handpicked Book Deals for You!

    by Danielle Norman
    Regular Price $.99

    You Do Something To Me
    by Bella Andre
    Regular Price $5.99

    Enthrall Sessions Boxed Set
    by Vanessa Fewings
    Regular Price $7.99

    Cartel B!tch
    by Chelsea Camaron
    Regular Price $3.99

    Paris (International Guy, Book 1)
    by Audrey Carlan
    Regular Price $1.99

    Her Creator
    by Normandie Alleman
    Regular Price $2.99

    Keep Away from the Heat
    by Amelia James
    Regular Price $3.99

    by Ker Dukey
    Regular Price $.99

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    Lies That Bind Us
    by KL Clare
    Release Date 2/5/19
    Pre-Order Now

    Cruel Money
    by KA Linde
    Release Date 1/22/19
    Pre-Order Now

    Overnight Sensation
    by Sarina Bowen
    Release Date 1/22/19
    Pre-Order Now

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