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    Shameless18: Now Accepting Bag Swag

    Swag to be added to the #Shameless18 attendee bags will be accepted from all authors, sponsors, non-attending authors, and any industry related to our attendee’s interests.


    Every attendee, author, volunteer, etc: 750 minimum
    VIP and author bags: 450 minimum
    Regular attendee bags: 300 minimum


    Our specifications for swag will be strictly followed.

    • Boxes must be either shipped to the hotel (see details) OR delivered to us in-hand at the hotel no later than Thursday, October 18th at 2pm EST. We will not accept swag shipped to us at our homes or delivered to the hotel after Thursday the 18th at 2pm.
    • Boxes must be clearly labeled or include information with the quantity of the items enclosed.
    • All items must be completely assembled before we will receive them.
    • Swag may not be paper-only and must be useful for the person receiving it. Brochures, business cards, postcards, paper bookmarks, paper doorknob hangers, etc. will not be accepted as swag and will be available for pickup from our office during the event or returned to sender at your expense.


    We recommend pens, markers, hand-held fans, koozies, cups, pins, buttons, notepads – anything that’s not paper-only! Suggestions for where to order your custom swag:

    See you in October!

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