Recommended By Marlena

Recommended By Marlena

Independent, standoff-ish and skeptical single mom meets bartending, hopeless romantic, smitten and determined heartthrob…YES PLEASE! I’m a huge fan of realistic romance. This book is not just relatable, it speaks to the struggles that many of us face in the dating game such as insecurities, worries, doubts, preconceived judgement, self-preservation defensive mechanisms, trust issues, etc. Ryan and Sofia’s chemistry was palatable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it wasn’t just physical, we’re talking a real heart connection here. Throw in a little soap opera worthy conflict and drama and well, what you get is a heartfelt, what’s meant to be will be love story. 


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He kissed my stomach and hips, tracing the faint white lines of my stretch marks with his fingertips. He drank me in, making me want to drown in this man. Reaching for his head, I ran my fingers through his hair, scratching his scalp lightly, and he dipped his head between my legs. “I have to taste you.”

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I'm the hopeless romantic in the family and I don't care who knows. My brothers make fun of me for it, calling me "Princess" and "Cinderella" every chance they get, but I couldn't care less. I'm done with one night stands and women who mean nothing to me. My dating for the sake of dating days are over. I know what I want and I refuse to settle for less. I'm ready to find "the one." You know exactly what I'm talking about. Single mom Sofia can't stand me. I want to get to know her better, but she keeps pushing me away. I just need one chance to show her that I'm not the guy she thinks I am, but she won't let me get anywhere near her. Being a single mom has made her heart guarded. Being a single guy has made my heart determined. I wonder who's going to give in first?

ASIN: B0751XD8R1

ISBN: 1945042109

I'm a mom of 2 rad AF adults, 1 fresh baby and a super cute fur babe. Hospital administration by day, yoga instructor by night, travel junkie, shoe addict, foodie and avid reader in all the spaces in-between. I got my love of books from my mama and honestly can’t remember a time in my life where reading wasn’t a daily priority. I’m a sappy hopeless romantic who’s a sucker for 2nd chances, mature characters, and serendipitous connections. In an ideal world, you can find me on the beach with an icy cold adult libation in one hand and my Kindle in the other.

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