Recommended By Jean

Recommended By Jean

Well, Lexi C. Foss has done it again. She has built an amazing new world with delicious characters, lots of suspense, a bit of mind-fuckery, and a whole lot of sexy times. Ander Cain can be a dumbass, which brings some dark moments, and because of that Kat's journey evokes a whole progression of emotions, and I couldn't help but forgive him in the end. Their chemistry is off the charts amazing, and the fact that it's a shifter story gives the attraction animalistic qualities that take it to the next level of hotness. The supporting characters are wonderful, and I cannot wait until she gives us their stories as well! Read this one today, and you will not be sorry!!!


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β€œThis,” he whispered, gliding his cock along my inner walls. β€œThis is mine.” He plunged forward, hitting a spot that had me seeing stars for a moment before his teeth nipped my lower lip to draw me back. β€œAnd this,” he continued, drawing out again. β€œThis is also yours.” He drove into me hard, causing my back to arch off the wall.

One of these days, I’d demand she tell me the story behind each tattoo. But today, I just wanted to explore every inch of her with my tongue. She shivered as I drew one hard peek into my mouth, my teeth grazing her tender flesh. I released her wrists and throat, but watched her closely for signs of rebellion. Her lips parted on a moan, her head tossing back and forth with the inner battle between her mind and her body. I knew which one would win.

But in this, I required his protection, his strength, his absolute supremacy. He gave me everything I wanted, his hands on my hips, holding me harshly as he fucked me into oblivion. I bit him. He bit me. I licked him. He licked me. I screamed. He growled. I raked my nails down his back and he slammed me harder into the wall. Violent. Punishing. Amazing.

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Katriana Cardona

My life ended the moment the X-Clan found me.

And claimed by him.

My genetic markers label me as a rare Omega. But inside, I'm all female alpha. And I will not heel. Not even to the Alpha of Andorra Sector.

Ander Cain promises me protection.
A new world of pleasure and pain.
But he wants all of me in return.
Even if it means taking me by force.

I'll be damned if I give up my inner fight. I spent the last twenty-one years battling the walking dead. These wolves won't know what hit them when I'm through.

Ander Cain

My life began the moment I found her, my darling little mate. She's the force of nature Andorra Sector needs to give us hope for a future. A reason to keep going and to protect our lands from the zombie infestation beyond.

Yet she refuses to play by our rules.

Born in a time where humans will do anything to survive, she's not used to the pack hierarchy or the laws our kind abides by. Oh, but she'll learn. And I'll thoroughly enjoy being the one to train her.

Katriana Cardona can fight me all she wants, but in the end, she will be mine. Whether she submits or not.

Note: This is a standalone shifter romance with omegaverse and dystopian elements. There will be three main novels in the X-Clan series, all featuring different couples. Novellas may appear in between about side characters as well.


ISBN: 1950694429

Jean is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of teenage twins. She has been reading romance since high school as an everyday mini vacation. Her favorite romance book of all time is The Princess Bride. (Don’t ever watch the movie with her unless you can quote the whole thing.)

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