Author Recommendation: Tessa Bailey Loves Burned by Tara Sivec

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To be a successful writer, one must read.

It’s not ME who says this, but it’s authors like Anita Diamant (author of one of my all-time favorite books, The Red Tent) and Stephen King.

Read widely and deeply quote Anita Diamant 
Want to be a writer Read Quote Stephen King

They kind of know what they’re talking about.

Since most of our favorite authors don’t really have an outlet like a book blog to espouse their feelings on books they read, I’m throwing them a bone and opening up Smut Book Club to be a platform.

Thus begat Authors Love Authors.

Unrelated: Begat is my new favorite word.

My first author lover is actually the lady brain who had this idea in the first place: Tessa Bailey. Known for her outrageously dirty-talking alpha males, Tessa is one of my favorite authors. Not only is she super pretty (a requirement for me to like you) but she’s also a machine when it comes heh to pumping heh out must-read stories.

Here are 3 of my favorite Tessa Bailey books that need to be added to your Reading List:

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With my gushing out of the way, Tessa wants to tell you about a book she just read and thinks you will love, too. It also happens to be very high on my Reading List.

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Burned by Tara Sivec


+ Favorite Quotes
“You bet your ass I’m going to taint this fucking house.”

“You can play with your nipples, baby, but this,” I tell her as I cup her sex in my hand, “is mine. Even when I’m taking your ass, Lee, it’ll still be my fingers fucking your pussy. You don’t get to touch.”

Heat Level: Molten
Kink Rating: Mild = Some power play
Genre: Modern Romance, Erotica
Series: Standalone

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Tessa Says:
In my mind, Tara Sivec became a master of writing reunited lovers with the Chocolate Lovers series. Loved those books hardcore. She nails it once again in BURNED with a couple that singes the pages with a long-carried torch. It’s a hot, heartfelt story of redemption with a huge heaping of sexy firefighter on top. Boom. You can’t go wrong here.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

If you haven’t yet added Tessa’s newest release Baiting the Maid of Honor to your Reading List, Nelle and Adrian think you absolutely should!

Authors Love Authors is in the beta stages of development and is by invitation-only. If you are an author who has previously been recommended on Smut Book Club and are interested in recommending another author, please email me or message me on Facebook.


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