Best Gay Romance Book Recommendations: Zero at the Bone, Kestrel’s Chance, Love Lessons, Serenading Stanley

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Last week’s (and previous weeks’ below) best gay romance book recommendations.

November 4:

Best Gay Romance Book Recommendations from Solange for the week of November 11th


Zero At The Bone by Jane Seville


Favorite Quote: “Like I’ll never recover. Like I’ll never draw another breath without half of it being a wish for him.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Gay, Suspense
Series: Standalone

Solange Says:
A fast-paced, heart-wrenching book that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you can’t stand it anymore. You’ll put it away because you need a break, but you won’t be able to resist for long. Zero At The Bone is somewhat of a classic in the M/M genre.[/box_light]


Kestrel’s Chance by Harper Fox


Favorite Quote: “A hush fell. It was a kind of quiet Kes normally enjoyed – only the faint rustle of canvas, and far away behind it the night song of the mountains, a vast, barely perceptible vibration of cooling rock. It contained within it everything Kes was good at, everything familiar. And if Rory was there with him… Everything you love, the silence told him. But Kes wasn’t ready for that.”

Heat Rating: Fire
Genre: Modern Romance, Gay
Series: Standalone

Solange Says:
Kestrel’s Chance is another beauty by Harper Fox. Two mountain rescue workers with issues the size of Kilimanjaro clash with such force sparks go a-flying. A short read that will leave you hot and breathless, with writing so beautiful it will move you, while Rory is one of the most likable characters I’ve ever come across.[/box_light]


Love Lessons by Heidi Cullinan


Favorite Quote: “Go forth and fuck, young man.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Modern Romance, New Adult, Gay
Series: Standalone

Solange Says:
Kelly dreams of a Disney first time with someone who will love him and care for him, if not forever, then at least for a while. Walter doesn’t believe in relationships, doesn’t need anyone to make him happy. It’s a pleasure to see these two collide in Love Lessons, which has some delicious first times that’ll make your brain melt. [/box_light]


Serenading Stanley by John Inman


Favorite Quote: “He was so damned turned on he could barely concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other without plowing into a wall.

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Modern Romance, Gay
Series: Standalone

Solange Says:
Oh this book is delightful! Such a sweet, sweet romance. It’ll make you laugh out loud and clutch your bosoms my lovely smut muffins. Stanley is so adorably shy and cute, and Roger is so steadfast and earnest, I felt like swooning every other page. The rest of the cast is just as original and real, while the setting of the Belladonna Arms building is a special character all in itself. Highly recommended. [/box_light]

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